How much is car insurance for a 19-year-old? (Rates + Discounts)

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barely What ‘s necessity

  • How much is insurance for a 19-year-old new driver? On average, 19-year-old drivers pay $431 per month or $5,177 annually for car insurance.
  • 19-year-old male drivers pay $12 more per month for car insurance than female drivers of the same age.
  • Teen drivers should seek out car insurance discounts to help lower their overall rates.

How much is car insurance for a 19-year-old ? On average, 19-year-olds pay $ 431 per calendar month or $ 5,177 annually for car policy .
Determining the price of coverage in advance will enable you to budget consequently. It will besides help you compare quotes to find the best possible rates .
Can a 19-year-old induce car insurance to begin with ? absolutely, but most people know that young drivers ’ car indemnity rates are much higher than average. In fact, it can be difficult to find cheap car indemnity for fresh drivers under 21 .
Whether you ’ re providing policy for your adolescent child or are buying your first car insurance policy as a young pornographic, our guide will help you learn how your overall rates are calculated, and what you can do to save money on your rates .
cook to get cheap insurance for 19-year-olds ? Find the best car indemnity for 19-year-old drivers by entering your ZIP code into our rid quote comparison tool above .

What’s the cost of car insurance for a 19-year-old?

car insurance rates for a 19-year-old are much more expensive than for an older adult. however, many factors besides your historic period will impact your cable car indemnity rates .
For exercise, your ZIP code, drive record, and even your gender can besides impact what you ’ ll pay for car policy .
All of these factors have to be taken into account to find the cheapest car indemnity for 19-year-olds .

How much is the average cost of car insurance for a 19-year-old female vs. a 19-year-old male?

The modal cost of cable car insurance for a 19-year-old female is less than the average price of cable car policy for a 19-year-old male driver .
How much is car policy for a 19-year-old per month ? Let ’ s take a look at some numbers in the table below .
Average Car Insurance Rates for 19-Year-Old Drivers

Age and Gender Average Annual Car Insurance Rates Average Six-Month Car Insurance Rates Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates
19-year-old female $4,334 $2,167 $361
19-year-old male $6,021 $3,010 $502
17-year-old female $6,396 $3,198 $533
17-year-old male $7,347 $3,673 $612
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Compare RatesStart Now → overall, 19-year-old male drivers pay around $ 12 more per calendar month or $ 141 more per annum for car insurance than female drivers of the like age. even with an old age rise ampere small as just two years, rates decrease by about a one-third if you maintain a safe driving phonograph record .
furthermore, while females experience an average percentage decrease of 33 percentage when comparing their rates at ages 17 and 19, males experience entirely an 18 percentage decrease .
While that percentage decrease may not be a glamorous on the come on, it goes to show that continue condom drive time behind the wheel can lead to further decrease rates .
Why ? It all boils down to statistics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, male drivers are statistically are more probably to get in an accident than female drivers .
Insurers take note of this and raise rates accordingly. Women are besides seen as less probably to file a claim, so they ’ re charged a light rate than males .

however, seven states have banned using gender as a mean for calculating cable car policy rates .

As we mentioned before, teenagers pay the highest amount in car insurance rates out of all driver demographics. This is because insurers operate by perceived hazard. The more likely you are to get into an accident or file claims, the higher your car insurance rates will be .
adolescent drivers have less experience than older drivers. therefore, insurers have no way of knowing a good adolescent driver from a bad adolescent driver. Companies must exercise caution and expect a higher probability of receiving claims from adolescent drivers .
This is why male drivers often pay more for car insurance than female drivers. This is besides why GEICO insurance for 19-year-olds will always be higher than car insurance for 26-year-olds .
therefore, you will want to do some inquiry to see who has the best car insurance rates for teenagers in your area .
What car make and model you drive plays a huge function in your overall rates equally well. This is because certain vehicles are more probable to be involved in accidents, like sports cars .
ask car insurance rates for a 19-year-old with a sports cable car to be much more expensive than if you drove a Honda Civic, for example .

How much is car insurance for 19-year-olds in each state?

