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New Driver Car Insurance Summary Data

New Driver Insurance Details From the Experts
USAA and GEICO typically offer the most affordable rates for new drivers Quadrant Information Services
New drivers can pay up to 300% more for coverage than more experienced drivers Quadrant Information Services
The leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. is motor vehicle crashes Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Compare RatesStart Now → How much does insurance cost for first-time drivers?
car policy rates for a fresh driver can vary widely depending on several individual factors which include the type of vehicle to be insured, to the types of policy you ’ re looking into. If you ’ re raw to this nation or have a newly licensed adolescent, you may be wondering how a lot the average car indemnity rate is going to be for you .
average car policy costs for first-time drivers are going to be quite a snatch higher than for drivers who have been on the road for a while. The reason being experienced drivers are less probable to get into an accident or cause any damage or injuries while on the road. Your car insurance ship’s company is going to see you as a morsel of a risk, and will want to charge you consequently. A flying review of how car insurance rates are determined may help you understand the basics of how your car policy rate is calculated .
But whether you ’ re a newfangled or old driver, there are a few of the same factors which are taken into account when an insurance company decides how much you should pay for coverage. In this article, we will explore and explain policy topics like those factors and prepare you adenine best as potential to seek out the best car insurance policy for you .
Looking to compare car insurance quotes for a modern driver ? Enter your ZIP code in our comparison creature to get great cable car insurance rates for a new driver now, and see how much new driver policy costs .

How much is car insurance for first-time drivers?

by and large speaking, if you are new to the world of coverage, you can expect to pay more for coverage than person who has had consistent, continuous car insurance coverage. There are even discounts for drivers who have been systematically insured. New driver indemnity prices are by and large higher than average .
How are car insurance rates determined ? Rates are based on the person ( or persons ) driving the car and the car itself. New drivers are normally more of a risk for an insurance company because they have no previous driving history to judge you on. Insurers look at your driving history, specifically your centrifugal fomite record and C.L.U.E. reputation, to determine your pace .

You are automatically considered a higher gamble if you don ’ t have a drive history for the insurance company to review. It ’ south kind of like getting a mortgage with no credit ; your rate will be higher — if you ’ re approved at all .

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How long are you considered a new driver?

generally, people who have been driving less than three years are considered new drivers. however it ’ s up to each company to make that decisiveness themselves, and indeed the cost of car indemnity can vary depending on what car indemnity providers you ’ re looking into. The bright side being, if you ’ re not happy with the prices you ’ rhenium being given, you can constantly look elsewhere .
additionally, there is frequently a surcharge for people with an ‘ unobjective driving history ’. It can vary widely but may be in the 10-20 percentage range. All other things being equal, you ’ ll probably pay more as a fresh driver. How a lot should car insurance cost for a new driver ? There ’ second not one specific, easy answer to that question. Keep reading to learn more .

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What is the cheapest car insurance for a new driver?

When looking for the cheapest car policy for a newfangled driver, you ’ ll need to shop around and find the best newfangled driver coverage for your needs. As we ’ ll discus late, there are a count of factors that can affect your rates, and how much those factors affect your rates varies from company to caller .
To give you a service line, we ’ ve collected first-time driver policy average costs at old age 17 compared to more experience drivers at ages 25 and 35. Take a look to get an estimate of the modal price of insurance for a modern driver .
Average Annual Car Insurance Rates by Age

Insurance Companies Average Annual Rates for a Single 17-Year-Old Female Average Annual Rates for a Single 17-Year-Old Male Average Annual Rates for a Single 25-Year-Old Female Average Annual Rates for a Single 25-Year-Old Male Average Annual Rates for a Married 35-Year-Old Female Average Annual Rates for a Married 35-Year-Old Male
USAA $4,807.54 $5,385.61 $1,988.52 $2,126.14 $1,551.43 $1,540.32
GEICO $5,653.55 $6,278.96 $2,378.89 $2,262.87 $2,302.89 $2,312.38
Nationwide $5,756.37 $7,175.31 $2,686.48 $2,889.04 $2,360.49 $2,387.43
State Farm $5,953.88 $7,324.34 $2,335.96 $2,554.56 $2,081.72 $2,081.72
American Family $5,996.50 $8,130.50 $2,288.65 $2,694.72 $2,202.70 $2,224.31
Farmers $8,521.97 $9,144.04 $2,946.80 $3,041.44 $2,556.98 $2,557.75
Progressive $8,689.95 $9,625.49 $2,697.73 $2,758.66 $2,296.90 $2,175.27
Allstate $9,282.19 $10,642.53 $3,424.87 $3,570.93 $3,156.09 $3,123.01
Travelers $9,307.32 $12,850.91 $2,325.25 $2,491.21 $2,178.66 $2,199.51
Liberty Mutual $11,621.01 $13,718.69 $3,959.67 $4,503.13 $3,802.77 $3,856.84
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Compare RatesStart Now → You can see that average indemnity costs for raw drivers are much higher than that of more know drivers .
If you ’ ra looking for brassy car indemnity for new drivers under 21, your best bet may be GEICO or USAA, based on the datum in the table .
car indemnity for new drivers over 21 will vary, but the same rate information suggests both USAA and GEICO are dependable options. This besides holds on-key when looking to insure drivers under the age of 25 .
If you ’ ra looking for coverage for new drivers over 25, you may want to consider USAA, American Family, or GEICO, based on available rate data .
however, keep in mind that this datum is not specifically focused on new drivers but, as we already noted, includes rates for more experience drivers .

