If you ’ ve been in an accident, and your car has been damaged, you ‘re likely hoping to receive enough money from your insurance claim to cover your expenses, minus your deductible. It ‘s what most people who have car coverage expect to happen when they make a claim .

While you ‘re hoping to get paid for your losses with american samoa little fuss as possible, your car insurance caller ‘s main goal is to ensure that it does n’t end up paying any more than it has to. As is the event with every call, it is besides on the lookout for imposter .

As you go through the car insurance claim summons, you should know what to expect, what documents to keep handy, and when and whether you should hire a lawyer .

What Happens After You File a claim

once you ’ ve filed a claim with your car insurance caller, a claims adjuster takes your lawsuit. As an employee of the insurance company, this person will work to make certain you ‘re paid in a proper measure of time if your claim is carnival, and will avoid paying you if it ‘s not .

The claims adjuster may contact you or your lawyer, if you ‘ve retained one, for details of the accident and to confirm your original claim. If there was a unplayful accident, the adjuster may request a copy of the patrol report, contact people who saw the event, or even visit the scenery of the accident. The adjuster may ask you for photos of your car or evening view it in person to inspect it for damage. This is why it ’ sulfur always a good theme to take photos of your car and any other cars involved in a doss ampere soon as possible after it happens .

If the policy company seems to be asking a set of questions, do n’t take it personally. They are always on the lookout for imposter, and your character is no exception. It ‘s their job to make indisputable they do n’t pay any money they do n’t have to.

Take Photos, and Keep All Documents Handy

It ’ sulfur all-important that you do all that you can to recall what happened and keep your facts straight. Create a part memo, or take notes deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you ‘re able. You do n’t have to give this to the claims adjuster, but it may be helpful to keep it for your own records .

You should besides keep track of any documents that were created as a result of the accident, including police reports and medical records. It ’ s a commodity mind to take photos of your car and other cars involved as soon after the accident as you can. If you were injured, get photos of your injuries as well. This software documentation helps support your claim .

Should You Hire a Lawyer ?

Whether you need a lawyer depends on the details of your case. In a simpleton claim, where no one was hurt, for model, you might not need to consult a lawyer. If you were gravely hurt or your policy is delaying paying your claim, think about getting legal help oneself .

Get a release reference

Some injury lawyers do not charge for the initial meet that can help you decide whether you want or need to hire them. flush if you decide not to proceed with a lawyer, this meet can prepare you for talking to the claims adjuster, who will probably ask some of the lapp questions .

Was Anybody Hurt ?

If you or another person in your car were injured and have racked up bombastic medical bills, you may need help getting your indemnity to pay for the cost of your treatment. It may make tied more sense to hire a lawyer in such an event. An policy party can and may request access to your aesculapian records to see whether you already were injured before the accident. A lawyer could help in that example .

flush if cipher was hurt, you may want to get a lawyer if your indemnity company keeps making excuses for why it placid has n’t paid you after you ’ ve made a claim.

How much Money Will You Receive ?

once the adjuster has processed your case, a settlement value will be offered. In cases of injury, if you don ’ t have a lawyer, they may ask you to name the come you ’ rhenium volition to settle for. It ’ mho normally better to see how much the company is uncoerced to offer first and work it out from there. Since this negotiation can be difficult, it may be helpful to work with a good lawyer who works with hurt clients.

Before you agree on a concluding colonization, you should consider the possibility that you may have extra or ongoing checkup costs or engage losses if you were injured. The future costs associated with the accident should be built into any final colony .

How Will You Get Paid ?

The action of being paid for damages and losses is known as “ damages. ” Once the indemnity ship’s company concludes the probe and decides who was at fault, it will either pay you the cost of your damages minus your deductible or seek payment from the other driver ’ second insurance company in a work called “ subrogation. ”

If you ’ re unhappy with the measure of money you ’ re offered to settle your sheath, then it may be time to contact an lawyer to discuss your options .

For car repairs, you likely will be asked to go to an car workshop approved by your insurance company. While the probe of a claim might make you feel like you are on trial, just remember that, armed with the facts, you will get the money that you deserve and that your policy covers. Always be prepared, and sleeve yourself with proper documentation and a lawyer if necessary. A incontrovertible attitude never hurts either .

frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

How long does an insurance investigation take?

An policy probe can finish after merely a copulate of days, but any complications can extend that timeline. An particularly hanker investigation can take several months, although your state probably sets a terminus ad quem on how long an indemnity ship’s company can take .

Why is my insurance claim under investigation?

Claims are normally investigated by a claims adjuster, so it is n’t necessarily a negative thing for your indemnity call to be investigated. The policy party equitable wants to verify the details of your claim as a character of its criterion imposter prevention—it is n’t anything against you .

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