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Getting car insurance for a 17-year-old can be quite expensive. Today a 17-year-old can have his or her car insurance coverage. In some countries in the world, a 17-year-old international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine permitted by law to drive a car talk more of getting car policy .
Cars are a necessity in today ’ randomness worldly concern which is why teenagers that are 17 years of long time can own a car. Most teenagers at that long time are in college or work half-time jobs so they are sometimes considered to be an adult hence they can do what grown-ups do to some extent .
You need to know how much is car policy for a 17-year-old before contemplating allowing them to drive a car .
A 17-year-old driver is considered as an inexperienced driver and they are promptly getting involved in accidents at that age therefore insurance companies tend to charge a higher rate of premiums for teenagers. But you must know there are other ways you could pay less for it. Just stick around to find out more.

What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance for a 17-year-old?

Getting a adolescent ’ randomness cable car indemnity can be expensive as you can get at an average rate of $ 5,836 annually for full coverage .
There are certain factors that determine the rate at which you would be given a premium for your car indemnity. And they are the city or plaza where you reside, the car model, your indemnity policy bought by you, and some other conditions .
To get a cheaper pace of policy it is advisable to add your adolescent to your car policy coverage. Read on for more information .

The Cost of Adding a 17-Year-Old to Your Car Insurance.

The cost of adding a 17-year-old to your indemnity coverage is cheaper compared to your adolescent has his or her indemnity coverage. But it can still be expensive though but better compared to the other .
A 17-year-old female driver will get a rate of $ 1,420 full coverage when added to her rear ’ randomness policy policy, while a boy gets an average rate of $ 1,749 .
If you decide to buy a freestanding policy for your adolescent, it will likely cost you about $ 5,490 for females while $ 6,357 for males. It is obvious you will save yourself a solid fortune if you add your adolescent to your insurance coverage.

Why do Male Teenagers’ Car Insurance Policies Cost More Than Females?

You may wonder why male teenagers ’ policy policies cost more than that of a female. The reason is that male drivers are considered higher gamble drivers compared to females. It has been proved that male drivers get involved in accidents more than female drivers .
furthermore, they easily get involved with issues with the traffic officials, drive recklessly, and frequently ignore the traffic rule of wearing a seat belt.
At the age of 25, they are considered ripen individuals, hence they can immediately obtain a regular indemnity policy .

List of Companies That Offer Cheap Car Insurance for a 17-year-old

  • Concord
  • Liberty Mutual
  • USAA
  • North Carolina
  • Farm Bureau
  • Safeco
  • For
  • Erie

This list of companies provides the cheapest rate of car indemnity you can get. so try checking out these insurance companies to get your adolescent insured .

Rules and Regulations for a 17-Year-old Driver

State laws that only apply to underage drivers ( drivers below 18 years ) are called Graduated Drivers License ( GDL ). These laws limit where a 17-year-old can drive. Below are the trace GDL laws that guide teenagers :

  • Restrictions on allowing certain passengers to be in your car
  • Driving during the day only
  • Restrictions on using your phone when driving (texting and receiving calls)
  • Restrictions on driving destinations (only work and school)


Driving a car is a huge risk on its own so one must be very careful when driving. Teenagers particularly those below 17 years are considered minor hence there is a motivation to give them the necessity guidance when on the highway. I hope this article answered the interview “ how much is car insurance for a 17-year-old ? ”
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