A deductible is normally required with collision coverage, which is coverage that would protect you in an accident that ’ s not your defect. You ’ d besides pay a deductible with comprehensive coverage and sometimes with uninsured or underinsured coverage. Let ’ s start with the basics — what ’ s a car policy deductible ? A car indemnity deductible is the sum of money you agree to pay out of pocket when you file an insurance claim. Once you pay this total, your insurance company will then step in to help cover the remaining monetary value for damages ( up to your policy specify ). We ’ ve highlighted some key information about who pays your deductible after an accident that isn ’ t your fault. We ’ ll highlight the deductible recovery process, besides, so you know precisely how your policy will work to get you reimbursed. Dealing with a car accident can be nerve-racking and time-consuming — specially when it ’ s an accident that ’ s not your fault ! That ’ mho why american Family Insurance makes it a precedence to help you get things back to convention as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Cell call down, two hands on the wheel and your full attention on what ’ s ahead — you do everything you can to stay safe on the road. But no topic how dependable of a driver you strive to be, you ’ re inactive vulnerable to not at fault accidents caused by other drivers .

Do I Pay My Deductible If I’m Not At Fault?

The short answer ? possibly. You can choose to wait until the at-fault driver ’ second policy company connects with you and pays for your damages, but that method acting is rarely swift. Your other choice, if you want to get the process rolling so you ’ re back on the road quick, is to file a claim with your indemnity company, pay your deductible and have them cover the remaining costs for damages .
But it doesn ’ t seem fairly to have to pay for an accident that wasn ’ t your fault, properly ? That ’ s where deductible recovery and subrogation comes into meet .

What Is Deductible Recovery?

With deductible convalescence, American Family will work through a process called subrogation. subrogation is the insurance world ’ s way of saying, “ we ’ rhenium working on getting your deductible binding because the accident wasn ’ t your blame. ”

basically, subrogation is when one insurance company ( e.g. american Family ) receives money from another insurance company ( e.g. the at-fault driver ’ randomness indemnity company ) then that the not-at-fault driver gets their deductible back .
here ’ s how subrogation works in car indemnity :
Your insurance company will pay for your damages, minus your deductible. Don ’ triiodothyronine worry — if the claim is settled and it ’ s determined you weren ’ triiodothyronine at defect for the accident, you ’ ll get your deductible back .
The involved insurance companies determine who’s at fault. Sure, you know the answer to this, but it ’ s all separate of the work. You might be asked for a argument about the accident, so having the police composition, pictures and/or other crucial details will be helpful.

Your insurance company recovers your deductible. After determining the other driver was indeed at fault, your policy company will work through the subrogation procedure to recover your deductible. You may need to submit proof that you paid your deductible, which could be a soundbox shop invoice or credit rating card statement .

How Long Does Deductible Recovery/Subrogation Take?

The deductible recovery summons time depends on the circumstances of your accident — after all, each claim is alone. But on average, it can take about six months to recover your deductible. If both sides are accommodative and provide the necessary information, it ’ ll make everything much smooth. You could get your deductible money back in deoxyadenosine monophosphate quickly as one to two weeks !
No matter the position, American Family is your preach. We ’ rhenium prepared to help you through the process every pace of the way — and we ’ ll work diligently to do whatever we can during the deductible recovery march to help you get reimbursed. Have more questions ? Connect with an agent to learn more .

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