Key Insights

  • The average car insurance rate in any state can vary a lot from driver to driver.
  • There are multiple factors that affect the insurance rate of a driver like its driving record, age, vehicle type, etc.
  • Young drivers get higher average car insurance rates as compared to experienced drivers.
  • Female drivers get lower acreage car insurance rates as compared to male drivers in every state of our country.
  • Drivers with DUI on record can get a hike of around 60% on average on their car insurance quotes.
  • Drivers with good credit scores can get a discount of more than 10 % on average in every state of our country.

car policy is a must in every submit of the USA. even though the average car policy rate is unaffordable for a lot of drivers, they have to get the minimum coverage. The national average car policy rates for the minimum compulsory coverage for different profiles are :

  • Driver with a DUI$1,069 
  • A good driver with poor credit$1,068 (Some states have banned using credit score as a factor)
  • Driver with an at-fault accident$920
  • Driver with a speeding ticket$765
  • A good driver with good credit$616

These are the national average costs, but there ’ s no doubt that the actual average monetary value for the driver might be way more or less. The average car indemnity cost varies for different people ; several factors affect the concluding cost .
This blog is for all those drivers who were searching for terms like:

  • How Much is Car Insurance for me?
  • How Much To Insure A Car On Average?
  • Insurance Car How Much For My State?
  • How Much Car Insurance Rate Vary For Different Cars?
  • How Much Are Car Insurance Rates For Young Drivers?

Let ’ s have started with one of the most common questions we all have in our minds about cable car insurance ;

How can the lapp cars with the same model get different policy premiums ?

You must have noticed that another person with the lapp car model as yours got a lower or higher indemnity premium than you. Wondered why ? The rationality is ; policy companies calculate customs premium rates for every customer .
The process of calculating the rates involves an analysis of respective factors. Some of these factors are ; driving record, marital status, education, sex, and even the vicinity of the driver. To understand how the average policy rates vary, we have this detail guide for you .
Let ’ s have a expression at the average car indemnity rates for different profiles in 2021 .

Few Auto Insurance Terms to know before moving forward:

  1. Minimum Requirements Coverage: This insurance coverage allows the driver to have the minimum insurance for the vehicle required as per the state laws. Minimum Requirements Coverage is the cheapest option to buy insurance in any state.
  2. Full Coverage Insurance: This type of insurance protects your vehicle in almost all possible accidents and mishappenings. Full coverage insurance is mostly expensive as compared to Minimum insurance coverage.
  3. Risky Driver:  Insurance companies evaluate profiles of the drivers to check multiple factors like age, DUI on the record, or speeding tickets. After the evaluation, the company decides the chances that the driver can get into an accident. Drivers who are more prone to accidents and can cause high charges for the claims are hence called risky drivers.
  4. Collision Coverage: In collision coverage, if your car gets into an accident then the insurance carrier covers the cost of repair for your vehicle.

If you have any confusion about the terms we have used, you can always refer to our Auto Insurance Terms Glossary .

modal Car policy price by State

Do you know; not only states but different cities can besides have different policy rates ? even Zip codes play an authoritative role in defining the average premium of a Car. The sphere where you live, where you park your cable car, and where you drive besides have an impact .
To help you have a better agreement of how the cable car insurance price varies for each express, we have the below table. Check the average cable car indemnity cost for each department of state for minimum coverage and rage .

How much Car Insurance Costs in Each State?

Minimum Coverage Car Insurance – The Cheapest States

Check out the acme 3 states that have the highest price for minimum coverage car policy .

State Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Lowa $415 $35
Wyoming $419 $36
South Dakota $428 $38

Minimum Coverage Car Insurance – The Most Expensive States

Check out the circus tent 3 states that have the highest price for minimum coverage car policy .

State Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Michigan $5,722 $484
Florida $2,344 $195
Kentucky $1,559 $137

Full Coverage Insurance – Cheapest States in the USA

Talking about broad coverage insurance, there are 3 states which have the cheapest premium. Below are the monthly and annually price of each state :

State Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Maine $1,269 $104
Indiana $1,478 $128
North Carolina $1,501 $129

Full Coverage Insurance – Three States With Highest Premium in the USA

Below are the exceed 3 cities in the USA which have the most expensive fully coverage insurance in the USA :

State Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Michigan $9,052 $753
Rhode Island $3,599 $298
Louisiana $3,557 $292

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car insurance monetary value By company : Have A detail look

just like different states ; every insurance supplier has its way of calculating the indemnity premium rates. And therefore the rates might vary a draw from company to company. Below are the rates of the circus tent 10 companies in the USA for car insurance :

Company Full-coverage rate Minimum-coverage rate
Allstate $3,572 $1,243
Farmers $3,564 $1,115
Travelers $3,017 $1,261
MetLife $2,362 $913
Progressive $2,335 $795
Nationwide $2,209 $922
Auto-Owners Insurance $2,183 $1,017
American Family $2,149 $778
GEICO $2,030 $772
Farm Bureau Mutual $1,755 $508

Among the lead 10 insurance carriers in the USA ; Farm Bureau Mutual has the cheapest indemnity bounty rates. While Allstate has the most expensive rates throughout the country .

