In Albany, New York, drivers can get the best rates for minimum and entire coverage cable car indemnity from State Farm, our analysis found. The caller charged only $ 54 per month for minimal coverage and $ 147 for full coverage .
More than 800,000 people call the metropolitan region of Albany, New York, home. Drivers in New York ‘s state capital pay less for coverage than the average state house physician. Full coverage rates in Albany were 23 % cheaper than the submit modal .
We recommend comparing multiple quotes before purchasing an policy policy. unlike companies can offer different rates and discounts, and what they can offer will depend on your backdrop and driving history .

Cheapest auto insurance in Albany: State Farm

State Farm and Progressive offer the cheapest widely available prices for minimal liability car policy in Albany, our analysis found. Each offered rates at least $ 15 per calendar month less than the city ‘s average.

USAA had the cheapest rates overall in Albany, but the only drivers who are eligible are stream military members, early military members or military families .
state of matter farm came in at $ 54 per month and $ 561 per class — a savings of $ 397 compared to the average. Progressive was second on the list at $ 72 per calendar month, with Geico at $ 85 .
This graph lists cheapest insurance rates in Albany, New York

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presently insured ? Minimum indebtedness protection could leave you in an expensive spot if you ‘re at defect in an accident. Coverage beyond the legal requirements can protect the policyholder if another driver incur good medical costs or if they own an expensive vehicle .

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in Albany: State Farm

State Farm offers the best full coverage cable car indemnity quotes in Albany, narrowly beating Progressive. State Farm ‘s average rate was $ 1,768, or $ 25 cheaper per year than Progressive ‘s rate .
Geico was the only other company with rates lower than the modal for the city, with average premiums of $ 1,973, or $ 164 per month .

Rank Company Annual premium
1 State Farm $1,768
2 Progressive $1,793
3 Geico $1,973
4 NYCM $2,341
5 Travelers $2,955
6 Allstate $3,008
N/A USAA $1,205

Full coverage car indemnity includes collision and comprehensive coverage, which protect a driver ‘s own car .

  • Collision coverage: Covers damage from a collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Covers damage from events outside the customer’s control, such as theft, natural disasters and other events, sometimes called “acts of God.”

Cheap car insurance for drivers with prior incidents

If you have an accident, a DUI, a speeding ticket or another incident on your drive criminal record, it will likely lead to insurers charging you higher rates than Albany drivers with clean records .

Cheapest car insurance in Albany after an accident: State Farm

State Farm ‘s average pace was the lowest in Albany after an at-fault accident, with NYCM as second-cheapest and Progressive coming in at one-third. State Farm ‘s annual price went up $ 362 to $ 2,131 after an accident. The cost of NYCM ‘s coverage rose $ 319 to $ 2,660 .
On average, an accident in Albany increased wide coverage rates by $ 680 per year, which comes out to about 32 % .

Rank Company Annual premium
1 State Farm $2,131
2 NYCM $2,660
3 Progressive $2,877
4 Geico $2,946
5 Travelers $3,798
6 Allstate $4,082
N/A USAA $1,310

Accidents raise rates about 31 % across New York as a whole, meaning Albany is about on par with the rest of the state .

Cheapest car insurance for people with a speeding ticket: Progressive

Progressive ‘s average rate for drivers with a speeding ticket was Albany ‘s best by $ 102 per year. State Farm and Geico offered the second- and third-best rates, both within $ 227 of Progressive ‘s rate .
On average, a speed ticket raised Albany drivers ‘ rates 11 %, or a sum of $ 230 per year .
Progressive ‘s annual premium after a tag averaged $ 1,848 for full coverage. State Farm and Geico charged $ 1,950 and $ 2,075, respectively .

Rank Company Annual premium
1 Progressive $1,848
2 State Farm $1,950
3 Geico $2,075
4 NYCM $2,341
5 Travelers $3,395
6 Allstate $3,731
N/A USAA $1,310

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a DUI: Progressive

albany drivers pay on average 44 % more for wax coverage after a DUI. That comes out to $ 953 more per year. Progressive ‘s rate was the lowest in the city after a bibulous drive conviction, at $ 1,879 sum — only $ 86 more per year than the rate for a driver with a clean record .
State Farm ‘s annual rate was $ 1,950, while NYCM ‘s was well higher at $ 3,309 .

