Got a Notice?

Use these links to respond to a mail notice from the DMV .

  • Verification Response – Use if your access code begins with I
  • Registration Reinstatement – Use if your access code begins with R

If you have sold the vehicle or registered it in another express, you are not required to reinstate or pay any fine. You should cancel the registration through a MyDMV explanation or by mail. See Plate Surrender. however, fines will apply if you attempt to register the same vehicle in your name again in the future .
You can check your Registration & Insurance Status and Update Your Vehicle Insurance on-line excessively .

  • There is no need to visit a DMV office for most insurance issues. Use the Internet, telephone or mail.
  • Update your policy information with the DMV any time you change coverage or companies.
  • Your insurance must be written for Nevada and at least one of the named insured must appear on the vehicle registration. Minimum coverage is 25/50/20.
  • Evidence of Insurance may be either a printed card or in an electronic format displayed on a mobile electronic device.
  • If you drop the liability insurance on any vehicle for any reason, you must cancel the registration and surrender the license plates. You may cancel the registration through MyDMV and mail the plates. See Plate Surrender.
  • If you are new to Nevada, you must notify your insurance company that you have moved here. Your policy must be written for Nevada. Out-of-state insurance is not accepted.
  • You can verify whether your agent, agency or company is properly licensed at the Nevada Division of Insurance website.

Forms & BrochuresTop ↑

Your PolicyTop ↑

The DMV ‘s Nevada LIVE program helps keep uninsured motorists off the road. We validate the indemnity coverage on every vehicle registered in Nevada on a continual basis. It is crucial that you provide accurate policy information.

Reading: Insurance

Current Status
Insurance Status Screenshot You can check the condition of your existing indemnity and registration on-line anytime. You will need your license plate number and the last 4 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN ) .

  • Insurance and Registration Status Inquiry

See your Certificate of Registration for the VIN and the arrant license denture act if you have specialty plates .
If your registration is suspended, you may not drive the vehicle on public streets. See Reinstatements .

New or Updated Insurance Policy
Insurance Agent You or your agent should update your indemnity information with the DMV anytime you make a change to your policy, particularly if the policy total has changed. You may receive a verification request if you do n’t .
You will need your evidence of Insurance or policy Declarations Page .

  • Insurance Policy Update

At least one named guarantee must be in park on your vehicle registration and indemnity policy. The name listed should match the name on the cover ‘s driver license. Ensure the Vehicle Identification Number matches on the registration, insurance and the vehicle itself .

New Registration
Documents and Glovebox Get policy before you register the vehicle. You must show your Nevada evidence of Insurance at registration. You must carry the card and your security of Registration in the vehicle at all times .
Out of state insurance is not accepted. Use the follow services to ensure your company and/or agentive role are licensed in Nevada .

  • The Nevada Division of Insurance online search lists agents, agencies and companies.

Help! I Got a Notice or a TicketTop ↑

If the DMV can not verify your indebtedness insurance coverage, there are respective steps in a summons that may lead to a suspension of your vehicle registration and a possible citation by law enforcement .
Please review the following to help resolve your topic. In most cases, there is no necessitate to visit a DMV position .

Verification Request
Verification Request Card Do not ignore this notification ! A seasonably response will help prevent a possible registration suspension and law enforcement citation. Respond on-line or return the letter even if you have sold the fomite or moved out of state .

  • Verification Response – Use if your access code begins with I

You must respond within 15 days of the mailing date. If the DMV can confirm that you have had continuous coverage, the process ends. If not, the DMV will issue a Certified Letter .
Nevada has no decorate menstruation. A one-day backsliding in coverage will result in a adjustment suspension. Out-of-state policy is considered a lapse. Use the insurance and Registration Status Inquiry to see your current condition .

Certified Letter, Registration Suspension and Reinstatement
Certified Letters If your coverage has actually lapsed or we can not confirm coverage at all, the DMV will send a Certified Letter notifying you that your vehicle registration will be suspended. This will take impression 10 days after the date of mailing .
You may not drive your vehicle on public streets with a suspend registration .

