Erie had the best brassy car indemnity in Washington, D.C., at $ 594 per year and $ 50 per calendar month for minimum liability quotes .
Your rates will depend on factors such as your drive record and policy coverage. Comparing quotes from respective insurers can help you get the best rates .

Cheapest auto insurance quotes in Washington, D.C.: Erie

The cheapest minimum coverage car indemnity quotes in Washington, D.C., are offered by Erie, State Farm and Allstate .
Cheapest car insurance companies in Washington, DC

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Washington, D.C.

presently insured ? The modal cost of car indemnity in DC is $ 923 per year, or $ 77 per calendar month, for minimal liability .
USAA offers the lowest-cost quotes overall, but policies are lone available to current or early service members and their families .
Liability-only policies cover damage to the early driver and their car after an accident. Unlike full coverage, minimal coverage quotes do n’t include comprehensive and collision policy, which protect you from vehicle damage after a collision, larceny, vandalism or weather price — regardless of fault .
While full coverage broadly costs more, purchasing higher liability limits and adding comprehensive examination and collision coverage can help protect you after an expensive accident. It ‘s besides required if you have a car lend or lease. The average cost deviation between fully vs. minimum coverage car indemnity in D.C. is $ 1,427 per year, or $ 119 per month .

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in Washington, DC: State Farm

The most low-cost full coverage car policy companies in D.C. are State Farm, Erie and Progressive. For a full coverage car policy policy in the nation ‘s capital, the average cost is $ 2,351 per year, or $ 196 per month. State Farm ‘s annual rate of $ 1,564 for full coverage is $ 787 less than the city average, a savings of $ 66 per month. only Erie and State Farm cost less than the average .

Cheap car insurance quotes for drivers with prior incidents

An accident, a DUI, a speeding ticket or another incidental on your drive record will raise your cable car policy rates by at least 14 %. Erie and State Farm have the best quotes for drivers without a arrant drive record .

Cheapest car insurance after a speeding ticket: State Farm

State Farm ’ s entire coverage rate for drivers with a accelerate tag is $ 149 cheaper than Erie ‘s rate, the second-cheapest option. progressive ranks third base. State Farm ‘s average quotation mark is $ 1,716 per year, which comes out to $ 143 a month. A slate in Washington, D.C., on average, raises annual rates by $ 324 — a 14 % increase .

Company Annual rate Monthly rate
State Farm $1,716 $143
Erie $1,865 $155
Progressive $3,042 $254
Geico $3,201 $267
Nationwide $3,394 $283
Allstate $3,947 $329
USAA $1,555 $130

Cheapest car insurance after an accident: State Farm

D.C. drivers with an at-fault accident on their drive records may find brassy fully coverage car policy quotes at State Farm, Erie and Geico. The cheapest district of columbia car insurance company, State Farm, has an average annual quotation mark of $ 1,868 per year, or 42 % cheaper than average .

Company Annual rate Monthly rate
State Farm $1,868 $156
Erie $2,239 $187
Geico $3,201 $267
Progressive $4,215 $351
Nationwide $4,394 $366
Allstate $4,694 $391
USAA $1,806 $151

good one accident and title charge on your drive record can increase your car insurance quotes by 36 % .

Cheapest car insurance quotes after a DUI: Erie

Erie offers the best rates in Washington, D.C. after a intoxicated force incidental. The company ‘s average rate for full coverage after a DUI is $ 2,612 per class, or $ 110 per year less than the adjacent bum caller. progressive offers the second-best annual rate at $ 2,722 per year. Overall, D.C. drivers pay 84 % more after a DUI, an increase of $ 1,975 .

Company Annual rate Monthly rate
Erie $2,612 $218
Progressive $2,722 $227
Allstate $4,352 $363
State Farm $4,819 $402
Nationwide $5,905 $492
Geico $7,621 $635
USAA $2,247 $187

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with poor credit: State Farm

The best quotes for Washington, D.C., drivers with badly citation is State Farm. The ship’s company ‘s average rates are $ 2,905 per year, $ 296 per year less than the next-cheapest option, Geico. Poor credit raises rates an median of 49 % for Washington, D.C., drivers. Although it ‘s not connected to driving ability or driver ‘s record, insurers have found hapless credit to be an indicator of future claims .

Company Annual rate Monthly rate
State Farm $2,905 $242
Geico $3,201 $267
Progressive $3,768 $314
Erie $3,959 $330
Nationwide $4,074 $340
Allstate $4,386 $366
USAA $2,241 $187

Cheapest quotes for married drivers: State Farm

In Washington, D.C., State Farm offers the best quotes for married couples, with an average premium of $ 1,564 per year for wax coverage. marry drivers tend to pay lower rates for indemnity than early drivers, about 1 % less on median in D.C. Being married is correlated with safe drive, then many insurers offer slenderly cheaper rates for marry drivers .

