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Dan Walker graduated with a BS in Administrative Management in 2005 and has been working in his family ’ s policy agency, FCI Agency, for 15 years ( BBB A+ ). He is licensed as an agent to write property and casualty insurance, including home, car, umbrella, and dwelling fire policy. He ’ south besides been featured on sites like Reviews.com and Safeco. He reviews content, ensuring that antique …
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Things to remember …

  • Insurance companies are often controlled by the insurance department of the state
  • Financial instability can affect how quickly some insurance claims are settled
  • You have to do your due diligence in providing information as it is requested
  • Not all insurance companies settle claims at the same speed

When you get into an accident, you want your car repaired arsenic cursorily as possible. additionally, if there have been any injuries, you want to make sure policy pays the medical bills promptly .
The time it takes an indemnity party to settle a title depends on the stick to :

  • the individual company
  • the state regulations
  • the individual scenario

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State Regulations

many states have regulations in identify that identify how promptly indemnity companies need to settle claims. Some states are very specific while others say “ in a reasonable sum of time. ” As for what reasonable means, room is left for interpretation.

You will want to identify the rules and regulations within your state. The Department of Insurance will provide you with all of the specifics .

This information will help you to stay on top of the insurance company and ensure that they are handling your policy claim in a seasonably fashion .

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The Insurance Company

Every insurance company works slenderly differently. Claims might be created on-line or by calling a person on the phone. Either way, once you start the claims procedure, there are timelines that the insurance company must follow.

This process includes assigning an adjuster to your character, conducting an probe, and paying all of the necessary bills .
Some insurance companies have a better repute for fast settlement claims. This reputation is something you will want to explore when you start looking at quotes from different insurance companies .
The cheapest policy is not always the best policy, especially if you want claims taken care of in a timely manner.
Companies that experience fiscal instability might take longer to settle claims because they don ’ t have the cash flow to cover the respective claims that come in .
It ’ s a good idea to conduct some of your own inquiry using companies like A.M. Best. This research will allow you to look at the fiscal constancy of the indemnity ship’s company .
You can then make a better and more inform decision about who you choose to get your car policy policy from based upon how they are rated .

You and The Accident

You are a major factor in how retentive the indemnity company takes to file the claim. You have to follow the claims summons as identified by the company .
Some policy companies put a time limit on for how long you have to make a claim. If you exceed this limit, then there is no claims march to go through .
The accident ’ south austereness is going to be taken into consideration. More dangerous accidents involving a car being totaled or more people getting hurt are going to take longer because there are more components to deal with .
Any time the policy company has to pay more money, they spend more time conducting an investigation. This investigation is for your benefit ampere well as theirs .
There might be questions for you to answer along the way. Depending on the country and/or the insurance company, you will have a specific come of meter to answer the questions .
failure to answer in a timely manner could hold up the investigation or cause the claim to close without you receiving any kind of colony .
Some questions include :

  • The names of any witnesses
  • What you were doing when the accident took place
  • If you were wearing a seatbelt
  • What injuries were sustained by you and any passengers in your car

You might besides be asked to provide photograph, copies of police reports, checkup bills, and more. Every case is unlike and therefore it could take days or even months for a title to settle .

What happens if an insurance company isn’t following the rules?

If you have done all of your ascribable application filing a claim on fourth dimension and the policy company hasn ’ triiodothyronine closed the claim, you have the option of taking action .
particularly if you have a cable car that is not in driving condition or you have checkup bills adding up, you want the title settled promptly .
insurance companies are required to communicate the status of the claim to you. This communication might be done by e-mail or by written communication that is mailed to you. Either way, you should always know where you are at with the claims process .
There should besides be a person assigned to your case so you can get updates .
This contact allows you to check on such things as :

  • When you can get repairs scheduled
  • When bills will be paid
  • When the claim will close

If you are in a express where there are specific clock regulations, you will be able to use the communication to determine whether the policy company has exceeded these time frames or not .
Whether the policy ship’s company has gone past the timelines or they are not communicating with you, you have the ability to file a charge .
Complaints are made with the Department of Insurance inside of your state. It opens up an probe for the state to take over and find out what is going on with the indemnity company .
Whenever there is a call, you and the insurance company have responsibilities. You need to provide information that is requested of you in a seasonably fashion.

additionally, policy companies need to communicate and conduct investigations according to timelines. Most claims are settled within the 60 days, though there may be reasons why they take longer .
If you feel that the insurance company is taking longer than what ’ south allowed, it might be beneficial to contact the state .
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