Switching indemnity companies is a bang-up way to get your premiums down — so long as you cancel your erstwhile coverage the correct way .
A gap in coverage for even a day could prove dearly-won, therefore comply these simple steps and you ’ ll be set.

Each company, State Farm included, has its own process to follow. Whatever the reason for cancel, here are the general steps you ’ ll need to follow .

First, before you cancel

When to cancel

Consider time when cancelling your policy. The best and easiest time to switch is before your renewal date or before your next monthly payment is due. Most insurance companies will let you cancel at any time ; however, you may be subject to a cancellation fee .

Switching to another insurer

If you are switching car policy providers, make sure you have another policy in set before you cancel .
car insurance is mandatary in about all states. If you have a gap in car insurance coverage for even just one day, you could face expensive fines, lose your driver ’ second license and impact your driving privileges. You could besides encounter difficulties obtaining indemnity in the future .
State Farm may ask for proof you sold your car or obtained an indemnity policy at another company when you cancel. It ’ s a good theme to have this available when you call to cancel .

Reasons for cancelling

The company will credibly ask why you are cancelling. see you are acquit about the reason you are cancelling your policy before contacting State Farm. People cancel indemnity policies for many different reasons :

  • Moving and/or purchasing a new vehicle
  • Selling or disposing of your car
  • Car has been totaled
  • Extended restoration of your vehicle
  • No longer plan to drive your vehicle
  • Life change
  • Dissatisfied with your current insurance provider
  • Found a better deal

How to cancel State Farm auto insurance

Cancellation instructions

country farm requires customers to cancel their indemnity policy through their individual State Farm policy agent .
This necessity applies to all State Farm indemnity policies, not equitable car insurance. As is the prerequisite when purchasing a policy, you cannot cancel your policy through any other method.
Your agent will explain the requirements and process the cancellation and may require written confirmation of the cancellation. If you don ’ t have your agent ’ s contact information or need a new agent, you can search on State Farm ’ s web site, through the State Farm Mobile App or by calling State Farm Customer Service at 855-733-7333 .

Does State Farm charge a cancellation fee?

state of matter farm does not list their cancellation policy on their web site and does not provide any information regarding cancellation fees. Contact your individual State Farm agent or State Farm customer service ( 855-733-7333. ) for questions about the cancellation policy .
If required by submit law, your State Farm agent may request proof you :

  • Forfeited your license plate to state department of motor vehicles
  • Sold your vehicle
  • Obtained new insurance policy

Note: While State Farm does not post their cancellation policy publicly, most policy companies broadly allow you to cancel your policy at any time, vitamin a long as you give appropriate notice ( often 30 days ) .
typically, the integral unused premium will be refunded, though some insurance companies will charge a fee if you cancel in the center of the policy condition. Do not make any assumptions about cancellation and refunds, confirm with your State Farm agent.

Other considerations when cancelling auto insurance

Who else to contact

In addition to informing State Farm, you should besides contact your lienholder and express ’ s department of motive vehicles. besides, ensure you cancel any automatic pistol payments set up with your fiscal initiation  

Weigh options

While you don ’ t need to tell the insurance company why you are cancelling if your policy term is expiring, it ’ second constantly a adept idea, particularly if the reason is cost or dissatisfaction .
car insurance is identical competitive and companies want to retain as many customers as possible. Expect State Farm to try and keep your business by offering discounts or other incentives .
To get a better sense of whether another insurance company might be a better count, try comparing State Farm car policy reviews with other companies ’ reviews .

Know your state’s laws

Most states require you have car indemnity for your vehicle to be registered or plated. Make sure you understand the legal requirements for your state before contacting your indemnity agent to cancel your policy .
Consequences for driving without policy can vary by country, but a relapse in coverage even just for one day could result in fines and pause of driver ’ mho license or registration .
If you are involved in an accident while uninsured, you are topic to arrest. You will be apt for personal wound and property damages incurred by an at-fault accident. In addition, with have policy lapses on your phonograph record, you will be classified as a bad driver and face higher policy rates .

Getting the best rate when you switch

When you switch providers it ’ s a bang-up time to reassess what coverage you need. Think about whether have the properly level of the different types of car insurance .
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