Are there any Geico car rental discounts?

Yes, Geico offers rental cable car indemnity. Geico rental car policy is normally included in a driver ’ s personal cable car insurance policy if the driver carries indebtedness, comprehensive, or collision coverage and is driving in the U.S .
Each policy is unique, though, and there may be sealed exclusions based on your particular situation. It ’ sulfur authoritative to confirm the details of your policy by calling customer service at ( 800 ) 207-7847 before declining extra coverage at the rental counter.… read entire answer

Geico Rental Car Insurance Coverage Limits

The same Geico coverage limits that apply to your personal vehicle will besides apply to a rental car. If you merely carry liability indemnity, Geico will pay for the other driver ’ randomness injuries and place wrong after an at-fault accident—but not physical damage to the lease. You need a broad coverage policy to have damage to the lease car covered by your insurance company. If you have full coverage and you rent a car of similar value to your personal vehicle, you will credibly have sufficient coverage. But if your personal vehicle is a 15-year-old Ford and you decide to rent a brand-new Lexus, you should look into supernumerary coverage options .

Ways to Supplement Geico Rental Car insurance

If you don ’ metric ton feel convinced about your coverage levels when you ’ re at the rental desk, consider purchasing a collision price release ( CDW ) from the rental company. In the event of a collision or larceny, the release ensures that the rental caller will be responsible for the costs. In addition to a CDW, rental car companies offer a few other types of indemnity if you don ’ t have enough coverage with your Geico policy. These include auxiliary indebtedness protection, personal accident insurance, and personal effects coverage. You should besides look into whether your credit card has rental car insurance as part of its benefits. This extra layer of protection could help bridge any gaps in coverage for your lease car. Bear in mind, however, that purchasing indemnity from the rental company nullifies any coverage you would get from your credit calling card.

Geico Rental Reimbursement coverage

In summation to standard lease cable car policy, Geico offers rental reimbursement coverage as an optional policy addition. It helps pay for the monetary value of a lease cable car while your personal vehicle is being repaired for a cover title. This coverage costs between $ 2 and $ 15 per calendar month, on average, but you ’ ll indigence to call customer overhaul to get a personalize quotation and add rental reimbursement coverage to your policy .show less

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