Where you live will have an impact on car insurance rates. Each state has different laws and requirements for the amount of car insurance each driver must carry, and those requirements can influence the monetary value of indemnity in your state .
Check out this table to see the average annual monetary value of car insurance in your state of matter for 19-year-olds. How does your state stack up ?
Average Annual Car Insurance Rates for 19-Year-Olds by State

State Average Annual Car Insurance Rates
Alaska $3,738
Alabama $3,480
Arkansas $3,358
Arizona $3,609
California $3,896
Colorado $3,572
Connecticut $4,547
District of Columbia $4,145
Delaware $4,492
Florida $5,070
Georgia $3,801
Hawaii $1,175
Iowa $2,224
Idaho $2,361
Illinois $4,063
Indiana $2,584
Kansas $3,252
Kentucky $3,905
Louisiana $5,346
Massachusetts $3,703
Maryland $4,601
Maine $1,738
Michigan $7,270
Minnesota $3,305
Missouri $3,755
Mississippi $3,210
Montana $3,014
North Carolina $1,512
North Dakota $2,842
Nebraska $2,693
New Hampshire $2,873
New Jersey $5,542
New Mexico $3,001
Nevada $5,260
New York $5,960
Ohio $2,200
Oklahoma $3,297
Oregon $3,154
Pennsylvania $3,782
Rhode Island $4,890
South Carolina $3,045
South Dakota $2,891
Tennessee $2,872
Texas $4,904
Utah $3,095
Virginia $2,525
Vermont $2,459
Washington $2,594
Wisconsin $2,848
West Virginia $3,744
Wyoming $3,191
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Compare RatesStart Now → Although you might not be able to change where you live, you can do other things to help lower your car insurance rates. future, we ’ ll take a look at some factors that determine your rates and what you can do to help lower your cable car insurance costs .

enter your ZIP code below to view companies that have brassy car insurance rates .

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What factors affect car insurance rates for a 19-year-old?

Although unseasoned drivers ’ car indemnity is statistically more expensive, not all 19-year-old drivers will pay the like rates. many different factors influence the monetary value of coverage .
Your driving history and coverage level besides need to be considered. Keep take to learn more .

How does driving record affect a 19-year-old’s car insurance rates?

Your drive record as a adolescent can drastically impact your car indemnity rates. While older drivers can sometimes get minor infractions dismissed from their records using an accident forgiveness platform, insurers tend to be harder on adolescent drivers .
On average, a 19-year-old male will pay anywhere from $ 1,200 to $ 2,600 per year for car insurance .

With multiple tickets or accidents, that calculate can go up to about $ 4,000 each year, and it may be more difficult to get coverage if you ’ ve had multiple collisions .

If you ’ re a 19-year-old with a bad drive commemorate, you might need to purchase bad car policy. Risk is based on both your actual driving history angstrom well as extra national statistics based on your driver demographics .
When you ’ ra unseasoned, these statistics make up a greater share of your rates since there is less driving history to base your rates upon .

Does coverage level affect a 19-year-old’s car insurance rates?

Each state has singular car insurance requirements that residents must purchase in order to legally drive on the roads. In most states, a certain total of indebtedness insurance must be purchased .
19-year-old drivers have to meet the department of state minimum requirements for car policy, but they don ’ t have to carry wax coverage unless they want to .

however, some drivers invest in full coverage indemnity, which includes your state minimum standards plus collision and comprehensive indemnity .

Full coverage policy will cost more than a liability-only policy, no matter what age you are. however, for adolescent drivers buying a policy independently, wide coverage insurance can cost an astronomic sum .
How much is full moon coverage car insurance for a 19-year-old ? On average, it can run a yellow journalism of up to $ 6,000 annually. monthly, it ’ s a whack $ 500. And remember, this means car indemnity quotes for a 19-year-old male, monthly, could be even higher .
One way 19-year-olds can lower full coverage cable car policy rates is by raising the deductible on their collision and comprehensive insurance. just be careful not to increase it to an come that makes the coverage not worth your while .

What are ways to get cheap car insurance for a 19-year-old?

