Non-owner car policy is for drivers who do n’t own a cable car but still want coverage while they are renting vehicles or driving person else ‘s car. Getting quotes for non-owner coverage is more unmanageable than it is for criterion car policy, as some insurers do not offer these policies .

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however, major policy companies that are known to broadly offer non-owner car indemnity coverage include Geico, State Farm and Progressive. Out of these companies, we found that Geico offered the cheapest non-owner car policy policy quotes, at 26 % less than the average annual price .


Cheapest non-owner car insurance companies

Drivers can expect low costs for non-owner car indemnity with Geico, based on the liability policy rates it quoted our visibility driver. At $ 621 per year, Geico ‘s average quotation mark was 26 % cheaper than the mean across the companies we surveyed — which was $ 834. Choosing State Farm or Progressive over Geico could cost $ 285 to $ 354 more per year .
Graph of the average estimated rate for non-owner car insurance

Find Cheap Non-Owner Car Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Although we found that Geico’s rates were the cheapest, the best non-owner car policy party for you will heavily depend on where you live, as the insurers will to offer this kind of policy in any given area can vary. To find the cheapest non-vehicle owner indemnity rates, you will likely have to call multiple insurers in your area and compare quotes .

How much does non-owner auto insurance cost?

Non-owner car insurance is much cheaper than distinctive insurance policies. In our research, non-owners indemnity costs 72 % less than a full-coverage policy. In Los Angeles, we estimate that non-owner car insurance costs $ 2,565 less per year than a policy that includes comprehensive and collision coverage .
Graph comparing the average cost of auto insurance for non-owner car insurance to a typical full-coverage policy

Why is non-owner auto insurance so cheap?

Non-owner car policy is normally cheaper than a typical full-coverage car policy policy because it does n’t cover vehicle rectify or substitution ; it good offers liability policy. Comprehensive and collision policy — which is included in full-coverage policies — covers repairs and replacement to your own fomite after an accident careless of defect. This type of coverage isn’t necessary if you don’t own a vehicle. It can be one of the most expensive components that make up your premium — at least half the cost of a full-coverage policy .
Non-owner car indemnity is besides cheaper than distinctive policies because insurers assume you will drive less frequently and are less probably to file a claim. One of the questions insurance companies typically ask is the number of miles you plan to drive in a year. People who drive more frequently are at a higher risk of getting into an accident, causing the policy company to pay out for a claim. Insurers will assume that people who do n’t own a cable car wo n’t drive very often, and consequently they will charge less for non-owner policies .
You wo n’t qualify for a non-owner car indemnity policy if you have regular access to a car. For example, if you do n’t own a cable car but live with a roommate who does, you are not eligible for a named non-owner policy. In this situation, you are likely covered by your roommate ‘s policy if you occasionally use their car with their permission. If you lie about having regular access to a car, then the policy probable wo n’t cover you in the event of an accident where you ‘re at fault .

How to get non-owner car insurance quotes

To get non-owner car insurance quotes, you ‘ll need to call insurance companies that service your area directly, as most companies do n’t offer on-line quotes. additionally, an insurance company may require you to work immediately with a local agent or even meet at a nearby agency .
Because non-owner cable car indemnity policies are atypical, major insurers may not offer you coverage. rather, the insurance company may refer you to a non-standard cable car insurance company. Some examples of these insurers include Direct Insurance, The General Insurance and Titan Insurance.

Non-standard car insurers specialize in offering coverage to bad drivers, and those seeking non-owner car indemnity are sometimes considered bad. If you do n’t presently have an car policy policy or have n’t had one for quite some time, insurers will view you as riskier than drivers who have maintained reproducible coverage. This is true even if you have n’t needed car indemnity — which is likely, considering you are seeking a non-owner car insurance policy .
furthermore, non-standard car insurance policies may be the only option if you are seeking an SR-22 non-owner car policy policy. This is much the case for drivers who have had their licenses suspended ( much for a DUI ), do n’t own a cable car and need an SR-22 filed to get their licenses reinstated. An SR-22 is a class an insurance company files on your behalf that proves that you have liability insurance .


insurance rates were estimated based on the quoted cost of indebtedness coverage and subtracting the typical cost deviation for non-owner car policy policies. We sampled rates across three cities : Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City .

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