Yes, you do need lease car policy in California, specifically liability insurance. Liability pays the other party ’ randomness expenses if you cause an accident. In most states, rental companies provide the state-required minimum liability indemnity coverage as part of their criterion contract. In California, they do not. You must have separate indebtedness coverage when you rent a cable car in California .
Your lease car company can sell you this liability coverage for an extra charge. Don ’ t make the err of thinking this is the same as the optional, supplementary policy most lease car companies will offer you in early states. This liability coverage is required. You could still turn the rental car company down, however, because you might already be covered under your personal car policy policy .
Call your personal policy ship’s company before you rent a car in California to see if your policy is already set up to cover the rental cable car. Make indisputable you have the minimal required liability coverage in your policy.

Rental Car Insurance in California:

  • Required Minimum Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: $15,000 for injury/death per person ($30,000 per accident)
  • Required Minimum Property Damage Liability Coverage: $5,000 per accident
  • Top Sources of Coverage: Personal car insurance (liability, damage to rental vehicles), credit card rental car insurance (damage to / theft of rental vehicles), and rental company insurance (liability, personal accident insurance, personal effects coverage)
  • Other Useful Coverage: Personal injury protection, theft, comprehensive, collision

You ’ re alone required to have liability coverage in California, but optional coverages can offer extra peace of judgment. For exemplar, if you have collision and comprehensive coverage on your personal car policy, it will by and large extend to your rental cable car. besides, if you have personal injury security or MedPay on your personal policy, you won ’ t need personal accident indemnity from the rental caller. These will cover medical costs for you and your passengers.

Another source of optional coverage you already may have is your credit calling card. many recognition batting order companies provide release coverage for collision damage and larceny when you use their card to rent a car. It is worth a call to find out. however, credit rating cards generally do not provide liability coverage or personal injury security .
If you don ’ t have collision and comprehensive examination on your own policy or through a credit calling card, consider purchasing a loss-damage release from the rental ship’s company. A loss-damage release international relations and security network ’ thyroxine indemnity, but it does the lapp speculate of protecting you financially. It puts the duty of paying for any damage that happens to the cable car while in your care on the rental caller quite than on you.

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