State Farm has the cheapest rates for both full and minimum coverage in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Drivers could pay $ 45 per month for minimal coverage and $ 140 a calendar month for broad coverage. That ‘s army for the liberation of rwanda cheaper than the city average of $ 63 per calendar month for minimum coverage and $ 201 per calendar month for full coverage .
As the most populous city in New Mexico, Albuquerque residents pay 31 % more for minimum coverage car indemnity than the statewide average, which is $ 48 per calendar month .
Getting multiple quotes could save Albuquerque drivers thousands of dollars. The most expensive insurance company for fully coverage, Farmers, charged $ 2,028 more per class than State Farm, the cheapest insurance company .

Cheapest auto insurance in Albuquerque: State Farm

Albuquerque drivers can save over $ 200 per class by getting a minimal coverage policy from State Farm. The city average for minimum coverage is $ 757 per year, but State Farm charges $ 545.

If you ‘re eligible, USAA offers an even better deal : drivers can pay $ 361 per year for minimal coverage. however, USAA alone sells policies to members of the military, veterans and some of their family members .
Cheapest car insurance companies in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Compare Rates in Albuquerque

presently insured ? Be aware that when you purchase a minimum coverage policy, your own car is not covered. minimal coverage in New Mexico only covers any damages or injuries you cause other drivers. It does not pay for your own injuries or repairs — and depending on how unplayful the accident is, it may not amply cover the early driver ‘s damages and injuries. If you want to protect yourself and your own car, you ‘ll need wax coverage .

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in Albuquerque: State Farm

State Farm besides had the best rates for full coverage in Albuquerque. The city average is $ 2,413 per year, but State Farm charges 30 % less — $ 1,679 per year. Allstate is besides a solid option. Its modal annual bounty of $ 2,358 for full coverage is $ 55 cheaper than the state average .



Average annual rate

1 State Farm $1,679
2 Allstate $2,358
3 Geico $2,416
4 Farm Bureau $2,435
5 Progressive $2,993
6 Farmers $3,707
N/A USAA $1,302

A full coverage car indemnity policy means that you pay for collision and comprehensive coverages in addition to the state-mandated minimum liability coverages .

  • Comprehensive coverage: covers off-road damages such as vandalism, theft or weather-related incidents.
  • Collision coverage: covers repairs needed after a collision, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with prior incidents

Insurers set your rates based on the risk they think you pose behind the wheel. Incidents on your drive phonograph record and a hapless credit score cause them to view you as higher-risk and raise your rates. With this in mind, we identified the cheapest cable car policy for drivers who have :

Cheapest car insurance in Albuquerque after an accident

average annual rates in Albuquerque go up by 43 % after an at-fault accident, from $ 2,413 to $ 3,449. State Farm offers much cheaper policies, however. annual premiums in Albuquerque average $ 1,822 per year .
Allstate and Geico are besides solid options for Albuquerque drivers seeking cheap full coverage after an accident. At an average $ 3,313 and $ 3,354 per year, they are $ 136 and $ 95 cheaper than the city average, respectively .



Average annual rate

1 State Farm $1,822
2 Allstate $3,313
3 Farm Bureau $3,354
4 Geico $3,953
5 Progressive $4,686
6 Farmers $5,135
N/A USAA $1,881

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a speeding ticket: State Farm

State Farm besides has the best rates for drivers seeking low-cost wax coverage after a rush ticket. In fact, State Farm charges Albuquerque drivers the same rate after an incident on their driving record, no matter what that incident was. You can expect to pay $ 1,822 per year for a full coverage policy from State Farm, no matter if you ‘ve been in an at-fault accident, or received a speeding ticket or a citation for driving under the charm ( DUI ) .



Average annual rate

1 State Farm $1,822
2 Geico $2,542
3 Allstate $2,645
4 Farm Bureau $2,664
5 Progressive $3,955
6 Farmers $5,091
N/A USAA $1,630

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a DUI: State Farm

Insurers penalized a DUI the most badly out of all the incidents in our cogitation. Rates went improving by 55 % after a DUI, as opposed to 43 % after an at-fault accident and 20 % after a speed ticket .
State Farm, Farm Bureau and Allstate had the best rates for Albuquerque drivers who have been caught driving under the charm. together, these three insurers charged an modal of $ 2,592 per year, making them 31 % cheaper than the city average of $ 3,747 .



