submit farm excels when it comes to cheap policies, high customer satisfaction, and few customer complaints. Liberty Mutual has the boundary in terms of unique coverage options and add-ons. Because rates can vary from state to department of state, be surely to get quotes from both companies to determine which matchless is the best burst for you. state of matter grow is good for customers who want low-cost insurance from a company with capital fiscal constancy.

Liberty Mutual is full for customers who want to customize their policy and obtain extra coverage.

Is Liberty Mutual or State Farm Cheaper Overall?

Liberty Mutual and State Farm are tied when it comes to affordability. Both insurers offer policies that cost $ 1,235 per year, on average. Your state has a significant affect on your policy costs. It ’ second authoritative to get quotes from both companies to determine the cheapest cable car indemnity option in your area. other factors like historic period, driving history and credit score can besides affect your rates .

Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm: Which Is Better for Discounts?

Most major insurers, including State Farm and Liberty Mutual, offer extra discounts for things like care base hit features, a history of safe drive, and paying your policy early on. many car policy companies offer alike discounts ; what ’ s most important is your final examination quote. The most lucrative deals tend to be policy bundling discounts and usage-based car indemnity programs. State Farm has the edge when it comes to bundling, while Liberty Mutual excels at usage-based savings. state farm allows drivers to bundle car policy policies with other policies like homeowners, renters, condominium or life policy. Customers can save up to 17 % by bundling these policies, a rebate on equality with the average among major insurers. Liberty Mutual ’ s variable bundling discount rate can save policyholders up to $ 842 per year, but MoneyGeek was unable to confirm these rates. Because bundling savings from State Farm are more of a sure bet, the company wins in this category. Learn how State Farm compares with other companies in our analysis of home and car insurance bundle by company. Both insurers besides offer discounts based on how you drive. Liberty Mutual has two different usage-based programs : their RightTrack platform tracks total miles drive, night drive, brake, and acceleration, while their ByMile program adjusts your monthly bill based on how many miles you drive. State Farm has one usage-based discount rate, Drive Safe & Save. This program uses information about your driving habits to calculate your rate and reward you for driving safely. Liberty Mutual ’ s diverse platform options make it the winner in this class .

Available Discount by Company

  • dismiss available With Liberty Mutual ? available With State Farm ?
  • Homeowners

  • Military discount

  • Early signing

  • Good student

  • Distant student

  • Anti-lock brakes

  • Advanced safety features

  • Alternative energy

  • Anti-theft system

  • Safe driving

  • Bundling

  • Multiple Car

  • Automatic payment

  • Pay in Full

  • Sign up online

  • Paperless

  • Defensive driving

  • Driver’s education

  • New vehicle

  • Air bag

Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm: Which Has Better Customer Service?

MoneyGeek assesses customer service for policy companies based on customer satisfaction, as measured by J.D. Power, and customer complaints, as tracked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ). The best car insurance companies have few complaints and high customer satisfaction ratings. Based on these ratings, State Farm wins out in both customer satisfaction and customer complaints.

Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm: Customer Satisfaction Rating

state farm has a slenderly higher customer satisfaction evaluation than Liberty Mutual. According to J.D. Power, State Farm scored 837 out of 1000, while Liberty Mutual scored 821. First Notice of Loss : 3 /5 estimate of process : 3 /5 Repair Process : 4 /5 Claims Servicing : 4 /5 rental experience : 5 /5 settlement : 4 /5 First Notice of Loss : 4 /5 estimate of work : 4 /5 Repair process : 4 /5 Claims Servicing : 4 /5 rental have : 3 /5 village : 4 /5

Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm: Customer Complaint Ratio

The NAIC measures the volume of customer complaints for policy companies, comparing them against an average charge book of 1. Any ship’s company that scores higher than one receives a higher-than-average volume of complaints. State Farm and Liberty Mutual have complaint ratios of 1.28 and 3.56, respectively. These scores mean that while State Farm receives gets complaints than median, it silent has far fewer complaints than Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual state farm

Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm: Coverage Options

All car policy companies offer standard coverage options, including liability insurance, comprehensive and collision insurance, uninsured motorist indemnity and personal injury security. many insurers offer other coverage options to their customers. Liberty Mutual has the advantage when it comes to coverage options, with ten extra options available. In contrast, State Farm entirely offers three excess coverage options : rental car reimbursement, roadside aid and rideshare indemnity. Some of the celebrated extra coverage options Liberty Mutual features include accident forgiveness, deductible change, disability coverage and break indemnity .

Coverage Options by Company

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  • coverage available With Liberty Mutual ? available With State Farm ?
  • Rental Car and/or Travel Reimbursement

  • Roadside Assistance

  • New Car Replacement

  • Accident Forgiveness

  • Better Car Replacement

  • Deductible Modification

  • Auto Death Indemnity Coverage

  • Disability Coverage

  • Gap Insurance

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage

  • Rideshare Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm: Which Is More Financially Stable?

Like most major indemnity companies, both State Farm and Liberty Mutual are financially stable. fiscal stability is authoritative because it indicates your insurance company can pay your claim when you file it. AM Best evaluates insurance companies ’ fiscal forte on a grade scale. While Liberty Mutual received an excellent a rate, State Farm wins out with a superior A++ mark.

Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm: Online Tools

Liberty Mutual wins in this class by having one of the most alone tools on the market : express Estimate. This instrument calculates a preliminary estimate of your vehicle price after an accident, giving you an theme of how much your claim will be. Both State Farm and Liberty Mutual have great on-line tools that make it easily to manage your policy on-line. Liberty Mutual allows you to file claims, pay up bills and access your idaho cards through their web site and app. State Farm ’ s free mobile app allows you to manage details about your policy, including claims, on-line payments and more.


Liberty Mutual and State Farm were analyzed by MoneyGeek based on affordability, coverages, avail, fiscal constancy and on-line tools. Customer satisfaction and complaints data were drawn from J.D. Power surveys and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ). fiscal strength was based on ratings from A.M. Best, an indemnity credit rat agency. The MoneyGeek team compiled data on available coverages and discounts for each insurance company. Quotes were compiled from hundreds of ZIP codes across the nation for a sample car insurance policy for a 40-year-old male. The policy covers :

  • $100,000 on bodily injury liability insurance per person
  • $300,000 on bodily injury liability insurance per accident
  • $100,000 on property damage liability insurance per person
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance with a $1,000 deductible

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