Is it possible that cable car indemnity costs vary as per the vehicle make and model ?

Wondering how much is the average car policy cost based on the vehicle type ? This section will clear your confusion .
As per our inquiry, it was clear that Ford F 150 and the 2015 model Honda Civic EX have the cheapest rates. These two vehicles were compared with the base models of the top-selling vehicles of the USA .

Model Average annual rate MSRP
2015 Honda Civic EX $2,972 N/A
2019 Dodge Grand Caravan GT $3,171 $27,015
2019 Ford F-150 XL $2,902 $28,125
2019 Kia Niro EX $3,254 $23,460
2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club $3,147 $29,540
2019 Nissan Rogue S $3,179 $24,980
2019 Toyota RAV4 LE $3,068 $25,550
2019 Toyota Camry L $3,353 $24,195
2019 Tesla Model 3 $4,247 $34,900

Myth: The higher MSRP of SUVs and pickups always leads to higher insurance premiums.

Most people believe that the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price ( MSRP ) affects the indemnity bounty which is not always true. The table above distinctly shows that Ford F-150 has the cheapest insurance premium of all. The safety features and chances of total loss contribute to the insurance premium rates. In the case of the Ford F-150 ; it has beneficial safety features and the chances of the fomite going for sum loss are besides very moo .

Do Age and Gender play a character in car policy rates ?

The impact of age on the car insurance rates

youthful drivers are constantly considered inexperienced and bad drivers. They are more dangerous on the roads as compared to an old experience driver. As a leave, the indemnity company charges young drivers more. So we can say that Age plays a good function in the calculation of car insurance rates .
An 18-year-old new driver will get about twice the insurance bounty rate as compared to a driver over 25 years of age. We can say that age is inversely proportional to the insurance rates. As age increases, the rate of car indemnity premium decreases .
On average, annual cable car policy rates change the most between 18 years and 25 years. After that, the drivers are considered more experience and less hazardous .
therefore ; we have created a list of average car policy rates by age. This will help you understand what we are trying to explain here :

Average Car Insurance Cost By Age

Age Average Insurance premium Every Year
18 $7,155
19 $6,003
20 $5,348
21 $4,441
22 $4,136
23 $3,860
24 $3,582
25 $3,215
30 $2,405

The impact of gender on car insurance rates

Do you know ? Young males get about 14 percentage more insurance agio rates as compared to young females. The reason behind this is ; as per the indemnity companies, young male drivers are more hazardous and dangerous on road .
here is the average car indemnity premium of 18-year-old male and female profiles .

Driver profile Annual average insurance premium
18-year-old female $6,745
18-year-old male $7,529

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Why females get the benefit for car policy premium rates ?

As per the multiple data trends from different resources, it is clear that young females as compared to young males :

  • Drive less often
  • Receive less DUI convictions
  • Be involved in fewer road accidents
  • Receive less driving tickets

As a result ; the policy companies normally get fewer claims from females. So the companies charge fewer insurance premiums from them .
however, it is important to note that some states have banned this practice by calling it gender discrimination. In the stick to states gender does not play any character in average annual policy premium rates :

  • Montana
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Parts of Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts

Does at-fault car accidents change the average premium rates of the driver ?

The risk factor plays a significant role when it comes to calculating the average car indemnity premium. As mentioned above ; hazardous drivers always get higher premiums. Hence the more accidents the driver has the more insurance keeps on increasing .
To state our point more clearly we have this detailed table for you with the latest price increase after an accident. You can compare the rates before and after an accident from the acme car insurance companies in the USA .

The Average Cost Of Car Insurance Before and After an Accident

Company Clean record One accident Percentage increase
Travelers $3,025 $3,745 20%
State Farm $1,645 $2,042 24%
Erie $1,629 $2,080 25%
Auto-Owners Insurance $2,209 $2,771 25%
Farm Bureau Mutual $1,728 $2,346 33%
Farmers $3,597 $5,002 40%
USAA $1,295 $1,838 42%
Nationwide $2,210 $3,305 50%
American Family $2,121 $3,285 53%
Allstate $3,573 $5,480 53%
Progressive $2,333 $3,585 54%
GEICO $2,040 $3,191 58%
MetLife $2,405 $4,018 68%

As per the data in the mesa ; the average car insurance cost increases by 42 percent after an accident on the record.
MetLife indemnity agency has the highest alternate in the price ; 78 percentage. On the other hand, Travelers ’ policy company penalized at least 20 percentage after the beginning accident .
Drivers who have at-fault accidents on the record have the only option left to get the cheapest rates ; shop around. The drive phonograph record, fomite model, senesce combination might have higher indemnity premiums in one company and lower in others. It is always recommended to shop around and compare the price before buying a policy .

