10 ways to get cheaper car insurance for young drivers

The good news is that there are ways of getting cheaper policy if you ‘re a young driver. 🎉 ( The clandestine is making yourself less bad to insure 🤫 )
These tips and tricks could help you get a cheaper car policy :

1) Add a more experienced named driver to your policy

An feel driver with a good drive history is statistically less probable to get into an accident .
This makes them cheaper to insure since they ‘re less likely to make a claim.

Adding an experienced named driver, such as a parent, to your policy could reduce your overall risk level and help you get a cheaper car policy .
It ‘s besides worth checking if it would be cheaper for you to be added as a named driver on a more know driver ‘s policy .
But it ‘s actually authoritative that the person using the car the most is listed as the chief driver .
If you ‘re listed as the named driver, but do most of the drive, you could be committing insurance fraud known as “ fronting ” – which is illegal .
If you ‘re caught front, your car policy may be invalidated which could make it harder for you to get a policy in the future. 😕

2) Choose a car from a lower insurance group

Every car in the UK is put into an insurance group between 1 and 50 .
Insurers frequently use these groups to work out how much your car policy will cost .
by and large speaking, the higher the car policy group, the more expensive your policy policy will be .
sol a car in indemnity group 1 will cost a fortune less to insure than cars in indemnity group 50 .
You can find out what group a car is in using our free insurance group check .

3) Improve your car’s security

Installing security system features like dash cams, parking sensors and locking wheel devices could help make your policy brassy .
This is because they make your car more fasten and less probably to be targeted by criminals .
⚠️ Beware of operation and cosmetic cable car modifications like changing your engine or changing your car color .⚠️
Some insurers do n’t cover modifications at all ( like us ), and the ones that do often charge more because modified cars are riskier to insure .

4) Limit your mileage

Most insurers ask for an calculate annual mileage when you buy cable car cover to work out how frequently you drive ( and consequently your risk of getting into an accident ) .
normally, car policy policies are more expensive if your mileage is high ( the more frequently you ‘re on the road, the more chances there are to have an accident ) .
On the other hand, drivers with lower mileage tend to get cheaper cable car insurance. So you may be able to get a cheaper policy if you drive less throughout the class .

5) Adjust your voluntary excess

The excess is a sum of money you have to pay when you make an policy claim .
You can choose your own voluntary overindulgence. ( And you do n’t have to set one at all ! )
But the higher you set your voluntary overindulgence, the cheaper your car indemnity policy will be.

Make certain your overindulgence is n’t besides high though ! As you ‘ll need to pay that sum to be able to claim for damage to your car .
With our new pay-monthly car insurance you can adjust your surfeit .

6) Tweak your job title

If there ‘s a few different ways to describe your job ( for exercise “ artist ” and “ graphic designer ” ), test them both out and see which gives you a cheaper policy .
just make sure the job deed you pick actually describes what you do !
Your insurance company may cancel your policy if you ‘re caught lying to get a cheaper quotation mark .

7) Pay annually

Paying for an annual policy in one lout sum is normally cheaper than paying monthly by direct debit .
This is because traditional car policies insure you for the entire year indeed making monthly payments is like repaying a lend .
Although paying monthly for policy can improve your credit rating score some insurers add sake to the payments. This makes your policy more expensive .
At Cuvva, we ‘ve created a pay-monthly cable car insurance subscription without any sake. ( And there ‘s no cancellation fees either ! ) .

8) Drive safely

Driving offences such as travel rapidly could result in your premium going up because it shows that you ‘re a bad driver .
Getting six or more penalty points in your first base two years of drive can besides result in your license getting cancelled. 🚫
Driving cautiously helps you build up a good claims record and could help make your policy cheap .
Some insurers offer discounts to drivers who complete the Pass Plus driving qualification .
The class costs around £150-£200, though. So it ‘s worth checking that it will make your policy cheaper before spending your money .

9)Get on the electoral roll

Registering to vote makes it simpler for insurers to confirm your identity when you get a quote .
Drivers who are n’t on the electoral roller are sometimes charged more for a policy because it ‘s harder for companies to prove their details are correct .
It only takes a few minutes to sign up and could help keep the monetary value of your car policy depressed .
You can register to vote on GOV.UK .

10) Consider a black box

Insurers can track your driving habits using a blacken box ( aka a “ telematics device ” ), that is fitted to your car. ( Some companies use apps rather. )

Some companies offer rewards and discounts for good drive, while others may charge you a penalty for poor driving habits .
here comes the shameless plug… We ‘ve made a character of policy that uses your driving habits to give you a fair price. We think it ‘s a morsel better than black corner insurance .
Interested ? Get a smart price quote today .

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