  • Registration Reinstatement – Use if your access code begins with R

The certifiable letter will contain an access code and instructions. You may besides reinstate at a DMV booth or in person at an agency. You must reinstate in person or by chain mail or fax if you have an SR-22 requirement as outlined under Penalties .
You must have current insurance and meet the requirements listed under Penalties. See Reinstatements & Penalties for details .
If you have sold the fomite or registered it in another state, you are not required to reinstate or pay the fines. Cancel the registration through a MyDMV explanation or by mail. See Plate Surrender. Fines will apply if you attempt to register the vehicle in your name again in the future .

Law Enforcement Citations
Police Car Lights A law enforcement citation is offprint from any DMV action. You must take caution of the citation with the motor hotel listed on it and then resolve the DMV issues individually .
There are two types of citations related to insurance. They have differing consequences with the DMV :
If you were cited for a suspend registration, you must reinstate the registration. You must visit a DMV function to receive newly license plates if your plates were confiscated. See Reinstatements .
If you were cited for no insurance and you are convicted, you will be discipline to a driver license pause. You will have to reinstate your driver license and carry SR-22 insurance coverage. See license Suspensions and Revocations .
again, the court case and any DMV approve are separate actions and must be taken care of individually .

Reinstatements & PenaltiesTop ↑

To reinstate a suspend vehicle registration, the owner must provide current policy that has been verified by the ship’s company and meet the requirements listed under Penalties .
policy Reinstatements can be paid on-line, at kiosks or at any fully service DMV office. You can besides mail or fax your requital.

You need to provide current Nevada evidence of Insurance. You will besides need to complete a Declaration of Responsibility ( NVL 019 ). This must be signed in person at the DMV or notarized .
To reinstate by fax you will need to fax a completed Payment Authorization Form ( ADM 205 ), along with a notarize declaration of Responsibility ( NVL 019 ), a current Nevada evidence of Insurance card and a copy of your SR-22 if required. The Nevada LIVE facsimile count is ( 775 ) 684-4543 .
You may use our on-line Insurance Verification Reinstatement or a booth if your registration is actually suspended and if you meet the stick to qualifications :

  • You have obtained Nevada liability insurance on the vehicle.
  • Your insurance company has validated the new coverage.
  • You have the certified suspension notification letter
    from DMV that contains an access code.
  • Your vehicle registration is actually suspended or you have been sent a letter verifying your insurance information.

Registration Renewal

You will besides be given the option to renew your registration if it would be otherwise expired or ascribable for renewal within approximately 30 days. If your fomite requires an emission inspection and your registration is suspended, you must pay the reinstatement tip and obtain a drift permit to drive the vehicle for the test. Show the honest-to-god adjustment slip or other proof of ownership at any DMV position to obtain a permit .


Nevada has a tiered organization of fees and fines. Below is a matrix of the raw penalties. They are based on the length of the backsliding of coverage and the act of previous lapses. See the board below .

Length of Lapse: 1-30 Days 31-90 Days 91-180 Days 181 Days or More
1st Offense
Reinstatement Fee $250 $250 $250 $250
Fine   $250 $500 $1,000
SR-22 Insurance     Yes Yes
Totals $250 $500 $750 $1,250
2nd Offense Within Five Years
Reinstatement Fee $500 $500 $500 $500
Fine   $500 $500 $1,000
SR-22 Insurance     Yes Yes
Totals $500 $1,000 $1,000 $1,500
3rd Offense Within Five Years
Reinstatement Fee $750 $750 $750 $750
Fine   $500 $750 $1,000
SR-22 Insurance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Driver License Suspension Min. 30 days Min. 30 days Min. 30 days Min. 30 days
Totals $750 $1,250 $1,500 $1,750


  • “SR-22 Insurance” is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility that your insurance company will file with the DMV. The company will notify us immediately if you drop the coverage. Penalties for failure to maintain insurance under the SR-22 requirement include a driver license suspension.
  • The fees to reinstate a suspended driver license include a $75 reinstatement fee, the cost of the license and any applicable testing fees. See Driver License Suspensions and Revocations.
  • The penalties listed here are in addition to any penalties imposed by a court following a law enforcement citation.
  • Nevada law enforcement officers are required to remove the license plates from any vehicle on which the registration has been suspended. They may also impound the vehicle.
  • Kiosk transactions carry an additional $1 processing fee for a reinstatement and $3 for a registration renewal.