To get the best possible rates as a young driver, it ’ mho significant to focus on ways to keep costs down. Can a 19-year-old catch cable car insurance on their own ? The answer is yes .
technically, even a 17-year-old is able to get their own car indemnity, they would just need a rear or defender to sign on the policy vitamin a well .

however, if a 19-year-old gets their own cable car insurance, it will not be deoxyadenosine monophosphate cheap as staying on a parent ’ mho policy as a named driver .

If that is not an option for you, be sure to compare rates from unlike companies before signing your name on the dashed line .
For example, GEICO indemnity for 19-year-olds costs about $ 199 a month, whereas progressive cable car insurance for 19-year-olds costs a bit more, at an average of $ 318 per calendar month .
fortunately, you can still buy low-cost car insurance for a 19-year-old driver .
Some factors, like gender and geographic localization, aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate well changeable by the see. however, other factors such as grades and annual mileage are within your control and can lead to diverse discounts .
The best means to lower your car insurance rates as a 19-year-old driver is by taking advantage of those discounts offered by different companies. uncertain of where to start ? Just keep reading .

What car insurance discounts are available for a 19-year-old?

There are many routes you can take with insurers to chip away at the monetary value of your rates. From estimable grades to moo mileage and safe driver discounts, there are a handful of ways to help lower your overall rates .
Let ’ s startle by looking into how having a good rate point median can help you lower your rates.

Most indemnity companies offer discounts to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher, and some companies offer these discounts to college alumni for respective years after commencement .

Take a count at the following table which shows the companies that have good student discounts vitamin a well as comparable age-based discounts. These discounts are normally provided to people under the historic period of 25 who keep a B average .
Good Student Discounts by Company for 19-Year-Old Drivers

Company Good Student Discount Distant Student Discount Students & Alumni Discount Young Driver Discount
21st Century Yes No No Yes
AAA Yes Yes No No
Allstate Yes – 20% Yes – 35% No No
American Family Yes Yes Yes – University of Wisconsin No
Ameriprise Yes Yes No No
Amica Yes – 10% Yes No No
Country Financial Yes – 25%, B average or better No No Yes – 10%
Esurance Yes – 10% No Yes – 15%, PAC 12 schools No
Farmers Yes Yes No No
GEICO Yes – 15% Yes Yes No
Liberty Mutual Yes – 22.5% No Yes – 10%; 5% for new graduates Yes – 5% for newly licensed
MetLife Yes – 15%, Full-time, under 25, single No Yes No
Nationwide Yes – 10%, 15 to 24 years old Yes – 10% Yes – 7%, Member of partner businesses, unions, schools, or associations No
Progressive Yes – 21 or younger Yes – Age 22 or younger No Yes – 18 or younger
Safe Auto Yes – 10%, 25 or younger in GA No No No
Safeco Yes – 15%, B average or better; Drops 1% each year Yes – 15% No Yes
State Farm Yes – Up to 25% until age 25 Yes – Under age 25, 100+ miles away No No
The General Yes – 8% No No No
The Hanover Yes – 5%, High school students who are accident & ticket free Yes – 5% No No
The Hartford Yes – 3% Yes – 3% No No
Travelers Yes – 8%, Full-time, 16 to 25 years old, B average or better Yes – 7%, 25 and under, 100+ miles away No No
USAA Yes – 3%, 3.0+ GPA; lasts 3 years; Not available in HI, NC, or NY Yes – 100+ miles away No Yes – $5 to $50 gift card for 15 to 19-year-olds w/good driving behavior who complete 100-hr program
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Compare RatesStart Now → The good news program ? All insurers on our tilt offer a car insurance dismiss for good students. so no matter what insurance company you choose, it will prove beneficial to inquire about this useful dismiss .
car indemnity for a 20-year-old college student might be less than what a 19-year-old pays, but it is even identical probable to be expensive. You are most probable going to want to take advantage of this monetary value reduction should you attend a university .

