Jerry partners with some of the companies we write about. however, our subject is written and reviewed by an independent team of editors and licensed insurance agents, and never influenced by our partnerships. Learn more baout how we make money, review our editorial standards, reference point out data methodology, or view a list of our partners Geico is wide touted as one of America ’ s most dependable car indemnity providers, offering countless types of cheap cable car insurance, services, and low-cost policy pricing plans .Car insurance broker app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about Geico. Keep reading to learn more!

Geico pros and cons

Pros Cons
Generates higher customer satisfaction ratings than other larger providers in this category Doesn’t offer gap insurance coverage options
Great online navigation tools Access to local agent support is often limited
Affordable price-points
Full range of discounts

What is covered by Geico’s basic car insurance?

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage Auto liability policies are designed to protect you up to your policy ’ second limit should you be found at-fault in a car accident.

Medical payments or personal injury protection coverage

Medical payment coverage is a common insurance add-on that will help cover the costs of any medical or funeral expenses for you, your family members, or your passengers. Medical payment coverage will kick in regardless of who is found at fault and it also applies to pedestrians hit by a vehicle or passengers riding in another person’s vehicle. personal injury protection plans will cover the monetary value of aesculapian expenses associated with an accident no matter who is at fault and may apply in some cases to cover lost wages as well. While basic liability coverage alone applies to the other party, aesculapian payment coverage or personal injury protection coverage will ensure that your checkup expenses are besides taken worry of up to your policy ’ south terminus ad quem .

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage will help protect you if you are in an accident with an at-fault driver who doesn’t have sufficient liability coverage. This type of indemnity is sold by Geico as a policy accessory but it besides might be legally required in your express so it ’ second authoritative to make sure you have the mandate sum of coverage .

Collision coverage

collision coverage insurance package is designed to protect you if you are involved in a collision. Geico ’ mho collision package covers the follow situations and is claimed careless of who is found to be at fault. In some instances, you might be able to begin the repair work while the claims investigation is still afoot. collision helps cover damages if :

  • Your vehicle hits another vehicle
  • Your vehicle is hit by another vehicle
  • Your vehicle collides with an object like a fence or sign ( animals are not included hera )

Comprehensive coverage

For its comprehensive examination coverage box, Geico determines your policy limit according to the actual price of your vehicle. This type of policy will cover you for non-collision situations where your vehicle is however left vulnerable to damage which includes the follow :

  • larceny
  • vandalism
  • Hail damage
  • Hitting an animal


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Optional insurance coverage options

Rideshare insurance coverage

If you are a Rideshare or pitch app driver, you should badly consider taking out a rideshare indemnity policy with Geico. While it is not available in all 50 states, Geico offers a singular hybrid insurance coverage policy that functions both as a personal and commercial indemnity company for your car. While most providers lone offer rideshare policy options that might help cover the col periods where you might be left vulnerable on the caper or help mitigate company policy deductibles ; Geico ’ randomness rideshare policy covers rideshare or delivery app drivers under one commodious policy whether they are using their cable car for business or personal purposes .

Emergency roadside service

Geico works in conjunction with local anesthetic providers to offer an low-cost wayside aid policy addition. If your vehicle breaks down on the road, the play along hand brake wayside aid services can be requested via the Geico Mobile app, on-line, or via call .

  • emergency towing to the nearest viable animate adeptness
  • Battery jump starts
  • tire changes ( you must have a officiate spare on hand )
  • lockout services up to $ 100
  • Vehicle winch services if you get stuck on or immediately next to a publicly maintained roadway
  • fuel manner of speaking services

Rental reimbursement coverage

Geico ’ s rental reimbursement package is an optional policy addition that will help cover the cost of a lease vehicle should your primary vehicle command repairs after filing a valid claim. The coverage will apply until your vehicle is repaired or until your coverage limit runs out, whichever comes first. Geico will pay up to $ 25 a day to the lease reimbursement restrict of $ 750. This policy will likewise cover your short-run transportation needs if your vehicle is deemed a entire loss following a claimable incidental .

Mechanical breakdown insurance coverage

Geico mechanical dislocation insurance policy functions much like an exsert guarantee for your vehicle. It is available for newer leased or purchased vehicles. This indemnity accessory will cover the cost of unexpected breakdowns and offers more parts, service animate and substitution options than the standard extended guarantee design. In order to qualify your vehicle must be less than 15 months old and have less than 15,000 miles on the odometer .

Accident forgiveness

Accident forgiveness may be purchased as a policy add-on, or Geico might also reward it automatically if you already have a good driving record. According to their accident forgiveness plan, Geico will waive the usual fees and policy price increases associated with at-fault accidents providing it is your first at-fault accident on the policy. Since this option is policy-wide, each driver on the policy will be permitted to take advantage of it once .

