Auto-Owners Insurance Company serves a lot more than equitable owners of automobiles. The ship’s company offers over a twelve types of policy through freelancer agents in 26 states. People who need several indemnity policies may benefit from the convenience and discounts of bundling them with Auto-Owners, which has many coverage options. Auto-Owners is among NerdWallet ’ south Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022.

Auto-Owners insurance coverage

When you ’ re shop for car indemnity, it ’ south crucial to understand what cable car policy coverage you want and what you ’ re required to buy. Most states require car policy in club to drive a vehicle. Although minimum coverage requirements vary from state of matter to state of matter, they broadly include liability indemnity and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

If you want extra security, you may be interested in full coverage policy. Full coverage international relations and security network ’ t a specific policy type ; it ‘s a combination of coverage types, like indebtedness, collision and comprehensive examination indemnity. Check out the most common types of cable car insurance coverage below to see how they work :

coverage type What it pays for Required ?
Bodily injury and property damage indebtedness Costs for injuries, deaths or place wrong from an accident you caused . typically required .
Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage checkup and property damage costs after an accident with a driver who has insufficient indemnity or none at all . often required .
collision coverage rectify expenses from traffic-related accidents, careless of who ‘s at demerit . A car loanword or lease may require it .
comprehensive coverage repair costs from events outside of your control, including weather events, hitting an animal while driving, larceny and vandalism . A car loanword or lease may require it .

Auto-Owners offers all the common coverages, including indebtedness, other state-required coverage types, wayside aid and comprehensive and collision. The company besides offers respective accessory coverages and options :

  • Gap coverage can come in handy if you have a loan or lease libra and your car is totaled or stolen. Comprehensive and collision coverages pay out only up to the measure of your cable car, which might be less than you owe on a lend or lease. Gap policy pays the deviation .
  • Diminished value coverage is exchangeable to gap policy, but for less extreme situations. If your car is damaged ( preferably than stolen or totaled ), this accessory will compensate you for the dilute value of your car .
  • extra expenses policy goes far than traditional rental car coverage. In accession to paying for a lease cable car if your car is in the patronize for a cover claim, this optional coverage besides pays for food, lodge and early incidentals if you ’ re stranded .
  • The Personal Automobile Plus package has more than 10 perks and coverages, including identity larceny coverage, cellular telephone telephone indemnity and coverage for replacing lost or stolen keys .

Auto-Owners besides includes a few benefits in its car policies that other major insurers don ’ t. common loss deductible. This benefit applies if you have your home indemnity through Auto-Owners in accession to an car policy with comprehensive coverage. If you need to make a claim to both policies for the same event — such as a bad storm or a tree falling on both your house and cable car — the company will reduce your car deductible by the sum of your property deductible. If your homeowners deductible is higher, the company will waive your car deductible. Collision coverage advantage from Auto-Owners has two parts. First, if you ’ re in a collision with another customer of the company, your collision deductible will be waived. Second, if you ’ re in a collision with an animal, Auto-Owners will either wage from your collision or comprehensive coverage — whichever pays you more. With most insurers, animal collisions rigorously fall under comprehensive examination coverage. lease cable car policy. When you rent a car, your Auto-Owners policy covers a much as it does for your personal car, arsenic well as any fees from the rental company associated with an accident. many car policies have lower coverage limits when you rent a car and don ’ t pay those fees .

See what you could save on car insurance

well compare personalized rates to see how much switch cable car insurance could save you.

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  • Multipolicy deduction .
  • Life indemnity multipolicy deduction .
  • Discount for a 36-month history of on-time payments .
  • discount for paying your premium in full, upfront .
  • Paperless and on-line payments discount .
  • Multicar deduction .
  • discount for base hit features like anti-lock brakes and air bags .
  • discount for having few or golden ( not at-fault ) claims .
  • Discount for new customers who get a quote at least one day before starting a policy .
  • scholar discounts for good grades, leaving the car at home plate while attending school more than 100 miles away and monitoring a adolescent driver with GPS.

Pricing based on tracked driving habits

TrueRide from Auto-Owners is a usage-based rebate with an app to match, available to Auto-Owners customers in Ohio. You get a discount rate for signing up, then the app tracks your driving behavior and provides feedback on behaviors such as how many miles you drive and when and telephone habit while driving. You get a drive score with each travel and, if you drive safely, an extra discount when you renew your policy.

Auto insurance buying guide

Before you compare car policy companies, you ’ ll motivation to collect some basic information. This includes the driving history of everyone who will be on the policy, equally well as facts about your car, such as guard features and annual mileage driven. You ’ ll besides want to determine which types of coverage you need. For example, do you want only the bare minimum insurance that your country requires, or do you need more extensive coverage, such as col insurance or rideshare coverage ? Check that each company you ’ re considering has the options you want. When comparing rates among insurers, make sure each is offering the lapp coverage limits and deductibles. You may not want to make your decision based on price alone. Look at how many consumer complaints each company has, as a high total of complaints could be a crimson pin about the choice of avail you ‘ll receive. Depending on which company you choose, you may be able to buy insurance on-line, over the phone or through an agent. For more guidance, see how to get car policy.

Auto-Owners homeowners insurance

Auto-Owners offers all the standard homeowners coverage, plus add-ons you can choose. To learn more, read our Auto-Owners home insurance review.

Auto-Owners life insurance

You can get term, universal and unharmed life sentence insurance policies from Auto-Owners Insurance. For most families, condition life indemnity is the best shuffle of price and protection. From Auto-Owners, term life insurance comes in 10-, 20- or 30-year terms and can be extended to long time 95. consult a fiscal adviser if you ’ ra considering permanent wave life insurance .

See what you could save on car insurance

well compare personalized rates to see how much switch car indemnity could save you.

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Auto-Owners had far fewer than the expect number of complaints about car insurance to state regulators relative to its size, according to three years ’ worth of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. It had fewer than the expected count of complaints for liveliness indemnity. Auto-Owners ’ customer atonement ratings are mix .

2021 J.D. Power study Auto-Owners ranking
Auto indemnity shopping No. 4 out of 12 companies .
Auto policy claims atonement No. 9 out of 18 companies .

More about Auto-owners insurance

web site : Auto-Owners has a user-friendly web site with data on policy options and discounts. Policyowners can log in to view policy information, blue-ribbon paperless bill, make payments and more. mobile app : Android or Apple users can download the Auto-Owners app and track claims, pay bills and view documents and insurance ID cards.

Other insurance from Auto-Owners other types of indemnity from Auto-Owners admit :

  • Condo policy .
  • Motorcycle policy .
  • Motor home and RV indemnity .
  • business indemnity .
  • Renters insurance .
  • Boat insurance .
  • farm policy .
  • ATV and off-road vehicle policy .
  • Flood insurance .
  • commercial car policy.
  • umbrella policy .
  • Mobile home policy .

Auto-Owners can besides provide pet indemnity through a partnership with Figo .

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