Average annual rate

1 State Farm $1,822
2 Farm Bureau $2,664
3 Allstate $3,290
4 Progressive $3,725
5 Farmers $4,936
6 Geico $7,200
N/A USAA $2,592

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with poor credit: Geico

Your credit score influences your car insurance rates, with a lower score leading to higher rates and a higher score corresponding to lower rates. In Albuquerque, drivers with poor credit pay an average $ 2,889 per class — far more than what drivers with very good credit ( $ 1,776 ) or average credit ( $ 2,040 ) pay .



Average annual rate

1 Geico $2,542
2 State Farm $2,551
3 Allstate $2,796
4 Farm Bureau $3,104
5 Progressive $3,647
6 Farmers $3,794
N/A USAA $1,786

Cheapest car insurance for married drivers: State Farm

car indemnity for marital drivers in Albuquerque is $ 143 cheaper per year on average than cable car indemnity for unmarried drivers. once again, State Farm had the best rates for these drivers. You could pay $ 1,679 for a policy from State Farm — $ 591 less than the city average, which is $ 2,270 .



Average annual rate

1 State Farm $1,679
2 Allstate $2,258
3 Farm Bureau $2,384
4 Progressive $2,497
5 Geico $2,498
6 Farmers $3,396
N/A USAA $1,180

Cheapest car insurance for young drivers: Farm Bureau

adolescent drivers in Albuquerque pay 183 % more per year on average for car policy than their adult counterparts. Staying on a parent ‘s policy is the best way for teens to avoid these exorbitant rates .
Farm Bureau had the cheapest rates for adolescent drivers, charging $ 2,329 less than the city average of $ 6,818 a year, and $ 5,645 less than Progressive, the most expensive insurance company for adolescent drivers. These huge differences in premiums underscore the importance of comparing car policy to get a dear conduct .



Average annual rate

1 Farm Bureau $4,489
2 State Farm $4,992
3 Allstate $7,684
4 Geico $7,906
5 Farmers $9,709
6 Progressive $10,134
N/A USAA $2,814

Teens should besides leverage discounts to secure more low-cost car indemnity. many insurers offer discounts to teens who have a solid GPA and to college students who live away from home most of the year and do n’t have access to the family cable car. Always ask your insurance company which discounts are available to you .

Best auto insurance companies in Albuquerque

ValuePenguin polled customers at major insurance companies about their satisfaction with their most holocene claims experience. Of the indemnity companies in this study, USAA, State Farm and Allstate had the highest share of customers who said they were “ highly meet ” with their most recent claims .
For more detail about the customer serve reputations of the insurers in this city study, check out our psychoanalysis of the best bum car indemnity in New Mexico .

Average car insurance costs in Albuquerque by ZIP code

policy companies vary rates not only by which city you live in, but besides by ZIP code. Certain ZIP codes have higher crime or accident rates, making drivers who live there a greater risk to insure .
In Albuquerque, ZIP code 87121 paid the most for full coverage, at $ 2,614 per year, while ZIP code 87114 paid the least, at $ 2,318 per class .

ZIP code

Average full coverage cost

Average minimum coverage cost

87101 $2,439 $755
87102 $2,503 $782
87104 $2,395 $745
87105 $2,556 $800
87106 $2,379 $740
87107 $2,384 $744
87108 $2,472 $769
87109 $2,343 $749
87110 $2,349 $755
87111 $2,349 $749
87112 $2,385 $762
87113 $2,337 $743

Show All Rows

Auto theft statistics in Albuquerque

albuquerque is both the most populous city in New Mexico and the city with the highest pace of centrifugal vehicle larceny. Our analysis of 2019 FBI Crime Data found that about 10 cars are stolen for every 1,000 residents .




Car theft per capita

Thefts per 1,000 residents

1 Albuquerque 561,920 5,425 9.65
2 Las Cruces 103,520 307 2.97
3 Clovis 38,734 195 5.03
4 Gallup 21,935 160 7.29
5 Roswell 47,533 130 2.73
6 Rio Rancho 99,359 129 1.30
7 Los Lunas 15,929 100 6.28
8 Alamogordo 31,832 75 2.36
9 Sunland Park 18,103 17 0.94
10 Los Alamos 19,220 5 0.26


This discipline is based on rate data from seven of the largest insurers in New Mexico. Unless otherwise noted, our sample driver was a 30-year-old man who drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX and has the following limits on a fully coverage policy :



Bodily injury liability $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Personal injury protection $10,000
Property damage liability $25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision $500 deductible

ValuePenguin ‘s study used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings. They are intended entirely for comparative purposes, as your own rates will probably differ .

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