How do I get a rental car after my car accident in GA?

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Getting a Rental Car after a Car Accident in Georgia

If you find yourself without transportation after a car accident, you may need to rent a car while yours is repaired or replaced. We ’ ve provided this article to help answer some of the most common questions about getting a rental cable car in Georgia. For bit-by-bit steering, try our Georgia Car Damage Manual .

Who Pays for the Rental Car?

If you ’ ve been involved in a motor fomite accident that was not your fault, the at-fault driver ’ mho policy company is creditworthy for paying for your rental car. Start by contacting the at-fault driver ’ s insurance party to initiate a claim. Their adjuster can advise if the claim covers a rental, and how soon you can get a rental cable car. In some cases, the insurance company will directly bill the at-fault driver ’ randomness insurance company for the rental. In other cases, the indemnity company will only reimburse you for the lease car. In either case, the lease party may distillery require you to put down a down payment with a credit batting order. This depository should be refunded once the rental is returned and charge is finalized with the policy company. sometimes you need a rental right away before details can be worked out with the adjuster for the at-fault driver ’ s insurance company. In this situation, it can be helpful to use your own indemnity if you have purchased rental coverage. If you have this coverage, you can use that to pay for a rental car up to the limits of your coverage ( for case, $ 30 per day for a maximum of $ 900 ). even if you don ’ triiodothyronine have this coverage, you can inactive pay the costs of the rental car upfront and seek reimbursement from the at-fault driver ’ south indemnity by and by.

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What Car Rental Company Should I Use?

If your rental car is being billed immediately to the at-fault driver ’ sulfur insurance ship’s company, you will need to use the rental company that the indemnity company chooses. however, you have a correct to use any rental provider or placement you choose, provided that you may have to pay the cost upfront and seek reimbursement if you choose a different rental supplier. If you choose to rent a cable car on your own and seek reimbursement, it is a good idea to get approval in advance for the rate and class of the car to avoid issues later .

What Type of Rental Car Should I Get?

You can rent a fomite that is comparable to yours. Keep in thinker that the insurance company is trying to keep its costs to a minimal, indeed be prepared to stand your grind and insist on a comparable fomite. When using your own rental coverage, you may want to choose a car with a lower casual rate so that your reimbursement restrict will last long. If the daily rate exceeds the limits of coverage, you will have to pay the deviation. If you are paying for the rental car and seeking reimbursement, make surely to approve the rental rate with the policy company in gain. besides, make sure to rent a vehicle that is comparable to yours. In other words, if you have an economy sedan, don ’ triiodothyronine go rent a lavishness car or pickup hand truck, or else the indemnity company may refuse to cover the extra cost. On the other hand, if you drove a pickup truck, you can rent a alike cartridge truck .

Do I Need to Buy Additional Insurance for the Rental Car?

In most cases, the short-change suffice here is no. Your own comprehensive and collision car policy should cover the rental cable car just the lapp as it would if you were driving your own car. Of run, you should always confirm this coverage with your individual car insurance policy.

additionally, some accredit cards offer extra coverage for rental cars, but entirely when using that wag to pay for the lease cable car. Check with your credit rating tease company to see what is and is not covered before you decide whether to decline the extra coverage .

How Long Can I Keep the Rental Car after the Car Accident?

If your car is repairable, you can keep the rental car for angstrom long as it takes for your car to be fixed. If your car is totaled, you can keep the rental cable car until your property damage claim is settled .

When Your Car is Repairable

If your car is repairable, you are entitled to a lease car for a farseeing as it takes for your car to be repaired. If you are still able to drive the car silent, the indemnity caller will start covering a rental car when the compensate facility begins working on your car. Delays can sometimes occur in the animate process. If the rectify takes longer than expected, the rental company should work with the insurance adjuster to extend your rental. Unlike with your own coverage, there is no cook time limit for how long the at-fault driver ’ randomness insurance company has to pay for your rental car while your fomite is being repaired. You are entitled to this rental car for deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as it takes for your vehicle to be repaired .

When Your Car Is Totaled

If your car is not driveable, this coverage begins immediately after the accident. It will end upon settlement of your property price title, so it is a good idea to start shopping round for a refilling vehicle a soon as possible.

once the insurance company makes you an offer to pay for your totaled vehicle, you may have to return the rental car evening if you don ’ thymine accept that initial offer. Don ’ t allow the insurance company to pressure you into accepting a lower offer if that volunteer does not adequately compensate you for your car ’ s average market value. In this type of situation, it can be specially helpful to have purchased rental car coverage on your own car indemnity policy. The cost of renting a car for a few extra days may be worth it if you are able to negotiate a higher total to compensate you for what your car is worth .

Car Accidents & Rental Cars

We hope this guide has been helpful in making the procedure of renting a car after an accident less confusing and nerve-racking. If you have extra questions or concerns about the action of navigating a property damage claim, see our Georgia Car Damage Manual. disavowal : The information provided on this web site does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice ; alternatively, all information, message, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. data on this web site may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or early information. Readers of this web site should contact a car accident lawyer to obtain advice with deference to any particular legal matter. No proofreader, exploiter, or browser of this locate should act or refrain from acting on the basis of information on this web site without first seeking legal advice from rede in the relevant jurisdiction. use of, and access to, this web site or any of the links or resources contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between the lector, user, or browser and web site authors or Butler Law Firm. Butler Law firm and its attorneys are licensed in the state of Georgia. Unless you have a signed, written agreement with the Butler Law firm, our firm does not represent you as your lawyer.

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