Geico had the cheapest university of pennsylvania car indemnity rates among companies surveyed by A full coverage Geico policy with a $500 deductible costs $1,122 a year, or $94 a month for drivers buying car insurance in Pennsylvania. That ’ s closely $580 less than the state auto insurance average of $1,700, according to a pace analysis by Minimum indebtedness car policy from Geico for Pennsylvania drivers comes in at $301 per year, or $25 a month, about $200 less than the state average of $502. Cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania

Cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania: Geico

car indemnity costs vary based on your historic period, location, tug record, vehicle, credit score and more. The average is $502 for minimum coverage and $1,700 for full car insurance, but your rates may be more — or less — based on the factors mentioned.

average drivers with no serious accidents and a decent credit score have the best shoot of finding brassy car insurance in Pennsylvania. here ’ s how car indemnity companies in Pennsylvania compare on price : Cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania Rates by Company

Which companies have cheap Pennsylvania car insurance?

Cheapest for drivers with an accident: Geico

Being at mistake in an accident will probably increase your cable car insurance agio, unless your carrier provides accident forgiveness. The sum your policy goes up depends on the badness of the accident and the total of the damages. GEICO has the lowest average annual premium, with State Farm close behind .

Cheapest Pennsylvania car insurance for drivers with an accident

Company One at-fault property damage accident over $2K Two at-fault property damage accident over $2k One at-fault bodily injury accident
GEICO $901 $1,957 $901
State Farm $1,120 $1,909 $1,120
Progressive $1,608 $2,905 $1,608
Nationwide $2,329 $3,041 $2,329
Allstate $2,467 $3,614 $2,467

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with a speeding ticket: Geico

Speeding tickets tag you as a higher risk driver with your policy ship’s company. Getting pulled over for driving excessively fast will increase your premiums at refilling time —and the higher price because of the misdemeanor will last three years. A speeding tag can cost you deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as $1,421 per year more between the lowest and highest annual bounty in the table. Below you ’ ll see Pennsylvania cable car indemnity quotes for drivers with rush tickets .

Cheapest for drivers with a DUI: Geico

Drivers with a previous driving under the charm agitate face higher insurance premiums in Pennsylvania. Comparison shopping Pennsylvania car indemnity quotes can save you big — the remainder in price, based on the companies that rank in the top four bum car policy companies for the states, is deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as $ 2,048 per year .

Cheapest for drivers with bad credit: Geico

Having bad credit is practically worse than having former accidents or a DUI. There international relations and security network ’ metric ton much you can do if you have a poor people credit sexual conquest, except work at improving it. Until you manage to raise your credit score, GEICO is by far, the cheapest car insurance company on median for drivers with bad credit. Take a expect at how the cheapest car policy companies in Pennsylvania compare :

Cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania by age

Geico and Erie had the cheapest car insurance, among those surveyed, for drivers age 18 to 75. here are the cheapest car insurance rates by historic period for full moon coverage, based on an analysis .

Age Company Average rate
18 Geico $2,566
20 Geico $1,952
25 Geico $1,173
30 Geico $1,122
35 Geico $1,106
40 Geico $1,079
45 Erie $1,060
50 Erie $1,060
55 Geico $1,037
60 Geico $1,069
65 Geico $932
70 Erie $1,195
75 Erie $1,324

Best car insurance companies in Pennsylvania

The company that is the best for you depends on your especial needs and driver profile. Some do n’t mind paying a piece more for car indemnity if they get good customer service, while others may value cheap car insurance rates over early factors. Our picks for the best car indemnity companies in Pennsylvania are as follows :

Company rating, out of five Minimum liability cost Full coverage cost Number of discounts available J.D. Power customer satisfaction ranking, out of 1,000 A.M. Best Financial Standing
GEICO 3.5 $301 $1,122 16 841 A++
Erie 3.5 $348 $1,248 6 850 A+
State Farm 4 $342 $1,365 11 855 A++
Progressive 3.5 $487 $2,033 13 828 A+
Allstate 3.5 $718 $2,496 11 812 A+
Nationwide 3.5 $812 $1,936 9 835 A+