The average Car insurance monetary value for Drivers with a DUI Ticket Record

drinking and drive are not merely dangerous for you ; it is dangerous for your insurance premium as well. DUI on your phonograph record will immediately result in an increase of car insurance agio. This is because once you get DUI, the party will consider you as a bad driver .
And we all know that hazardous drivers get the highest car insurance premium rates. Below is the data of how the average price increases after a DUI in different states of the USA .

How much is the impact of DUI on car insurance premiums?

State Clean record DUI on record Percentage increase(Approx)
Alabama $1,875 $3,305 77%
Alaska $1,568 $2,353 46%
Arizona $3,065 $4,425 46%
Arkansas $2,048 $3,386 65%
California $1,829 $5,142 181%
Colorado $3,138 $4,509 43%
Connecticut $2,774 $5,520 104%
Delaware $2,875 $4,411 52%
Florida $3,220 $4,089 29%
Georgia $2,381 $3,848 65%
Hawaii $1,753 $5,662 218%
Idaho $1,724 $2,847 64%
Illinois $2,214 $3,392 55%
Indiana $1,465 $2,530 77%
Iowa $1,639 $2,648 63%
Kansas $2,062 $2,962 48%
Kentucky $2,919 $4,892 66%
Louisiana $3,555 $5,162 48%
Maine $1,289 $2,158 65%
Maryland $2,394 $3,206 35%
Massachusetts $2,143 $3,687 72%
Michigan $9,041 $27,250 197%
Minnesota $2,126 $3,735 76%
Mississippi $2,178 $3,755 75%
Missouri $2,551 $3,619 45%
Montana $2,288 $3,545 57%
Nebraska $2,265 $2,954 34%
Nevada $3,048 $4,885 61%
New Hampshire $2,019 $3,667 84%
New Jersey $2,818 $4,466 59%
New Mexico $2,057 $3,192 58%
New York $2,793 $3,940 41%
North Carolina $1,509 $6,060 305%
North Dakota $2,299 $3,459 53%
Ohio $1,569 $2,405 54%
Oklahoma $2,481 $3,382 36%
Oregon $2,350 $3,639 54%
Pennsylvania $1,820 $2,445 33%
Rhode Island $3,575 $7,555 105%
South Carolina $2,052 $3,285 51%
South Dakota $2,436 $3,758 57%
Tennessee $1,856 $3,040 64%
Texas $2,665 $4,584 70%
Utah $2,419 $3,650 56%
Vermont $1,728 $2,697 52%
Virginia $1,664 $2,539 59%
Washington $1,759 $2,878 63%
West Virginia $2,113 $3,806 81%
Wisconsin $1,573 $2,486 58%
Wyoming $2,125 $3,462 65%

The average increase in insurance premiums after getting a DUI is 72 percent. When compared to the national median ; the driver has to pay $ 1823 more for car indemnity premiums .
As the table shows ; North Carolina has the highest jump in indemnity rates as compared to all other states. While Florida has the least increase in the indemnity rates after DUI .
The impact of DUI clearly shows that the drivers with a DUI on phonograph record should always shop around for lower prices .
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How much does car indemnity cost for drivers with good recognition ?

A driver who pays his bills on time, and keeps up with the credit rating balances gets a commodity credit score. The accredit score shows the credibility of the driver. A driver with a good credit score is creditworthy and will pay the agio on time .
Every policy representation has its way to calculate the impact of accredit score. hence we have provided the number of top indemnity companies in the USA .
The table has data of the companies with the rates for drivers with inadequate credit and with good credit .

Company Poor credit Very good credit Discount(Approx)
State Farm $2,655 $940 65%
Erie $2,962 $1,102 62%
Travelers $3,985 $1,590 59%
MetLife $4,565 $1,982 60%
Auto-Owners Insurance $2,846 $1,311 56%
Progressive $3,235 $1,620 52%
USAA $1,945 $989 46%
Farm Bureau Mutual $2,465 $1,379 47%
American Family $2,719 $1,546 45%
Allstate $3,843 $2,258 42%
GEICO $2,375 $1,451 41%
Farmers $3,552 $2,205 37%
Nationwide $2,653 $1,665 35%

As we can see ; State Farm Insurance provides the highest insurance discount 65 percent. While Nationwide provides only 35 percent.

How much does marital status affect average car indemnity costs ?

