Who Pays For My Rental Car After an Accident?

Getting into an unexpected car accident in Los Angeles can cause quite a headache. even if no one was physically injured, a collision can take quite a bell on your cable car. Repairs can be expensive and take clock. You may need a rental while you are waiting for those repairs to finish .
Who is going to foot the charge for your lease car after an accident ? The suffice depends on ( a ) who is at fault and ( boron ) weather mistake is contested. If you need more aid after a car accident, talk with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer at Citywide Law Group today .

When Another driver is at fault

If person else caused your accident, their policy company would be creditworthy for covering the monetary value of your rental car. You will have to notify that indemnity caller that there ’ s been an accident and that you ’ ll need a rental while your car is in the shop. If the insurance company approves your claim, it will absorb the price of your rental.

Don ’ t expect an insurance company to cover the cost of a lavishness fomite. The insurance company will credibly merely agree to pay for a rental that is equivalent to the vehicle that ’ sulfur being repaired. If you drive a modest sedan, you ’ ll be able to rent a small sedan at no cost to you. The policy company won ’ t agree to pay a premium so that you can drive an SUV or luxury car .

You ’ ra Responsible For the accident

When you are to blame for an accident, you may be able to get a rental car through your own indemnity supplier. When you designed your car indemnity policy, you were credibly asked whether you wanted to include coverage for a rental cable car. If you said yes to lease reimbursement, your insurance company will cover some or all of the cost of a rental .
Your indemnity provider will put limits on the type of car you can get and how long you can keep it. There will probably besides be a utmost count of days for which the policy will cover the rental. If you need the rental car for longer than this period of time, you ’ ll have to pay for it on your own.

When Fault is Disputed After an accident

sometimes disputes over liability and blame can stand between you and the lease cable car you need .
Let ’ s say you think that another driver is entirely responsible for an accident. You file a claim with their indemnity company and ask for a rental. insurance companies don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate merely approve every title they receive. In fact, it ’ south common practice to find any rationality to deny a claim. This detail insurance company disputes the fact that their driver is responsible for the accident. It denies your request for compensation and a rental car .
Disputes over liability can take a while to resolve. You probably need a lease car right now, not months from now when blame is finally established. It may be best to either ( a ) sour to your own indemnity company for avail or ( b ) give for the rental on your own and ask to be reimbursed if and when the at-fault driver ’ randomness indemnity company accepts province. if you are not at blame, you have the right to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses you have – including the cost of a lease – after an accident.

Get Help After Your Los Angeles Car Accident

There ’ s a bunch to think about after you get into a car accident. In summation to dealing with physical injuries, you may find that you ’ re without a car for a while. If you need your car to take concern of your family and get to work, this can make a hard situation flush worse. fortunately, you may be able to get person else to pay for a rental car while yours is being fixed .
policy companies will want to deny your request for a rental and other damages. Their tactics are less likely to work if you hire an lawyer to handle your title. insurance companies in Los Angeles know and respect the attorneys at Citywide Law Group. These companies know we will not stop fighting for our clients until they get what they deserve .
Call our law tauten nowadays to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help you, besides .

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