How do I find the best insurance for a new driver?

once again, there ’ s not an slowly, specific answer to this question. It ’ s a short more complicate than just looking at rates, which we did above. There are a lot of factors that affect coverage and rates for you specifically, which we ’ ll hash out late, but there are some actions you can take to save when looking for an low-cost car policy .

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Should you shop around? 

As a new driver, it ’ s in your best interest to shop around extensively. There are companies that have more of a gamble appetite for new drivers. Be sure to look at on-line quotes ; you ’ ll be able to see the most competitive rates if you compare them. It ’ s the best way to end up with an annual cost of your car coverage that you ’ ll be able to afford .
You may besides want to stay away from policy companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising their products on television receiver. ultimately in cases like these, your dollars are spent on attracting new clients rather than providing less expensive coverage to existing clients .

Is it possible to get some kind of insurance discount? 

With most things that a consumer can purchase, there is a assortment of discounts one can find when getting car insurance quotes, depending on what coverage options you ’ re looking into. You can besides look for discounts you can take advantage of as a newfangled driver. These can include :
New Driver Discounts Offered by Car Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies Distant Student Driver’s Ed Further Education Good Credit Good Student New Graduate Newly Licensed Students Young Driver
21st Century x x Alumni x
AAA x x x
Allstate x x x
American Family x x x
Ameriprise x x x x
Amica x x x
Country Financial x x x x
Esurance x x x
Farmers x x x x
GEICO x x x x
Liberty Mutual x x x x x x x
MetLife x x x
Nationwide x x x x x
Progressive x x x x x x
Safe Auto x x
Safeco x x x x x x
State Farm x x x x
The General x x
The Hanover x x x x
The Hartford x x x
Travelers x x x x
USAA x x x x
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Compare RatesStart Now → If you stay on your parent ’ randomness car indemnity policy, you can get lend discounts like multi-car or multi-policy discounts.

Speak to a license insurance agent to find out which discounts are available ( what we ’ ve included in the table is not a complete list ; not every discount rate is available in every state, etc. ) and what you qualify for .

Factors That Affect First Time Driver Insurance Cost

now let ’ s look at the factors that make up the rate you can expect to pay as a new driver. The possible combination of these factors is about space, so we can ’ triiodothyronine give you an demand number, but we can tell you what insurers will be looking at .

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Why are you considered a new driver?

This is the first interrogate we need to answer. Why are you new ? If you ’ re newly licensed as a adolescent, particularly a male, you can expect to pay quite a bit for a raw policy. adolescent drivers are notoriously expensive to insure, and males are statistically shown to be riskier drivers .
Recall the table we looked at earlier that showed pace data for 17-year-old drivers compared to drivers at ages 25 and 35 .
average car policy for a newfangled driver rate for a 17-year-old male is generally 196 percentage higher than a more feel 25-year-old male driver, and rates for a 17-year-old female are about 103 percentage higher than for 25-year-old female drivers .
The monetary value to insure a first time driver who is at least 25 years old is much less expensive, as a 25-year-old is considered to be a less bad driver than a adolescent with the like tied of experience. however, it will hush be more than what it would cost if you had previous insurance history. policy claims can become expensive, and this is one way an insurance company can turn a profit .

What kind of coverage do you plan to purchase?

There is a across-the-board rate of options out there so you need to figure out what particular type of coverage you want. Are you shopping for liability-only car insurance or full coverage, including comprehensive and collision ? The type of coverage you ’ re looking into is going to affect what you pay .