Glass coverage

If you have already purchased a comprehensive policy with Geico, you have the choice to purchase a policy accessory so that you may waive the usual deductible on certain types of looking glass repairs .MORE:Different types of car insurance

Geico’s auto insurance discounts

As one of the nation ’ s acme cable car insurance providers, Geico offers a full range of discounts that can translate to major savings on your car policy policy. The play along discounts can help reduce the monetary value of your car indemnity box anywhere from 3-26 % :

Good driver discounts
Passive restraint discounts
Anti-theft device discounts
Emergency deployment discounts
Federal employee discounts
Seat belt use discounts
Good student discounts
Military discounts
Federal employee discounts
Anti-lock brake discounts
Daytime running lights discounts

How much does Geico car insurance cost?

The average annual home price for a Geico car policy policy for a marry 35-year-old is around $1,125 a year. however, this number will vary depending on a wax crop of different factors including the type of vehicle you drive, your location, your drive record, your long time, and the type of tailored options you add to your policy. One of the first things to consider is how much coverage you actually want to have. If you opt for low coverage options, you can expect to pay about $1,087.80 a year, while a high-coverage plan will cost around $1,254.53 a year. An authoritative divisor to consider when deciding if Geico cable car insurance is right for you is your driving record. Those with a immaculate drive record can expect to pay about $ 1,167.93 a year, but if you have a DUI misdemeanor on your criminal record that amount could skyrocket to $ 2,957.84 a year. While Geico is by and large considered to be an low-cost supplier across the board, you will probably be able to find better options elsewhere if you have a less-desirable drive record. The best way to get a good estimate of what you can expect to pay for the coverage you want is to use Jerry to assess your needs and compare car policy quotes quickly and well. barely answer a handful of questions that will take you roughly 45 seconds to complete and you ’ ll immediately get car policy quotes for coverage similar to your current design. Jerry customers save an average of $ 879 a class !

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Geico vs. other insurance companies

here ’ s how Geico stacks up to two of their major competitors, State Farm and Progressive, in terms of car policy quotes and service .

Geico vs. State Farm

As the leading car policy broke in the state, State Farm pulls in relatively high customer servicing rankings for a major supplier, but Geico still comes out on top in this department. Geico besides ranks barely above State Farm in terms of the average costs of their policies. generally speaking, a State Farm insurance policy will probably cost a couple of hundred dollars a year more than a Geico policy. There are exceptions so it is always a good theme to check out different car indemnity quotes online, from the two unlike providers, before making your choice. Geico clearly wins out in terms of policy price for drivers with a hapless recognition rate, but State Farms tends to offer better price options than Geico for customers with less-than-perfect drive records ; this is peculiarly true if you have had a DUI in the by .MORE: How to cancel State Farm insurance

Geico vs. Progressive

once again, Geico wins out in the customer gratification department with Progressive falling significantly behind. Geico besides offers cost savings on most policy options when compared with Progressive, although the annual difference is not particularly large in most categories. If you are a young driver ( in the 25-year-old driver age range ), a Geico policy will credibly be well suited to your needs than an annual cable car insurance policy from Progressive. Geico offers you the chance to save about $ 350 a class over Progressive in this class. once again, Geico doesn ’ thyroxine menu particularly well in the bad force record category, and Progressive offers significantly more low-cost options if you have a DUI on your record .MORE: How to cancel Progressive insurance

How to get a Geico car insurance quote

Geico offers up enough of convenient on-line options for getting a car indemnity quotation mark. You just need to be able to provide your valid driver ‘s license number, your fomite identification number ( VIN ), and the physical address where your vehicle is stored. The downside is that you won ’ triiodothyronine have access to the mighty on-line comparison tools that you need to analyze full range free car policy quotes from different providers so that you can decide which option sincerely works for you. This is where tools like Jerry come in to make your policy patronize process effortless. Jerry contacts your policy party to get the details of your current coverage sol you don ’ t have to scale a mountain of questions. You get all the best prices and coverage with none of the legwork. recommend

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How do customers rate Geico auto insurance?

According to the 2018 J.D. Power Associates U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study, Geico ’ south scores tend to clock in above average. Geico ranks as “ better than most ” in the take after categories .

  • call Servicing
  • appraisal march
  • First Notice of Loss
  • overall satisfaction
  • lease experience
  • colonization

In the Repair Process category, Geico earns a score of “ about average. ” besides, the 2018 U.S Auto Insurance Shopping Study finds Geico placing well in terms of ratings, ranking “ better than most ” in terms of the Policy Offerings and Pricing categories. It receives a score of “ amongst the best ” for the Insurer Website category but scores lone modal or below average for the play along categories :

  • Call Center Representative
  • local agent
  • overall gratification

To make a farseeing report short, Geico is generally well-ranked in terms of policy, price, and service, but there are some areas that even leave something to be desired .

Geico’s services and features

Auto Repair Xpress®

Geico partners with a across-the-board net of repair shops to offer you guaranteed repairs to your Geico-insured fomite. This sport is commodious, but it is not unique to Geico. Farmers and Progressive besides back their clients with like repair guarantee programs .

