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even if you ’ ve had car indemnity for years, figuring out when you are and aren ’ triiodothyronine covered by your car insurance can silent be a crafty commercial enterprise. One coarse question that tends to come up is whether your car indemnity follows you or your car. cook to shop car indemnity ? Start calculator As with most insurance-related questions, the answer is slenderly more complicated than one or the other. But, in general, cable car indemnity tends to follow the cars it covers rather than the driver.

Key Takeaways

  • If person borrows your car with your license and gets into an accident, your car policy will cover them
  • When you rent a car, your own car policy may extend coverage to the rental if you get into a collision or accident
  • Your car insurance won ’ thyroxine cover drivers who borrow your car for commercial use, like if you lend your supporter your car to use when driving for a ride-sharing app or for other clientele purposes

Does insurance follow the car or the driver?

For the most separate, cable car insurance follows the car listed on the policy. If person else borrows your car, in a way, they ’ re borrowing your car insurance besides. At least, that is, if they ’ ra driving your cable car with your permission. When person drives your cable car with your blessing, they are covered under what is called permissive use. Whenever person else is driving your cable car with your license, yours is the primary coil cable car policy. That means that if your supporter, cousin, neighbor, colleague or other type of pal is driving your car and gets in an accident, your car insurance will cover the price in a lot the same manner as if you were driving, although coverage for other drivers may be more limited than the coverage when you ’ re at the roulette wheel. If the driver who borrowed your car causes an accident, your liability coverage will pay for wrong or wound they caused to person else. And your collision coverage would pay for wrong to your own vehicle from the accident. The other driver is only responsible for whatever your car policy doesn ’ t cover .

When does car insurance not follow the car?

There are some exceptions to the rule that your cable car indemnity follows your cable car, though. If you lend your car out to a driver without a license, or to person who then drives it under the determine of drugs or alcohol, your insurance may not cover wrong from an accident they cause. other times when your cable car insurance doesn’t follow your car include :

1. Non-permissive use and excluded drivers

If person borrows your car without your license and causes an accident, they ’ re liable for the damage — but non-permissive use can be hard to prove to your insurance supplier. And if person who is listed as an exclude driver on your policy — that is, they ’ re expressly excluded from your car insurance — drives your car, then your car insurance won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover any price that happens while they ’ re driving.

→ Learn more about how to add a driver to your car insurance policy

2. Commercial use

If you allow person else to drive your car for business or commercial purposes — like for ride-sharing or rescue jobs — your car insurance policy won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover them. A standard car policy policy doesn ’ thymine cover business-use, so if you drive for ride-sharing companies or use your car chiefly for business purposes and not personal use, you ’ ll need a commercial car insurance policy .

3. Unlicensed drivers or drivers with a suspended license

Your car policy won ’ metric ton extend coverage to non-licensed drivers or drivers with a suspend license. If person is driving your car without a current, valid driver ‘s license, they may face fines and you may excessively .

When does car insurance follow the driver?

car policy generally follows the car, but insurance is never black and egg white. There are some cases when certain types of coverage do follow the driver excessively .

1. When you rent a car

Depending on your policy, your cable car insurance may extend coverage to rental cars. That means if you get into an accident, your cable car policy liability coverage will cover you in the lapp room it would if you were driving your own cable car — paying out for any damage or injury that you ’ rhenium liable for. And your policy ’ s collision and comprehensive examination coverage may cover damage to the lease car itself .

2. Secondary insurance

If a friend borrows your car and causes an accident, your car indemnity is the chief insurance, but if your ally has their own insurance, that will serve as the secondary policy. indeed if the price caused in the accident exceeds the limits of your policy ’ mho liability coverage, then your ally ’ s own indebtedness policy may cover the perch of the costs. That ’ randomness why it can be hazardous to lend your car out to person who doesn ’ triiodothyronine have car policy of their own. even though your cable car policy follows your car, so to speak, if your buddy causes damage that exceeds your coverage specify and they have no indemnity of their own, then you could wind up liable for paying out of pocket for those costs. → Learn more about when your car indemnity covers other drivers

3. Medical payments coverage

checkup payments coverage, or “ med pay, ” is an option coverage available in many states that covers injuries to you or your passengers after a car accident. But med pay coverage doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fair cover you if you ’ re in an accident in your own car — it can besides pay your medical bills if you ’ re in a cable car accident while driving a rental car, or even if you ’ re a pedestrian and you ’ re hit by a car .

Frequently asked questions

What happens if someone gets in an accident while driving my car?

If person gets into a car accident while borrowing your car — and they had your license to drive it — your policy ’ second indebtedness coverage would pay for injury and wrong that they caused to any other drivers and their vehicles. If you have collision coverage, your policy will pay for any damage to your car, besides.

Does my car insurance cover me when I drive another car?

This depends on the circumstances. For example, if you are renting a car, your car insurance may extend coverage while you drive the rental. But if you ’ ra borrowing a ally ‘s car, you ’ re covered under their car indemnity policy as the primary coverage. If you ’ rhenium at-fault for an accident while borrowing your friend ’ s car, and the damage exceeds their policy ’ south coverage limits, your car policy will serve as junior-grade policy and kick-in to pay for the remaining costs .

Do you need car insurance if you don’t own a car?

If you borrow cars or rent them here and there, you don ’ t need to go out and buy your own car policy policy. however, if you frequently borrow cars or rent them much, you may want to protect yourself with something called non-owner car indemnity. Non-owner car insurance is a screen of stripped type of car indemnity, basically designed to ensure you have your own liability coverage. If you ’ re driving person else ’ mho car and cause an accident where the damages exceed the owner ’ s policy limits, non-owner car insurance ensures you have liability coverage to cover those costs .

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