Company Annual rate Monthly rate
State Farm $1,564 $130
Erie $1,690 $141
Progressive $2,423 $202
Nationwide $2,720 $227
Allstate $3,328 $277
Geico $3,389 $282
USAA $1,131 $94

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers: Erie

Far and away the cheapest rates for minimum coverage for adolescent drivers in Washington, D.C., are offered by Erie. The company ‘s annual rate of $ 1,175 is 51 % cheaper than the rate of the closest rival, State Farm. The average minimum coverage quote for 18-year-old drivers is $ 3,300. That ‘s more than doubling the rate for a 30-year-old driver. Full coverage for a young driver averages $ 8,222 per year .

Company Liability only Full coverage
Erie $1,175 $3,655
State Farm $2,409 $5,035
Geico $3,350 $8,653
Allstate $3,608 $11,664
Nationwide $4,247 $10,286
Progressive $6,987 $15,542
USAA $1,325 $2,720

Insurers consider younger drivers bad due to their lack of driving know, so these drivers tend to pay well higher premiums. Young drivers can save on policy by looking for discounts for good grades, dependable force or leaving their cable car home while away at school. New drivers can besides save by joining a rear ‘s car indemnity policy, which will raise the price but will be far cheaper than with separate policies.  consider younger drivers bad due to their lack of driving have, so these drivers tend to pay well higher premiums. Young drivers can save on insurance by looking for discounts for good grades, safe drive or leaving their cable car home while away at school. New drivers can besides save by joining a rear ‘s car policy policy, which will raise the monetary value but will be far cheaper than with separate policies.

Best car insurance companies in Washington, DC

For D.C. drivers, the cheapest cable car indemnity companies may not always be the best for customer avail quality. We rate companies using a diverseness of factors, including coverage options, customer service and prices .
The dear news is Erie is the best rate car insurance party in D.C. for customer service and coverage, along with having some of D.C. ‘s cheapest rates. Geico and Nationwide are besides two strong choices for strong customer feel .

Company Editor’s ratin JD Power AM Best
Erie 856 A+
Geico 835 A++
Nationwide 823 A+
State Farm 852 A++
Progressive 834 A+
Allstate 830 A+
USAA 896 A++

Auto insurance requirements in DC

Drivers are required to carry minimum car indemnity coverage in Washington, D.C., which includes indebtedness indemnity and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. however, most drivers should consider adding higher coverage limits to in full cover damage after an expensive accident .

  • Bodily injury (BI): $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident
  • Property damage (PD): $10,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorist BI: $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorist PD: $5,000 per accident; $200 deductible

Average car insurance costs in the D.C. metro area

DC ‘s car insurance quotes are some of the most expensive in the area, while democratic DC commuter cities Alexandria and Arlington have some of the cheapest rates .
The District of Columbia packs more than 705,000 people into 61 feather miles, surrounded by a metropolitan area of about 6.3 million. That ‘s why Washington, D.C., car insurance is broadly far more expensive compared to less congested cities only a few miles away, such as Alexandria and Arlington. only Clinton offers quotes more expensive than D.C .

Rank City Annual car insurance quote
1 Rockville, MD $1,351
2 Laurel, MD $1,369
3 Reston, VA $1,449
4 Arlington, VA $1,451
5 Fairfax, VA $1,506

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Frequently asked questions

How much is car insurance in Washington, DC?

Minimum coverage car indemnity costs an average of $ 923 per year, while wide coverage is $ 2,351 per year.

Is car insurance high in D.C.?

The average cost of car policy in D.C. is more expensive than in most states in the state. The modal cost for a minimal coverage policy is $ 923 per year, which is 18 % higher than the nation ‘s median. Washington, D.C., car policy is expensive in part because of the high population density and traffic congestion.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Washington, DC.?

Erie offers the cheapest car indemnity quotes in Washington, DC., at $ 594 per year. State Farm ‘s rate of $ 1,564 per year is the best share for full coverage.

Do you need car insurance in DC.?

Drivers in Washington, DC., are required to have cable car insurance that includes $ 25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person and $ 50,000 per accident, vitamin a well as $ 10,000 in property damage coverage. The requirements for uninsured motorist coverage are $ 25,000 per person and $ 50,000 per accident for bodily wound, plus $ 5,000 per accident ( and a $ 200 deductible ) for property damage.

Is car insurance cheaper in DC or Baltimore, Maryland?

The average price of car insurance is well cheaper in Washington, DC than it is in Baltimore. The average rate for full coverage in DC is $ 2,351 per year, compared to $ 2,977 per class in Baltimore .


We collected car indemnity quotes for Washington, D.C. from top car policy companies. Rates were for a 30-year-old world with average citation who drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX .
Full coverage policies included liability limits higher than state minimums plus collision and comprehensive coverage :

Coverage type Coverage limits
Bodily injury liability $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Personal injury protection $10,000
Property damage liability $25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision $500 deductible

ValuePenguin ‘s psychoanalysis used indemnity pace data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings and should be used for relative purposes only — your own quotes may be different .

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