If you drive primarily for pleasure and don ’ t have a long permute to educate or cultivate, you may qualify for a low-mileage dismiss .
People who avoid driving during flower traffic hours and maintain low annual mileage can save well on insurance compared to people who commute retentive distances .
many indemnity providers give a discount for gloomy mileage american samoa well. If you ’ rhenium 19, this may good apply to you. The postpone that follows shows the providers that give a low-mileage discount .
Low-Mileage Discounts by Insurance Company for 19-Year-Old Drivers

Companies Low Mileage Discount Details
Allstate Yes – Under 8,000 miles annually
American Family Yes
Amica Yes – 10%
Country Financial Yes – Policyholders can get a lower rate for “Pleasure Use” only
Esurance Yes – 15%, CA only
Farmers Yes
Liberty Mutual Yes – Typically less than 5,000 miles annually. CA plans focus more on miles than those in other states
MetLife Yes – “Pleasure Usage” less than 7,500 annually
Nationwide Yes – Only in CA, under 10,000 miles annually
Progressive Yes – Only in CA and TX, must be under 10,000 annually
Safeco Yes – 20%, 4,000 or fewer miles per year gets the highest discount, up to 25,000 annual miles can get a discount
State Farm Yes – 30%, under 7,500 annual miles with proof
The General Yes – Great discount if under 5,000 annually
The Hanover Yes
The Hartford Yes – Based on historical mileage
Travelers Yes – Low mileage discount only available if using IntelliDrive
USAA Yes – Under 10,000 miles annual for drivers over 29. Not available in HI or NC
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Compare RatesStart Now → Most companies offer a rebate for depleted mileage. In fact, the only exceptions are twenty-first Century, Ameriprise, and safe Auto .
The good news is once you ’ re over 25 your rates will go down drastically. 26-year-old cable car policy is significantly cheaper than what younger drivers end up paying .

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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How does a 19-year-old’s safe driving keep car insurance rates low?

You care about being able to get from point A to sharpen B, right ? even more authoritative than that is getting from point A to target B safely. fortunately, when it comes to rates for 19-year-olds, the two can go hired hand in hand .
Insurers lower rates when drivers prove that they can responsibly operate a drive vehicle. This doesn ’ metric ton just mean avoiding accidents, although that surely plays a huge function in keeping insurance costs down .

safe driving habits besides include avoiding tickets for speed, running red lights, and early traffic infractions. Being ticket-free can keep your costs down .

Let ’ s look at a table that shows respective dependable driving-related discounts 19-year-olds can qualify for .
Safe Driver Discounts by Company for 19-Year-Old Drivers

Companies Safe Driver Discount Claim Free Discount Driver’s Education Discount Garaging/
Storing Discount
21st Century Yes Yes Yes No
AAA Yes Yes Yes No
Allstate Yes Yes Yes No
American Family Yes Yes Yes No
Ameriprise Yes Yes No Yes
Amica Yes Yes Yes Yes
Country Financial No Yes – Accident-free for 3+ years Yes No
Esurance Yes – Valid drivers license for at least 3 years with 1 or 0 points Yes – Covered drivers 5+ years without an at-fault accident or DUI/DWI Yes No
Farmers Yes Yes Yes Yes
GEICO Yes Yes – 5 years accident-free Yes No
Liberty Mutual No Yes Yes – Must take teenSMART class No
MetLife Yes Yes Yes – “Driver Improvement”
90-minute online course
Nationwide Yes Yes No No
Progressive Yes Yes Yes No
Safe Auto Yes Yes Yes No
Safeco Yes – No at-fault accidents in last 3 years; 1 or 0 points on license; No DUI in last 10 years Yes – No at-fault accidents in 3 years; 1 or 0 points on license; No DUI in last 10 years Yes – Under 21; 3 years accident-free No
State Farm Yes – New customers only with 3 years accident-free Yes – Customer for min. 3 consecutive years without an accident Yes – Under 25, ticket free 3 years; Must watch videos and complete trip log online No
The General Yes Yes Yes No
The Hanover No Yes Yes – Lasts up to 3 years; Discount drops at 19 No
The Hartford Yes Yes Yes – Under 25; Only in GA Yes
Travelers Yes Yes – Accident and violation-free Yes – Under 21 Yes
USAA Yes – Clean driving record for 3+ years; Not available in HI Yes Yes – Under 21; not available in HI, NC, or NY Yes – Secure location for at least 30 days; Not available in
CA, HI, NC, or VA
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Compare RatesStart Now → As you can see, there are several discounts for safe drive. similarly, enrolling in a non-mandatory driver ’ s education course can besides lead to discounts from cable car policy companies. GEICO even offers a rebate good for wearing your seat knock .
simple things, such as keeping your cable car in storage or in a garage, can help lower your rates. This is because insurers are all about risk, and if your car sits promptly available for break-ins in a high crime area, an insurance company is going to see that as a greater probability for a file claim .
only twenty-first Century offers a non-smoker/non-drinker discount. While slightly of a curio, this is another discount rate provided to individuals who could be seen as responsible and statistically less likely to file a claim .

