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Jerry partners with some of the companies we write about. however, our subject is written and reviewed by an mugwump team of editors and licensed policy agents, and never influenced by our partnerships. Learn more baout how we make money, review our editorial standards, address out data methodology, or view a tilt of our partnersAdding a second car to your insurance policy can help you save on your total insurance costs through a multi-car policy discount. If you want to take out a multi-car policy, you will need to contact your If you want to take out a multi-car policy, you will need to contact your car indemnity supplier to let them know. Before you do, though, consider switching to a more low-cost provider to save even more. A fortune of insurance providers offer multi-car discounts—but not all deals are the lapp. The Jerry cable car indemnity denounce app will help you find the best saving potential. thus, hera ‘s the best means best way to insure a second car.


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Can I add a second car to my insurance policy?

There are two ways to take out a multi-car policy policy—you can contact your insurance provider yourself or you can let Jerry find the best savings and handle it for you !

What is a multi-car policy?

A multi-car policy covers more than one vehicle under the same policy number. In most cases, you can take out a multi-car policy ampere long as all cars are registered under the lapp address. multiple owners are normally fine. Some policy companies require you to be related, others only require that the cars are housed together to take out a policy—even if the owners live in unlike states .

Getting a multi-car policy

Getting a multi-car policy does n’t have to be baffling. here ‘s how to do it :

Gather your information

Before you reach out to your indemnity provider, you ’ ll need to have details about the car you want to add to the policy. Have the following information written down before you call :

  • The year, make, and model of the car
  • The license plate number of the owner
  • The state of matter where the cable car is registered
  • The vehicle identification phone number ( VIN ) —you can find this on your fomite registration information or on a windshield gummed label placed where your driver ’ s side splashboard meets the window

many insurance providers allow you to handle this process on-line. Simply log in to your report and suction stop on the multi-car policy option. In some cases, you may have to call your supplier to handle the switch—or possibly you just prefer to do things by telephone. You will have to provide the data noted above to activate a multi-car policy discount. You ’ ll besides need to consider whether you want the same total of coverage on both vehicles. american samoa long as you have the state minimal policy requirements, you can tailor the coverage on each car as you so choose .

Getting a multi-car policy with Jerry

Jerry is here to make insurance shopping easy—and qualified, professional staff is always ready to help you save. If you want to find the most low-cost multi-car policy before you commit, the friendly staff at Jerry take manage of the details for you. Just call them up to get started .You get all the best prices and coverage with none of the legwork. Jerry will even handle the switchover—and make sure that you’re always getting the best deal on your policy renewals! Jerry contacts your policy party to get the details of your current coverage, so you don ’ t have to scale a batch of questions.Jerry will even handle the switchover—and make certain that you ’ rhenium always getting the best deal on your policy renewals !

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Benefits of adding a second car for a multi-car policy

Cost savings

Most providers offer multi-car discounts, which means you could save anywhere from 10–25% on your car insurance premium. Depending on the express you live in, you might besides be able to stack certain policy options, like uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, so that one policy option covers both vehicles .

One deductible

If both cars end up damaged in the same incident, you will merely need to pay one deductible when you make your claim .

Simplify your insurance needs

Having a multi-car policy can besides simplify your insurance—especially if you own both vehicles yourself. You ’ ll only have to deal with a individual renewal date and can easily manage both policies on the lapp platform .


How much does adding a second car to my insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance bounty will depend more on the vehicle ‘s make, model, year, and your personal drive history than the amount of vehicles on the policy. In fact, using a multi-car policy discount rate will probably be cheaper than getting your second cable car insured elsewhere .

Can I use a multi-car policy discount if the two cars are at a different address?

Most of the clock time, no. You can lone use a multi-car policy rebate if both vehicles are registered at the same address, but you should call your indemnity provider to be indisputable .

How to find the best cheap insurance

If you want cheap car indemnity quotes fast, go to Jerry A accredited broke that offers throughout support, the free Jerry app gathers low-cost quotes, helps you switch plans, and even cancels your honest-to-god policy for you. The average Jerry exploiter saves $879 a year on cable car insurance—and it ’ mho free to use ! The radiance reviews talk for themselves .

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