Multiple Ways To Check Your Car Insurance Status Online

Since there is the Internet now and it has made about everything easier for this generation, the insurance companies have made and improved their digital presence in such a way that makes their customers experience hassle-free and provide the best post-sale service. In this article, you will get to know about the on-line action of checking your car insurance policy status .
hera we will tell you about where and how you can check your policy policy status on-line ?

Where To Check The Car Insurance Policy Status Online?

There are two scenarios under which you might have to look up your indemnity policy on-line. One is to check the insurance policy condition and the other is to know the history of accidents caused by the car .
Let us suppose that you have met an accident that has caused good damage to your a good as a one-third party ’ south vehicle. now you want to know about a particular thing in your plan or history of the claims after accidents, etc. then you can easily find it through the Insurance Information Bureau ( IIB ). It has the information of all vehicles since April 1, 2010, in digital format .
You can follow the steps below to check the insurance condition on-line .

  • Make sure you have all the details ready to fill in such as accident location, vehicle registration number, address, date of accident, mobile number, and name.
  • Then you can log in to Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)
  • Fill in the required details
  • You can check the insurance details through your vehicle registration number, engine number or chassis number

Guidelines To Follow While Checking Through IIB Portal

here are some guidelines that you need to follow while checking for fomite insurance condition on-line .

  • Enter the Vehicle registration number without space or any special character. For eg: UP-78-AA-XXXX.
  • When the policy details are uploaded on the IIB data, it takes around 2 months to reflect on the web portal. There might be a chance that you might not find your vehicle details before that period.
  • In case your vehicle is new then the insurer will require the chassis and engine number of the vehicle.
  • If you do not find the details then you can visit the Regional Transport Office.
  • You will be allowed 3 attempts using either a mobile number or email address.

How To Check Car Insurance Status Online?

To check the car insurance status online you can either go on to the IIB web portal site or you can go on to your insurance company ’ south web site and fill in required details like policy name, chassis number, vehicle numeral, etc. and it will show you the alive status of your indemnity policy .
Let us tell you how to check the status on the IIB vane portal ?

  • Visit the IIB web portal
  • Fill in the required details like registered Name, mobile number, email ID, address, accident date, car registration number.
  • Then you will see “Captcha” code on the screen. Fill It as it is.

  • Then you can submit
  • The next page will show you the information related to the policy.
  • You can also check the status online by filling in the engine number and chassis number of the car.

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Check Insurance Status Through VAHAN e-Services

If you are not able to find the details related to your insurance policy on IIB or Your insurance company ’ s web site then you can look it up on the web site of VAHAR e-services .

  • Visit the VAHAR e-Service website
  • Click on “Know Your Vehicle Details”
  • You will be required to enter the vehicle registration number
  • Then click on “Search Vehicle”
  • It will show you the expiry date of the vehicle’s insurance as well as other details

Check The Insurance Status Offline

apart from these on-line solutions, you can check the car insurance policy details by going to the concerned RTO. There you will have to provide your vehicle ’ second adjustment number and they will provide you with all the information .

CI Fines CI Fines Conclusion
After the digitization, everything can be done on thorium finger tips. Starting from checking different policy plans to comparing them, calculating the policy premium to purchasing the best car insuranc e, and checking its status can be done on-line. It makes the customer ’ s experience hassle-free. besides, the customer gets to purchase a cost-efficient insurance policy and can renew the policy before the passing date. This is why it is recommended by the policy industry experts to purchase the policy on-line .

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