As per the article by HuffPost ; married couples get less car indemnity bounty as compared to singles because of two reasons :

  1. Married couples are less likely to get into an accident.
  2. They are less likely to get a DUI.
  3. And they are more likely to buy additional insurance like life coverage or house coverage.
State Single Married
Alabama $1,865 $1,882
Alaska $1,552 $1,488
Arizona $3,082 $2,753
Arkansas $2,045 $1,855
California $1,835 $1,649
Colorado $3,138 N/A
Connecticut $2,765 $2,634
Delaware $2,865 $2,808
Florida $3,239 $3,055
Georgia $2,378 $2,276
Hawaii $1,775 $1,743
Idaho $1,727 $1,615
Illinois $2,228 $2,025
Indiana $1,495 $1,432
Iowa $1,668 $1,544
Kansas $2,056 $1,924
Kentucky $2,928 $2,749
Louisiana $3,558 $2,983
Maine $1,298 $1,199
Maryland $2,372 $2,410
Massachusetts $2,138 $2,122
Michigan $9,051 $8,865
Minnesota $2,128 $1,920
Mississippi $2,185 $1,945
Missouri $2,520 $2,381
Montana $2,278 $2,265
Nebraska $2,265 $1,956
Nevada $3,052 $2,882
New Hampshire $2,019 $1,964
New Jersey $2,815 $2,720
New Mexico $2,039 $1,917
New York $2,777 $2,723
North Carolina $1,506 $1,529
North Dakota $2,286 $2,207
Ohio $1,558 $1,489
Oklahoma $2,460 $2,291
Oregon $2,332 $2,232
Pennsylvania $1,802 $1,692
Rhode Island $3,589 $3,454
South Carolina $2,071 $1,915
South Dakota $2,429 $2,251
Tennessee $1,875 $1,732
Texas $2,653 $2,405
Utah $2,403 $2,332
Vermont $1,735 $1,622
Washington $1,748 $1,624
West Virginia $2,106 $1,969
West Virginia $1,642 $1,497
Wisconsin $1,559 $1,484
Wyoming $2,123 $2,065

From the above board, you can say that getting married provides a set of perks, and savings on car indemnity can be one of them .

early Factors that might Impact the average car insurance Rates

The above mentioned were the factors that have a major impingement on bounty rates. now let ’ s have a attend at the factors which have a small affect but are authoritative to calculate the median :

Your ZIP Code:

The area where you live, and the area where you park your cable car besides decide your risk component. If you live in an area where there are a set of cases of vandalism, car larceny, and accidents then your premium rates will be high. The insurance company checks the ZIP code in your cover to analyze the crime pace in that area .

Mileage of Your Car:

Some indemnity companies provide full discounts to drivers who don ’ t drive their car much. If a car doesn ’ triiodothyronine go out on the roads then the chances of getting into an accident are besides depleted. Every caller has its own specify mileage according to which they provide the rates .

Driving Experience:

Yes, age has a major impact but the experience of the driver on road besides affects the agio rates. The higher have a driver has the lower will be the hazard of getting into a road accident .


There are unlike types of discounts available for the drivers which they can ask from the caller. For example ; defensive driving lessons, good scholar discounts, aged discounts, etc. These discounts depend entirely on the company so make certain you shop about and ask for discounts.

Insurance and Claims History:

Drivers who have maintained their indemnity year after year get a full deduction. The caller considers such drivers as condom and creditworthy as compared to those who have skipped taking car insurance. similarly ; drivers who have not filed any claims besides get a good dismiss because it shows they drive safely .

How Can I Get an low-cost car policy Rate ?

The above mentioned were the average car policy rates based on different profiles and conditions. now you might be thinking ; if the average insurance rates vary for everyone then how can I find the best insurance rates for me ? The best solution for this is to shop around and compare the rates from unlike policy providers .

There are two ways to get and compare the rates from different insurance companies:

  • You can do it manually: You can list out the top companies in your state, list out your requirements, and talk to agents of each company. As this method is manual this will take a lot of time; call each company, explaining your profile, asking for discounts, etc. 
  • You can do it automatically: With Car Insurance Quotes Comparison Website like RateForce; you can get instant quotes from the top companies in your state in one place. With RateForce you just have to provide your basic information and we will serve you the quotes in just a few minutes. So you don’t have to waste your time doing it manually for each company.

Editorial Guidelines: The above is meant as general information to help you understand the different aspects of auto insurance. This information does not refer to any specific auto insurance policy. Coverages and other features vary between insurers, vary by state, and are not available in all states. References to costs of coverages/repair, average or typical premiums, amounts of losses, deductibles, etc., are indicative and may not apply to your situation. We encourage you to speak to our insurance representative and to read your policy contract to fully understand your coverages.

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