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Cheapest Car Insurance in San Diego, CA (08/2021)

Drivers in San Diego pay an average $ 61 a calendar month for state-required minimum-coverage cable car indemnity. Of the eight major car insurers we looked at in San Diego, GEICO has the lowest average rate of $ 41 a month .
San Diego has lower average rates than both California and countrywide averages. evening with this advantage, it ’ second crucial to do some research and expression for the best car indemnity quote you can find. Variables such as your old age, driving history and the type of car you drive may all influence what you pay for coverage .
In order to help you find the cheapest car policy quotation, we looked at average rates for both minimal and full-coverage car insurance in San Diego, adenine well as rates based on old age and dealings infractions .
We ’ ll cover :

Cheapest car insurance companies in San Diego

Of the eight major car insurance providers in San Diego that we studied, GEICO has the cheapest rates for both minimum and full-coverage car indemnity. GEICO ’ s minimal indebtedness car policy rate is $ 41 a month, and full coverage is $ 108 a calendar month. The postpone under shows how GEICO ’ second average rates compare to rates in the city of San Diego, angstrom well as state and national rates .

GEICO average rates compared to San Diego, state and national rates
Company or locale Minimum coverage Full coverage
GEICO $41 $108
San Diego average $61 $152
California average $71 $166
National average $87 $178
Note: Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.

The price difference between minimum and full-coverage car indemnity is considerable, and it may tempt you to choose the minimum liability requirements. however, full-coverage car policy is a much better value if it fits in your budget .
Minimum liability coverage does not take worry of any of your aesculapian expenses or repairs — only the expenses of others you get into an accident with. Full-coverage car insurance includes collision and comprehensive, which protects your vehicle. not entirely does it provide liability coverage, but if your car is damaged or stolen, it will help cover the costs .
Given that a major accident could run thousands of dollars for repairs or replacements, full-coverage car policy is an excellent investment. The tables below usher how the minimum and full-coverage rates of the best car indemnity companies in San Diego compare .



Cheapest car insurance rates by age in San Diego

GEICO has the cheapest car insurance rates for adolescent drivers in San Diego, starting with $ 256 a month on average for 16-year-olds. adolescent drivers pay much higher rates for car insurance. Due to their lack of driving experience, teens are considered higher-risk drivers than any early demographic. median rates tend to drop well after historic period 18 .

Average monthly full-coverage rates in San Diego by age
Age GEICO Mercury Progressive Allstate Auto Club State Farm Farmers CSAA
16 $256 $346 $369 $360 $491 $457 $438 $796
17 $250 $307 $369 $360 $487 $407 $431 $685
18 $243 $290 $365 $341 $434 $384 $421 $649
19 $188 $251 $345 $280 $374 $333 $371 $516
20 $183 $251 $323 $254 $315 $320 $350 $456
25 $151 $169 $192 $199 $223 $256 $255 $247
Note: Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.

Cheapest car insurance if you have a bad driving history

A car accident, speeding slate or DUI can result in your car indemnity rates going up. once you have one of these infractions on your indemnity record, it typically takes seven years before it drops off. In the interim, it may affect your rate to varying degrees .

Car insurance companies with the cheapest rates in San Diego after an accident

GEICO has the cheapest average rate of $ 194 a month for full-coverage car indemnity after your first ticket. The graph below shows average car indemnity rates across the eight biggest providers in San Diego before and after an accident :


Cheapest car insurance rates in San Diego after a DUI

After your first DUI, Mercury has the lowest cable car insurance rate of $ 223 a calendar month. The pace increase after a DUI can add up to respective hundred dollars a calendar month, as seen with CSAA ’ south rate variety after a DUI.


If your license is suspended due to a DUI, this could result in higher rates. After a license suspension, you may be required by police to file an SR-22 in order to reinstate it .
An SR-22 is a document that shows you are maintaining California ’ s minimal liability limits .
You will be required to carry the SR-22 systematically for at least three years, depending on the govern in your case. Some car indemnity providers consider DUI convictions excessively bad to cover, which could affect your ability to find coverage .

Cheapest car insurance rates after a speeding ticket

GEICO has the cheapest average rate of $ 166 a calendar month for full-coverage car indemnity after a speed conviction. California drivers suffer some of the highest rate increases after getting a speed ticket. According to Forbes, your car indemnity could go up 42 % after one ticket. The graph below shows rates before and after a tag :


Minimum car insurance requirements in California

California state of matter jurisprudence requires drivers to maintain these minimum levels of car liability insurance :

  • Bodily injury liability per person (BIL): $15,000
  • Bodily injury liability per accident: $30,000
  • Property damage liability (PDL): $5,000

Don ’ triiodothyronine assume that the state-required limits are adequate. A hanker hospital visit can easily cost over $ 30,000. In rate to make surely you have adequate coverage, we recommend the follow limits :

  • Bodily injury liability per person (BIL): $100,000
  • Bodily injury liability per accident: $300,000
  • Property damage liability (PDL): $100,000

Drivers are besides required to carry the watch uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance limits :

  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage per person: $15,000 per person
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage per person: $30,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorist property damage coverage: $3,500 minimum

You do have the option to forego uninsured and/or underinsured coverage, however you ‘re required to sign a release stating it was offered and you turned it down. This puts the full moon duty for requital of your damages after an accident involving a driver with no or inadequate coverage .


We compared rates provided by Quadrant Information Services from the comply car insurance providers :

  • Allstate
  • Auto Club
  • CSAA
  • Farmers
  • Mercury
  • Progressive
  • State Farm

Our driver profile was a 30-year-old male with a 2012 Honda Accord LX with a clean drive record who drives 13,500 miles a year. Coverage limits used are the California minimum liability requirements of 15/30/5.

For full-coverage policies, we increased indebtedness limits to 100/300/100 and included a comprehensive examination and collision deductible . LLC has made every campaign to ensure that the information on this locate is adjust, but we can not guarantee that it is loose of inaccuracies, errors, or omissions. All contentedness and services provided on or through this site are provided “ as is ” and “ as available ” for function. LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or to the data, contentedness, materials, or products included on this site. You expressly agree that your habit of this web site is at your sole risk .

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