If the owner of the vehicle declares it dormant due to mechanical or seasonal worker circumstances during the period in question, the owner must sign a dormant Vehicle Affidavit ( NVL-003 ) and present documentation to verify the condition. The reinstatement requirements will then include current proof of indemnity, a $ 50 reinstatement fee, and the requital of any applicable fines ( see the table above ) .
If the owner of the vehicle experienced extenuating circumstances beyond their control, the owner may complete an affidavit and present master receipts and/or documentation to verify context and clock frames. fiscal hardship does not qualify. Examples of extenuating circumstances are hospitalization insurance, illness or a death in the syndicate. You must apply at a DMV office or a County Assessor that offers vehicle registration services .

Please enable Javascript to view these answers one at a time. You must enable Javascript for DMV online transactions.

Nevada Insurance RequirementsTop ↑

Nevada requires that car liability policy policies carry minimum coverage of $ 25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in any one accident ; $ 50,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons on any one accident ; and $ 20,000 for injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident .
coverage must be validated by an insurance ship’s company authorized to do business in the State of Nevada .
Nevada LIVE verification applies alone to liability policy. Comprehensive, collision and early coverage is not reported to DMV .
You must present Nevada Evidence of Insurance on a print card or on a fluid device to register your vehicle. It must be presented at most adjustment transactions : first-time, renewals, reinstatement and license plate changes. It must be carried in your vehicle at all times and presented to any law enforcement officer upon request .
sometimes when you purchase new indemnity or renew your policy, the policy count changes and/or the insurance party name changes. These changes must be reported to DMV ampere soon as potential. Use the Online Update. You or your agent necessitate to report :

  • The insurance company’s name (enter exactly as it is on the card),
  • The policy number (enter exactly as it is on the card),
  • The effective date, and
  • The termination or expiration date.

Nevada has no grace period. A one day oversight in your insurance coverage will result in a possible suspension of your registration. The minimum penalty is a $ 250 reinstatement tip. See Penalties.

Motor Carriers

Higher indebtedness policy requirements apply to Motor Carriers ( any person or commercial enterprise which transports people or property for lease ). For more information, ask your insurance agent or contact our Motor Carrier incision. See besides our Vehicles in Business guidebook and Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 706 .


Persons or businesses who have more than 10 vehicles may qualify as a self-insurer. See Fleet Registration/Self-Insurance and Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 485 .

How Nevada LIVE WorksTop ↑

Nevada LIVE validates your coverage with your insurance company immediately as depart of the adjustment process. The DMV besides verifies coverage sporadically throughout the year .
Newly-issued policies may not be validated immediately if the policy has not been processed. You should check back using the policy and Registration Status Inquiry to ensure the listing is completed .
person agents can not send policy information ; it must come from the company ’ south corporate office .
Reported information includes Vehicle Identification Number, the name ( randomness ) of the see, The policy ‘s effective dates, expiration/termination dates and the insured ‘s Nevada driver license or business FEIN numeral .
It is important the list ( s ) on your insurance and fomite adjustment match. If you change the name on your policy, you must besides change the list on your vehicle registration. At least one person ‘s or business appoint on the registration must match a named insured on the policy .
An operator policy may be used in stead of owner ’ mho policy of liability. Each registered owner of the vehicle must maintain an hustler policy in regulate to meet Nevada ’ s requirement for indebtedness insurance .

Canceling Your Insurance or RegistrationTop ↑

If you drop the liability insurance on any vehicle for any reason, you must first cancel the registration and surrender the license plates.
If you cancel your insurance, it is highly authoritative for you to do the follow :

  • If you cancel your insurance because your vehicle is not in use, you must first cancel your Nevada registration. You may cancel your registration online through MyDMV.
  • If you sell your vehicle, you must remove the license plates, then cancel your Nevada registration. The license plates do not stay on the vehicle.
  • You will receive credit toward registration of another vehicle for the unused portion of the canceled registration. You may qualify for a refund under certain limited circumstances.
  • If you have personalized plates and wish to keep them, you may do so by bringing the rear plate to the DMV and scraping off the decal in person.

See Plate Surrender/Registration Fee Refunds for more details .
Department of Motor Vehicles
Nevada LIVE
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DMV General Email
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( 800 ) 344-0483 Rural/Toll Free
( 775 ) 684-4904 TDD ( Hearing Impaired only )
( 775 ) 684-4543 Fax ( Nevada LIVE only )

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