Third party policy policy provides coverage from all the third base party liabilities which may arise during an accident or bad luck such as involving your car. This policy policy provides coverage for third gear party liabilities such as bodily injuries or death of the third party or property damages for upto Rs. 7.5 hundred thousand. A third gear party insurance policy has been made mandate for every car owner in India as per Motor Vehicles Act .

How Does Third Party Insurance Work?

Under a one-third party indemnity policy fiscal aid is provided in case any third party liabilities such as injuries, death and property price that may happen due to an accident or mishap involving the guarantee vehicle.This insurance cover lessens the fiscal burden of the policyholder for any price sustained by a third party with the guarantee car .
In case of an accident, the insure person should intimate the insurance company immediately about the mishap before raising a claim. After the claim is raised, the insurance company appoints a surveyor to examine the extent of damages and verify the estimated repair cost. After the verification process, the insurance company pays off the come of the claim.

Importance of Third Party Car Insurance Policy

As per Motos Tariff Act, third base party insurance policy has been made compulsory for every fomite owner in India. A 3rd party insurance policy is known for providing the most essential and basic type of coverage. This cable car policy policy is very low-cost as compared to early car insurance policies in India. Besides, helping you comply with the jurisprudence, a one-third party indemnity policy for your vehicle provides basic coverage which is identical all-important while driving a car.

Why Do You Need Third Party Insurance?

Apart from the legal article, one-third party car insurance comes in handy when the insure cable car hits another vehicle. cipher can gauge the level of damage caused by an accident as it can even lead to injury, disability and sometimes death as well. In such cases, the victim is allowed to register a case claiming compensation. hera third base party indemnity comes into the mental picture. A 3rd party insurance policy provides coverage to the insured vehicle in case of any indebtedness title that may arise for causing bodily injury, property wrong or demise of the third base party .
As per the guidelines of IRDAI, while there is no limit in subject of end, the property damage coverage is limited up to Rs 7.5 hundred thousand in the case of car policy. It is better to stick to third party indebtedness insurance if the see vehicle is more than 5 years old .

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