How does a 19-year-old’s car make and model keep car insurance rates low?

What are the best cars for a 19-year-old ?
Another surprise way 19-year-olds can save money on cable car insurance is by choosing a vehicle that is all approximately just cheaper to insure. This means rather of sports cars, luxury cars, or off-road vehicles, choose for a sturdy and dependable economy sedan .
What is the cheapest car for a 19-year-old to insure ?
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, used cars with the highest safety ratings, anti-theft devices, and a low repair price are a great place to start. Consider purchasing a 2014 Subaru Impreza or 2015 Mazda CX-5 .
If you ’ re a 19-year-old with a Mustang, it stands to reason that you ’ ll be paying far more in cable car indemnity rates. How much is car indemnity for a 19-year-old with a sports car ? That depends on the type of sports cable car, its old age, and its value .
There are many extra safety features that can be added to your vehicle that could help lower your overall car indemnity rates. Let ’ s expect at a few examples and the companies that offer those discounts in the table below .
Car Insurance Discounts for Safety Features

Companies Adaptive Cruise Control Adaptive Headlights Anti-lock Brakes Anti-Theft Daytime Running Lights Electronic Stability Control Emergency Deployment Forward Collision Warning Green Vehicle Lane Departure Warning Newer Vehicle Passive Restraint
21st Century No No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yes
AAA No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes Yes
Allstate No No Yes – 10% Yes – 10% Yes – 2% Yes – 2% No No Yes – 10% No Yes Yes – 30%
American Family No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes – 30%
Ameriprise No No Yes – 3% Yes – 3% Yes No No No No No No Yes – 3%
Amica No Yes Yes – 5% Yes – 25% No Yes – 5% No Yes – 5% for beep warning; 8% for auto braking No No No Yes – 30%
Country Financial No Yes Yes Yes – 10% Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Esurance No No Yes – 5% Yes – 25% Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yes – 33%
Farmers No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes – 5% No Yes Yes
GEICO No No Yes – 5% Yes – 25% Yes – 1% in
LA & NY only
No Yes – 25% No No No Yes Yes – 40%
Liberty Mutual Yes – 5% Yes – 5% Yes – 5% Yes – 20% off comprehensive Yes – 5% Yes – 5% No Yes – 5% Yes – 10% Yes No Yes
MetLife Yes Yes Yes – 5% Yes – 10% for VIN etching and vehicle recovery Yes – 5% Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes – 5%
Nationwide Yes Yes Yes – 5% Yes – 25% with vehicle recovery discount Yes – 5% Yes No Yes No Yes Yes – less than 5 years old Yes – 20%
Progressive Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes – With VIN No Yes – With VIN Yes Yes
Safe Auto No No Yes – 5% Yes Yes – 5% No No No No No Yes Yes – 5%
Safeco No No Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes – 2%
State Farm No No Yes – 5% Yes – 15% off comprehensive coverage;
Higher discount for “engine cut-off”
No No No No No No Yes – 40% off medical-related coverage for cars
’94 or later, depending on make and model
Yes – 40% off medical-related coverage for cars ’93 and newer
The General No No Yes – 8% Yes – 8% No No No No No No No Yes – 8%
The Hanover No No Yes – 5% Yes – 5% Yes – 5% No No No No No No Yes – 5%
The Hartford No Yes – 3% Yes – 3% Yes – 3% Yes – 3% No No Yes – 3% Yes – 3% No Yes Yes – 3%
Travelers No No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes – 10%, hybrid or electric No Yes – Less than 3 yrs old Yes
USAA No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes – 4% for 3 years;
8% for 2 years; 12% less than 1 year; Not available in NY
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Compare RatesStart Now → many newer vehicles on the lots these days come with at least several of these features already installed. Remember to ask whichever provider you end up choosing about all of these discounts. little by little, they can add up to big savings .

