Time Limit to Get Insurance After Buying a Used Car

No, you can ’ t get one-day car insurance. many websites give the impression that you can find one-day car insurance, but there ’ s a rationality they don ’ triiodothyronine citation where to buy it or which companies offer it : one-day car insurance policies don ’ triiodothyronine very exist—in some cases, they may be scams .
The only clock time you can get one-day coverage is if you pay for rental car indemnity at the counter. No reputable indemnity company will offer a policy shorter than six months for your own cable car. And even in the case of … read full answer rental cars, you may be covered by your current policy or have early, better alternatives .

Alternatives to One-Day Car indemnity

Non-owner policies

People looking for one-day insurance coverage are normally borrowing a car. In that case, non-owner cable car insurance may be an choice. Non-owner insurance supplements the owner ’ s policy after an accident. Insurance normally follows the cable car, so the owner ’ second insurance company will pay for the claim. But if damages exceed the owner ’ south policy limits, you ’ re financially responsible. A non-owner policy kicks in as secondary coverage to protect you while driving a borrowed car .

Pay-per-mile policies

If you ’ re an infrequent driver, a pay-per-mile policy ( besides known as usage-based indemnity ) may fit your needs better than one-day policy. Pay-per-mile policies price your bounty based on how much you drive and how responsible you are when driving, as measured by an electronic monitor device that attaches to your car or operates through a telephone app.

such usage-based policies can be purchased through Progressive, State Farm, Esurance, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, and more .

Low-mileage policies

If you drive less than 5,000 miles per class, you fall into the low-mileage bracket and probable qualify for cheaper insurance. That could be the case if you drive for leisure, own a authoritative car that only comes out of the garage on holidays, or largely use public transportation and store your car .

Standard policies

You could constantly purchase a standard policy and cancel it when you don ’ t need it anymore. You pay for coverage in progress, so when you cancel, you ’ ll get a prorate refund. But even if you cancel one sidereal day into the policy period, you ’ re not guaranteed a full moon refund. In summation to possible cancelation fees, you could be billed for more days of coverage than you need.

Bottom Line on One-Day Car indemnity

A one-day insurance policy is not something policy companies offer, but there are better policy options to meet your short-run needs. For more information, you can check out WalletHub ‘s guide on irregular car insurance .show less

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