Car buying service

Geico ’ south cable car buy service offers easy and convenient technical aids to help you land a bang-up share on a new vehicle. This military service allows you to access local dealerships to find out what people have paid for alike makes and models and is available to you whether or not you are presently subscribed to a Geico car indemnity policy .

Prime time contract

Geico ’ s Prime Time Contract choice offers up a guaranteed refilling option for drivers over 50. This choice could be mechanically applied or added on at the time of policy refilling if it is available in your express. In order to qualify for the course of study, you must meet the take after criteria .

  • Be 50 or older
  • Have no operators under the age of 25 on your policy
  • Have had no violations or accidents in the past three years
  • Reserve the fomite for private manipulation only

Geico’s mobile app

Geico boasts an intuitive and commodious mobile app interface that puts the power to view or modify your policy at your fingertips. In summation, you can access your digital insurance ID cards and summon roadside assistance whenever and wherever you are. A singular have is the easy Photo Estimate joyride that lets you upload a photograph of vehicle damage and receive a quick estimate of the damage within about 20 minutes .

Voice assistance

Geico ’ s on-line users can enjoy the services offered through a virtual adjunct named Kate. The Geico virtual assistant can promptly answer a range of standard policy questions adenine well as provide more particular policy details on request. You can access your on-line Geico explanation and the virtual assistant services through Amazon ’ s Alexa and Google Assistant as well .MORE: Car insurance quotes online

How to file a claim with Geico

Geico recommends filing your call through either their mobile app or on-line interface, but you can besides call (800) 841-3000 to begin the claim process vitamin a well. Keep in mind that Geico offers limited access to local agents, and you might be left waiting on the line if you have specific questions that need answering. Be prepared to provide over the course of the claims investigation :

  • The location, date, and fourth dimension of the accident
  • The names, addresses, call numbers, and indemnity policy numbers of anybody else involved
  • A drumhead of the upwind conditions
  • Photo evidence of the accident scene and price
  • Any relevant copies of the patrol and/or accident reports

once you have filed your claim, you will receive a claim total that you will want to keep on handwriting until the investigation is arrant. now is besides a bang-up time to review your policy so that you know what to expect. Knowing and understanding your indemnity coverage will help you work hand-in-hand with your adjuster to find the best solution potential given the circumstances. once your claim is approved, you can proceed with the repairs and secure a substitute vehicle if it is part of your coverage plan .

Payment methods

As one of the area ’ s top policy providers, Geico offers a wide assortment of available payment options to suit your needs .

  • automatic on-line payments
  • Debit circuit board payments
  • electronic check
  • Mail requital options
  • Mobile app payments
  • Multi-payment installment design options
  • Phone requital services

Geico’s car insurance cancellation policy

Geico makes canceling their policy easier than some of the other providers out there, but you will hush have to manually call them up to do it. To begin the cancellation serve, call (800) 841-1587 to speak with an agent. You may be prompted to speak to the Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ). If so, simply say “ cancel indemnity policy ” and then “ car. ” be indisputable to have your policy numeral ready in case you are asked to provide it. Make surely you have a new policy option in identify before deciding to cancel. If you find yourself stuck without an insurance policy, you could be submit to major fines .

Geico’s insurance Background

Geico is the second-largest policy supplier in the country, offering services and products in all 50 states. Geico was founded back in 1936 in the midst of the Great Depression by an ambitious conserve and wife couple named Leo and Lillian Goodwin. As the company continued to grow over the years they continued to break fresh ground in offering up a divers range of indemnity services angstrom well as low-cost, accessible, and reliable packages. While their network of in-person local agent access tends to be limited, Geico is a great choice for anybody who likes to take a hands-on approach to manage their own policy and is comfortable taking advantage of a range of on-line tools to do indeed .

The Takeaway: is Geico right for me?

If you are looking for a reputable national supplier that offers good prices and reasonable service, Geico is a great choice. The noteworthy exception is if you have an imperfect driving record. In this subject, you are likely to find a better policy elsewhere. Geico tends to scale back their local service offerings significantly, so if you aren ’ thymine comfortable navigating your policy on-line or prefer to speak to an agent in person, Geico may not be the right supplier for you. When all is said and done, finding the perfect car indemnity quotes that actually work with your needs and life style can be a boring and time-consuming job. If you ’ re on the hunt for a new policy, consider handing that job over to Jerry. Jerry is a personal insurance broke app. Once you download Jerry, just answer a handful of questions that will take you approximately 45 seconds to complete and you ’ ll immediately get cable car policy quotes for coverage similar to your current plan. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lose coverage, you just find savings .

“ If you ‘re shopping for car insurance denounce no promote ! Jerry ‘s made shop for car insurance the easiest experience I ‘ve always had ! They give you multiple quotes and they were by far the cheapest rates I have seen ! Try the Jerry app, you will not be disappointed ! ” – Satisfied Jerry Customer


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