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Does Geico car policy top rental cars ? It ’ s easy to get confused at the rental car counter about how much insurance coverage you need. If you own Geico car indemnity for your elementary vehicle, the good news is that you ’ re covered for lease cars. The big caution is that you ’ re covered merely to the limits of your personal vehicle ’ second car policy .
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Your Geico cable car indemnity will extend to your rental vehicle to the same coverage specify as your basal vehicle. That means if you drive a stigmatize fresh luxury sedan and rent a compact car, you ’ ra dear to go. But what if you drive a 15-year-old banger and want to rent a life-size vehicle with a long ton of bells and whistles ? That ’ s where it gets catchy.

What to Know About Geico and Rental Cars

It can be both a consecrate and a hex that your Geico car coverage is the like for your chief vehicle and rental cars. If you own an honest-to-god beater, you might not have sufficient coverage on your indemnity for a rental car, which will likely be newer and more valuable. Geico recommends checking before renting a cable car to make certain you have adequate coverage .
Forgot to do your homework before you rented the car ? To be safe, you may want to opt for the collision damage release ( CDW ) at the counter—or better yet, save money by purchasing cheap insurance from a third-party supplier before driving off the rental cable car lot .
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In the case of an accident in a lease car, you pick up the deductible on your car indemnity policy and then your policy covers the end, up to your policy ’ s limit. Anything over that terminus ad quem might be protected by your credit card but, again, it ’ south best to check on your card ’ randomness coverage specifically for rental cars. Always know before you go .

6 Reasons to Buy Car Rental Insurance

even when you have a level of coverage, there are times when it ’ south better to purchase extra rental cable car indemnity anyhow. These include :
You don’t want to pay the deductible in the event of an accident. If the deductible on your car indemnity is high, it would apply to your rental cable car, besides. It may give you peace of thinker to just fork up for car rental indemnity and know you won ’ triiodothyronine pay end up on the hook for more than that amount.

You don’t want to make a claim on your personal insurance. Maybe you recently had a claim and don ’ thyroxine want your premium to explode. Two claims in one year can raise your policy rates significantly, so you may want to err on the side of caution and buy policy .
Report a Claim with Geico
Your own coverage is spotty. If your Geico car policy international relations and security network ’ metric ton comprehensive, you might want to buy the CDW. possibly you have skimpy health insurance and want to pick up personal accident indemnity. If you don ’ t have indebtedness coverage, you may want to buy that .
Your coverage limits are low. If you ’ ll be driving in an unfamiliar area or bad weather and nervous about possible damage to the vehicle, you might consider either raising your coverage levels or picking up extra coverage from the lease car caller or a third-party supplier .
You’re renting an expensive vehicle. Remember, your Geico car insurance will only cover up to the specify of your own vehicle ’ mho policy. You may want to beef up coverage for your fun rental weekend in a Corvette. Always be certain to check your coverage limits.

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You’re renting in another country. With Geico, you ’ re covered for lease cars in the US and Canada. If you ’ re traveling outside these two countries, you ’ ll need to purchase auxiliary policy. ( mexican rentals require extra insurance anyhow. )

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