Rank Company Annual rate
1 Progressive $1,879
2 State Farm $1,950
3 NYCM $3,309
4 Travelers $3,735
5 Allstate $4,282
6 Geico $4,828
N/A USAA $1,731

Cheapest car insurance for married drivers: Progressive

Progressive ‘s full coverage rates in Albany were the cheapest for married drivers by a fairly significant allowance. The annual rate of $ 1,406 was $ 362 less than State Farm ‘s rate and $ 585 less than Geico ‘s .
Insurers tend to see marry drivers as less hazardous than unmarried drivers, which normally translates to lower rates. The price from Progressive in Albany was besides cheaper than the New York submit average for marital drivers by $ 619.

Rank Company Annual rate
1 Progressive $1,406
2 State Farm $1,768
3 Geico $1,991
4 NYCM $2,363
5 Travelers $2,955
6 Allstate $3,166
N/A USAA $1,078

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers: Progressive

Younger drivers in Albany can save the most money with Progressive. The company ‘s average pace for full coverage was $ 520 cheaper than that of the closest rival, NYMC .
Young drivers paid on average $4,117 more than 30-year-old drivers, or 192% more. Progressive ‘s average pace was $ 5,495, coming in ahead of the rates for NYCM and State Farm at $ 6,015 and $ 6,034, respectively .
Eighteen-year-old drivers pay notably higher premiums, as they are considered bad drivers by indemnity companies .

Rank Company Annual rate
1 Progressive $5,495
2 NYCM $6,015
3 State Farm $6,034
4 Geico $6,407
5 Travelers $6,657
6 Allstate $8,583
N/A USAA $4,670

Some options for young drivers looking to lower indemnity costs include :

  • Looking for discounts offered by insurers: Check with different insurers to see if you qualify for discounts for safe driving, good grades and avoiding accidents among other things.
  • Joining a parent’s car insurance policy: This will raise the cost of a parent’s insurance, but it will be cheaper overall than two policies.

Best auto insurance companies in Albany, New York

New York ‘s best companies for customer atonement were USAA, State Farm and Allstate, according to a ValuePenguin review. USAA policies can merely be purchased by members of the military and their families .

Average car insurance cost in Albany, by neighborhood

Albany is a small city of less than 22 feather miles and home to fewer than 100,000 people. It has a small number of ZIP codes and neighborhoods, and there ‘s little variation in indemnity costs .
The deviation between the cheapest and most expensive ZIP code for full coverage in the city is merely $ 114. The cheapest ZIP codes include the farther-out parts of the city to the north, northwest and west. The most expensive vicinity is right in the business district area .

ZIP code Annual car insurance quote
12205 $2,104
12208 $2,104
12211 $2,104
12203 $2,112
12209 $2,117
12222 $2,119
12223 $2,168
12204 $2,173
12226 $2,174
12207 $2,209
12202 $2,209
12206 $2,212

Show All Rows A few factors dictate the price of car insurance in any region or ZIP code, including the rate of accident claim filings from that particular sphere, crime levels and early factors. One of the best ways to save money on insurance is to compare quotes from multiple insurers .
Among the five largest cities in the Albany metro area, often called the Capital District, Albany had the most expensive car indemnity rate, which was $ 78 more than Colonie ‘s rate. Schenectady, the third-largest city in the region, had the lowest rate at $ 3,333 .

Rank City Population Average cost (by city)
1 Schenectady 65,504 $3,333
2 Troy 49,286 $3,371
3 Guilderland 34,133 $3,373
4 Colonie 79,509 $3,383
5 Albany 97,221 $3,461

Auto theft statistics in Albany

albany ranks sixth among the 10 largest cities in New York in car thefts per 100,000 residents. In Albany, there were 163.5 cars stolen per 100,000 inhabitants in 2019 .
Ramapo and Amherst had the lowest rates among the state of matter ‘s largest cities or towns. Albany overall had 159 car thefts .

Rank City Population Car thefts Thefts per 100,000
1 Ramapo 94,633 20 21.1
2 Amherst 120,864 43 35.6
3 Clarkstown 80,599 34 42.2
4 New York 8,379,043 5,522 65.9
5 Yonkers 200,075 152 76.0
6 Greece 95,777 77 80.4
7 Albany 97,221 159 163.5
8 Buffalo 255,686 679 265.6
9 Rochester 205,769 651 316.4
10 Syracuse 142,438 563 395.3


Data was collected from seven of the largest insurers in New York submit. The sample driver was a 30-year-old man with a 2015 Honda Civic EX. Rates are for a wax coverage policy unless otherwise stated. The state of matter of New York does not allow credit rating ratings to be factored into policy rates .
This analysis used indemnity rate data from publicly sourced insurance company filings using Quadrant Information Services. These quotes should be used for comparison purposes entirely, as your rates may be different .

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