Will adding a 19-year-old to a parent’s policy be cheaper than an individual policy?

Adding a 19-year-old driver to a parents ’ policy can save money because it ’ s generally a lot cheaper to add a adolescent driver to a rear ’ south car insurance policy than for the adolescent to get their own policy .
Since car indemnity is based on factors like driving records, a adolescent succeed ’ thymine have much for an insurance company to look at. Parents, on the other hand, will have a much longer indemnity history which helps keep rates low .
besides, teens can take advantage of discounts their parents are eligible for, like multi-policy or loyalty discounts, to lower cable car indemnity rates .
Adding a adolescent to your policy will generally increase your rates by around $ 900 a year. As expensive as that is, it ’ s calm cheaper than if they got their own policy .
A parent wouldn ’ triiodothyronine want to add a adolescent to their car policy policy if the adolescent doesn ’ metric ton live at home or if they have a badly drive record. Adding a child with a inadequate drive commemorate will make your rates increase significantly .

What’s the best way to comparison shop for car insurance as a 19-Year-old?

not every indemnity company will offer the lapp rates, and some companies give better discounts to young people than others .
To get the best possible price on policy as a adolescent, be sure to get quotes from several different companies, such as Allstate, State Farm, or Progressive. low-cost car insurance for 19-year-olds is surely attainable .
By using the discounts we covered, young drivers can maximize their savings. Over fourth dimension, as you gain more experience behind the steering wheel, your rates will continue to decrease .
In most cases, it takes about three years for your driving history to count toward safe driving discounts. If you buy your first policy at age 19, your rates should begin to decrease by long time 21 .

many people, specially young male drivers, besides experience substantial savings after they turn 25 .

In addition to your alone hazard factors, insurance costs will vary from one state to the next and will depend on the measure of coverage that you buy .
For case, average insurance prices in Michigan are twice arsenic high as in Vermont. The same driver with the same policy will pay lower rates from one state to the following .
Because there are so many variables involved, it ’ s impossible to predict precisely how much your insurance policy will cost. It ’ randomness best to get a personalize quote from multiple indemnity companies so that you can determine how much your policy will cost .
ready to buy cable car insurance for a 19-year-old ?
Don ’ t delay to find low-cost car indemnity rates for adolescent drivers. Enter your ZIP code into our release quotation comparison creature below to get cheap rates for 19-year-old drivers .

figure your ZIP code below to view companies that have bum car policy rates .

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Frequently Asked Questions: Car Insurance for a 19-year-old

You are now an technical on finding the best car policy rates for a 19-year-old. Do you have questions about other age groups ? Check out some answers to our frequently asked questions below .

#1 – How much is car insurance for an 18-year-old male per month?

The average car policy cost for an 18-year-old male is about $ 600 per month or $ 7,200 per year .

#2 – How much is car insurance for an 18-year-old female per month?

car indemnity for an 18-year-old female is about $ 318.25 per calendar month or $ 3,819 per year .

#3 – How much is car insurance for a 20-year-old?

car insurance for a 20-year-old costs an average of $ 444 per month or $ 5,333 per year .

#4 – How much is car insurance for a 21-year-old?

21-year-olds pay an average of about $ 370 per month or $ 4,450 per year for car indemnity. While this is better than what 18-year-olds pay at $ 7,200 per class, these are hush rates you most likely would like to be lowered .

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