Affordable car insurance in Pennsylvania

low-cost car indemnity is about finding a balance between adequate coverage and low premiums. Going with the minimum measure of insurance required may not cover you if you cause an accident. If person ’ sulfur injured in a crash, the minimum coverage may barely cover the ambulance. consequently, it ’ randomness worth upping your indebtedness minimal coverage to at least 100/300/100 if you can afford it, and adding comprehensive examination and collision policy. Collision coverage pays for repairs to your car regardless of who is at mistake for the accident. comprehensive policy pays for damage to your cable car caused by bad weather, for exemplify from flooding or hailstorms, and besides covers vandalism, larceny, fire and animal collisions. The average monetary value of comprehensive Pennsylvania car indemnity is $ 146, which is about $ 50 cheaper than the nationally average. To add collision coverage in Pennsylvania, the modal monetary value is $ 618, about $ 90 more than the average. When deciding if you should add protective covering for your vehicle and upgrade to full coverage on your Pennsylvania car indemnity, decide if you can afford the cost of replacing your vehicle out of air pocket. For cars newer than 10 years, paying for full policy coverage is normally a good estimate. Use the Car Insurance Coverage Calculator to help you find the justly balance .

Average car insurance cost in Pennsylvania by city

Below you ’ ll see how much cable car policy in Pennsylvania is, on average, in the largest cities, for a driver senesce 30 with a clean record with a full coverage policy .

City Average rate
Lancaster $1,508
Bethlehem $1,650
Scranton $1,677
Erie $1,685
Pittsburgh $1,708
Reading $1,748
Allentown $1,781
Philadelphia $3,224

How to save on car insurance in Pennsylvania

Take advantage of these five tips to save more on your Pennsylvania car insurance :

  • Compare auto insurance quotes: You should shop your auto insurance coverage at least once a year, a month before renewal, to make sure your insurance company is still the best fit at the best price. Insurance rates vary significantly from one insurance company to another, so the best way to get cheap car insurance is by comparing auto insurance quotes from at least carriers.
  • Ask for auto insurance discounts: Most carriers have a variety of car insurance discounts, such as multi-policy, early payment, good driver and safety equipment, that can help you save.
  • Bump up your deductible: A higher deductible could drop your monthly premium payments. Don’t get carried away, though — in case of a claim, you’ll need to pay the deductible amount in full before your insurance steps in to cover the rest.
  • Work on your credit score: Insurance companies in most states can check your credit to determine how much they’ll charge you for auto insurance. Those with poor credit will generally pay significantly more than Pennsylvania drivers with good credit. The better your credit score, the less you’ll pay.
  • Drive safe: It goes without saying that having a blemish-free driving record means your car insurance will be cheaper.
  • Sign up for telematics: Many car insurance companies now use telematics to track your driving. You can sign up and download an app that monitors your driving habits. The safer you drive, the higher the discount you can get on your car insurance.

Pennsylvania car insurance laws and FAQs

What insurance coverage do I need in Pennsylvania?

Like most states, Pennsylvania has minimum indebtedness requirements. Drivers in Pennsylvania need 15/30/5, arsenic well as $ 5,000 or more in First Party Benefits, a form of medical coverage similar to personal injury protection ( PIP ). however, the cheapest cable car policy is constantly the best. The requirements to legally drive may not be enough to protect you financially in case of an accident. Pennsylvania ’ s indebtedness coverage doesn ’ thyroxine overlay damages to your vehicle if you ’ re at demerit in an accident. And if you cause more than the $ 5,000 limit in price to another vehicle, you ’ ll have to pay for the remainder out of pocket. Considering that a minor indent on a Tesla could cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot as $ 7,000 to repair, you may want to bump up your limits and add broad coverage if you drive a newer or higher-value vehicle. flush more normally drive cars are costing more to repair as high-tech sensors and safety systems become criterion features on most vehicles.

What are minimum requirements for car insurance in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania car policy laws mandate the follow minimal car indemnity requirements, which are relatively low :

  • Liability coverage of at least $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • Property damage coverage of $5,000
  • First party benefits (PIP) coverage of $5,000

How much does car insurance cost in Pennsylvania?

cable car policy in Pennsylvania costs, on average, $ 1,700, which is about $ 60 less than the countrywide average of $ 1,758, for a wide coverage policy. For a bare-bones policy with limits for merely the country required minimum needed to driver legally, the price is $ 502, which is about $ 470 less than the national average of $ 574 .

What are the Pennsylvania car insurance laws for young drivers?

Pennsylvania car policy laws for adolescent drivers allow teens to get started at the senesce of 16 when they may apply for a determine let. After six months of oversee drive, adolescent drivers in Pennsylvania can qualify for a restricted driver ’ south license if : ,

  • They drove supervised for 65 hours or more in the six months. At least 10 hours should have been completed at night and 5 hours in bad weather.
  • The supervising adult is a licensed adult over 21.
  • In addition to the supervising adult, only one non-family member under 18 was in the vehicle while the teen drove in the first six months.
  • They only drove after 5 a.m. and before 11 p.m.

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