As expected, the more extra coverages you ask for, the more expensive the policy. Take a count at this table to see average rates for diverse types of coverage to get an estimate of costs .
Average Annual Car Insurance Rates by Coverage Type

States Average Annual Liability Insurance Rates Average Annual Collision Insurance Rates Average Annual Comprehensive Insurance Rates Average Annual Full Coverage Insurance Rates
Alabama $372.57 $317.96 $156.31 $868.48
Alaska $547.34 $350.81 $137.26 $1,027.75
Arizona $488.59 $277.96 $186.12 $972.85
Arkansas $381.14 $321.80 $190.41 $906.34
California $462.95 $396.55 $100.54 $986.75
Colorado $477.10 $287.00 $174.61 $981.64
Connecticut $633.95 $368.51 $131.62 $1,151.07
District of Columbia $628.09 $468.67 $233.24 $1,330.73
Delaware $776.50 $318.77 $122.49 $1,240.57
Florida $845.05 $331.83 $159.18 $1,048.40
Georgia $490.64 $313.17 $101.56 $873.28
Hawaii $458.49 $219.05 $116.55 $679.89
Idaho $337.17 $309.71 $128.13 $884.56
Illinois $430.54 $250.29 $122.06 $755.03
Indiana $372.44 $219.75 $183.53 $702.46
Iowa $293.34 $263.33 $267.91 $862.93
Kansas $342.33 $267.91 $141.39 $938.51
Kentucky $518.91 $414.36 $215.17 $1,405.36
Louisiana $727.15 $259.98 $104.98 $703.82
Maine $333.92 $353.99 $152.72 $1,116.45
Maryland $599.48 $388.28 $134.96 $1,129.29
Massachusetts $587.75 $413.83 $154.85 $1,364.00
Michigan $722.04 $234.40 $184.27 $875.49
Minnesota $439.58 $323.22 $210.33 $994.05
Mississippi $437.38 $275.28 $181.27 $872.43
Missouri $399.41 $265.32 $211.91 $863.52
Montana $387.77 $237.13 $229.25 $831.02
Nebraska $349.07 $303.86 $117.63 $1,103.05
Nevada $647.07 $307.42 $110.77 $818.75
New Hampshire $393.24 $381.86 $131.35 $1,382.79
New Jersey $865.55 $276.98 $172.57 $937.59
New Mexico $462.21 $385.02 $171.12 $1,360.66
New York $784.98 $293.59 $136.08 $789.09
North Carolina $357.59 $244.09 $231.04 $773.30
North Dakota $282.55 $269.84 $121.61 $788.56
Ohio $376.16 $318.47 $225.84 $1,005.32
Oklahoma $441.57 $226.83 $93.87 $904.83
Oregon $553.43 $327.24 $144.21 $970.51
Pennsylvania $495.02 $411.51 $132.19 $1,303.50
Rhode Island $720.06 $265.07 $180.94 $973.10
South Carolina $497.50 $208.58 $258.11 $766.91
South Dakota $289.04 $282.96 $116.53 $1,257.13
Tennessee $397.73 $309.07 $148.45 $871.43
Texas $498.44 $374.49 $206.42 $1,109.66
Utah $471.26 $265.90 $109.50 $872.93
Vermont $340.98 $295.42 $125.48 $764.02
Virginia $413.12 $280.52 $136.54 $842.67
Washington $568.92 $265.74 $106.38 $968.80
West Virginia $501.44 $329.67 $204.28 $1,025.78
Wisconsin $359.84 $226.00 $136.81 $737.18
Wyoming $323.38 $278.83 $247.57 $847.44
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Compare RatesStart Now → The more coverage you have, the higher your indemnity rates will be. however, the more coverage you have, the less you will have to pay out of pocket in the event of an accident .

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

What type of car are you insuring ? not surprisingly, depending on the car you have, you may end up having a coverage minimum set in place by your provider. For example, the price to insure a 1990 Honda Civic will cost substantially less than coverage for a 2012 Ford Mustang GT convertible. We have a few examples of how what you drive can affect your rates in this table .
Average Annual Car Insurance Rates by Vehicle Type

Insurance Companies 2015 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6 2015 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT 2015 Toyota RAV4: XLE 2018 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6 2018 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT 2018 Toyota RAV4: XLE
USAA $2,551.56 $2,409.67 $2,454.58 $2,855.69 $2,422.66 $2,529.63
GEICO $3,092.11 $3,092.58 $3,090.89 $3,338.40 $3,338.87 $3,337.18
State Farm $3,204.23 $3,024.24 $3,226.02 $3,497.17 $3,189.99 $3,418.33
American Family $3,447.30 $3,178.82 $3,326.18 $3,487.91 $3,721.32 $3,496.99
Nationwide $3,571.01 $3,547.84 $3,517.03 $3,373.64 $3,361.93 $3,328.57
Progressive $3,914.05 $4,429.56 $3,647.22 $3,962.58 $4,528.90 $3,730.78
Farmers $4,093.50 $4,405.21 $3,728.22 $4,390.19 $4,779.51 $3,769.00
Travelers $4,023.47 $4,420.37 $4,383.78 $4,412.42 $4,661.22 $4,708.19
Allstate $4,429.74 $4,753.69 $4,324.99 $5,491.12 $5,380.28 $4,947.90
Liberty Mutual $5,830.16 $5,869.32 $5,825.33 $5,988.85 $6,682.63 $6,244.44
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Compare RatesStart Now → The newer and more expensive your vehicle, the more money it ’ s going to take to insure it. Most newfangled vehicles are suggested by providers to have both comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, though you can typically decline .
If you ’ re looking to lower your rates, you do not legally need to purchase broad coverage unless you have a loan or lease on your new ride. physical damage coverage is not mandatary by law, but your lender or leasing agency will surely require this coverage. Remember, you don ’ metric ton technically own the car until it ’ s paid off. You ’ ll besides want to look into whether or not your insurance company has a minimal coverage policy ; sometimes an insurance company will have a bare minimum that a client needs to purchase. Just keep in mind that the lowest rates come with the lowest total of coverage, and if your car is newfangled, you may want to consider protecting it a bit more .

