Types of Car Rental Insurance in Europe

Every car rental from Auto Europe includes liability and fire indemnity. Third Party Liability takes worry of price done to anyone and anything outside of your rental fomite. Fire covers the rental fomite itself in the event of a mechanical fire. For more comprehensive examination coverage you will need a Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW ). Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW ) covers damage done to your rental car in the event of an accident, and Theft Protection ( TP ) covers the loss of your lease should be stolen, less the deductibles .

Car Rental Insurance Guides by Country

Auto Europe’s Car Rental Coverage Options in Europe

Car Rental Insurance in Europe Having collision and larceny coverage are a necessity with any rental fomite, it is a count of how you apply the coverage. When renting a car with Auto Europe, clients are offered at least two rates for each vehicle in most locations : basic and inclusive. If you choose to go with a basic rate, third base party liability and fire are included. Collision and Theft Protection are not included. This means that you are either planning to take the coverage locally at a higher monetary value plus extra conversion fees, or utilizing your credit tease rental car policy for the coverage. Clients are much able to use their credit cards for this coverage, but it is up to you to contact your credit batting order caller to find out if they will cover your lease insurance in Europe. If your credit card provider will cover it, you will need to make certain you use that card to pay for your lease in advance, and present it to agents at the rental counter when you ‘re picking up your fomite. Credit batting order issued car indemnity can vary from state to state, sol check with your bank before you leave to be sure of your coverage .

Rental Car Insurance Options Breakdown

Listed below are the 4 primary insurance options available when renting a car with Auto Europe.

  1. Reserve a car rental with the included Liability and Fire Insurance, and request your credit card company provide the Collision Damage Waiver/Theft Protection (Be sure your credit card offers this coverage overseas, as not all do).
  2. Reserve a car rental with the included Liability and Fire Insurance, and purchase Collision Damage Waiver/Theft Protection in advance through Auto Europe. Be aware, upon arrival a hold will be placed on your credit card for the entire deductible amount, and returned to you once the vehicle is brought back without damage. (An excellent option if your credit card doesn’t offer overseas CDW/TP insurance).
  3. Reserve a car rental with the included Liability and Fire Insurance, and purchase Collision Damage Waiver/Theft Protection with a Refundable Deductible or Zero Deductible (See below for further information on the specifics of refundable and zero deductible rates).
  4. Reserve a car rental with the included Liability and Fire Insurance, and purchase Collision Damage Waiver/Theft Protection locally from the supplier upon arrival (Be aware this is nearly always more expensive than purchasing comprehensive insurance in advance). 

Knowing the laws of the countries of travel in regards to policy is very important. If you rent a cable car in Italy, for exemplify, it is mandated by the italian politics that all rentals come with a non-negotiable minimum of an inclusive rate. To rent a cable car in Ireland there are identical few credit card companies that will provide you with ( CDW ) and ( TP ) these days. If you do happen to have one of the rare cards that will cover it, you must bring written proof of such to avoid being charged for the insurance locally.

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance & Theft Protection Explained

Zero Deductible/Excess ( ZE ), Refundable Deductible/Excess ( ZD ) and Super Coverage are extra insurances that tie into collision and larceny. They can negate or minimize deductibles associated with these insurances. A Zero Deductible/Excess rate means there are no applicable deductibles for ( CDW ) and ( TP ). A Refundable deductible rate is a refundable deductible, where you are distillery initially obligated to the deductible, but are optioned to receive a refund of the amount that you paid, astir to what the initial deductible had been. ( ZE ) and ( ZD ) rates are pre-paid along with initial requital of your rental vehicle. Super coverage can be added locally, and will typically be a per day charge. These are subject to handiness between supplier, lease vehicle, and countries of travel.

Additional options you may besides consider buy are personal Accident Insurance ( PAI ) and personal Effects Coverage ( PEC ). These will not lone give you peace of mind, but will besides take caution of any aesculapian expenses for injuries that happen inside your rental car, equally good as covering personal belongings if they have been stolen. Sometimes it ‘s extremely difficult to prove the value of items that were in the cable car when it was stolen, but if you are able to show receipts for these items the process is easier. The best practice is to take all valued items out of your rental anytime you are not in it .
Depending on your travel guidebook, you may besides be required to purchase Travel Insurance from the supplier. This could be a ball union, or a daily charge, that allows you to cross into specific countries in Eastern Europe .

What to Do When You are in a Rental Car Accident

  1. Call local authorities and report accident to police
  2. Call supplier contact number found on your rental car keychain
  3. Personally document all vehicle damage with a digital camera or smartphone
  4. Contact Auto Europe (from North America: 1-888-223-5555 | from outside North America: +1-207-842-2000)

If you are involved in an accident, no matter how child, a valid patrol composition is always required. Be aware of what you are liable for by thoroughly audit and understanding your car rental voucher before you leave. Please do not hesitate to call Auto Europe toll-free at 1-888-223-5555 with any questions that should arise before, during or after your stumble ! We are here to help you with all your car rental and locomotion needs .

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