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What’s your credit score?

How is your credit rating ? Nowadays, most insurers rely on your policy score to determine how much to charge you. If you ’ re a new driver with a arrant citation history your rate can be equally much as 35 percentage less than a new driver with a less-than-perfect credit history .
For exercise, an 800 credit score ‘ fresh driver ’ will likely pay less than a 500 credit score seasoned driver with a speed tag, but not if the 800 credit grudge driver is a 19-year-old male ( though it should be noted that in states like California and others, gender-based rates adjustments are prohibited ) .
regardless, the better your credit score is, the better off you ’ ll be. According to Experian, the average american has a credit score of 703, which is beneficial news for your indemnity rates .
Take a search at this board to see average rates based on good, fair, and inadequate credit scores as a baseline ( these rates include new and know drivers ) .
Average Annual Insurance Car Rates Based on Credit Score

Insurance Companies Average Insurance Rates with Good Credit Average Insurance Rates with Fair Average Insurance Drivers with Poor Credit
USAA $1,821.20 $2,219.83 $3,690.73
State Farm $2,174.26 $2,853.00 $4,951.20
GEICO $2,434.82 $2,986.79 $4,259.50
American Family $2,691.74 $3,169.53 $4,467.98
Nationwide $2,925.94 $3,254.83 $4,083.29
Grand Total $3,104.15 $3,649.15 $5,170.97
Progressive $3,628.85 $3,956.31 $4,737.64
Farmers $3,677.12 $3,899.41 $4,864.14
Allstate $3,859.66 $4,581.16 $6,490.65
Travelers $4,058.97 $4,344.10 $5,160.22
Liberty Mutual $4,388.18 $5,604.24 $8,802.22
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Compare RatesStart Now → Be certain to stay on top of your credit. It ’ randomness one of the few things you can control, tied if you ’ ve never driven a car in your life .

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What other factors affect your car insurance rates?

There are therefore many factors that affect your car insurance, whether you are a fresh driver or an older driver. As you continue your drive know, keep these factors in take care :

  • Your driving record affects your rates: If you rack up speeding tickets, accidents, or DUIs, your annual rate will skyrocket no matter where you look. In addition to fines, these tickets can stay on your driving record for three to five years, so you will be paying for these mistakes for a long time. Avoiding traffic tickets and having a clean record can save you thousands of dollars.
  • The cost of car insurance in your state and ZIP affect your rates: Car insurance is partially based on where you live. Just moving across town can drastically influence your rates. For example, if you live in an area with a high theft rate, your car insurance will increase to offset those costs. The same is true if you live in an area with a lot of traffic that can lead to an increase in accidents.

What’s the bottom line when it comes to new drivers? 

New drivers pay more for coverage because they have less experience and driving history than more season drivers. The less driving history you have, the higher your rates will be. additionally, the younger you are, the more you ’ ll likely pay. however you still want to play it safe. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fair front at the cheapest companies – compare prices across the board in order to find coverage and annual premiums that would fit into your budget .
fix to buy car policy for a new driver ? Enter your ZIP code to get release car insurance quotes for new drivers so you can start your car insurance comparison today .

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cost of Car Insurance for a New Driver

Do you still have questions about the price of car policy for new drivers ? Read through these frequently asked questions to learn more .

#1 – What is the best car insurance for teenage drivers?

As you saw in the rate data earlier we looked at earlier, USAA and GEICO offer the most low-cost car policy rates for adolescent drivers.

Regardless of who you purchase insurance from, car insurance for high school students ( and teenagers as a whole ) will likely be high, ascribable to senesce, but shopping about and finding available discounts may help offset the cost. Speak to your policy agentive role to learn more .

#2 – How can I save money as a new driver?

The number-one way to save money on your rates is by shopping around and comparing rates. As we ’ ve already discussed, you should besides look for discounts, and make indisputable you drive safely. Follow all posted traffic laws, manage your credit, drive an low-cost vehicle, and for comparative purposes look into respective providers alternatively of precisely one .


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