If you ’ ve got a adolescent under your roof, we don ’ t have to tell you that their car policy doesn ’ t come cheap. On average, adolescent drivers with their own policy pay more than $ 5,000 each class for indemnity. That ’ s why most teens are added to their parent ’ south policy—it ’ s cheaper, but that will still likely double the rear ’ sulfur cable car insurance rate. 1 Ouch !
If those prices make you want to force your child to ride a bicycle everywhere, we don ’ thyroxine blame you. But you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate keep your adolescent off the road forever ! The future best thing you can do is teach them the ways of the road and find ways to save on Junior ’ sulfur cable car indemnity. We can help you out with that last contribution !

6 Ways to Save Money on Teen Car Insurance

We asked Brandon, one of Dave Ramsey ’ mho recommended independent insurance agents in Montana, for some elementary ways your adolescent can lower their car insurance rates. here ’ s what he had to say .

1. Get Hands-On Experience

According to the CDC, car crashes are the leading induce of death for U.S. teens and inexperience tops the list of leading causes of adolescent car crashes. 2 Learning the rules of the road can help your adolescent stay safe—and earn some good excess credit in the process.

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“ Driver ’ s Education always helps, ” Brandon says. “ Carriers offer discounts for taking Driver ’ s Ed or any other public safe-driving course that ’ s offered by the country. ” Ask your policy supplier which driver education programs qualify for a deduction in your sphere .

2. Hit the Books

Most parents have college on the brain when they encourage their kids to make good grades in school. But did you know your adolescent ’ second report wag could save you money excessively ? It ’ s true !
thus how leading do your adolescent ’ sulfur grades need to be ? “ It ’ mho going to vary from country to state, but a B average or higher will decidedly help with rates, ” Brandon says .

3. Resist That New Car Smell

Dave never recommends buying a brand-new car because the respect drops equally soon as you drive it off the bunch. But new cars besides cost more to insure because the parts and technologies are more expensive to replace if you wreck .
Besides, giving your adolescent the keys to a newly car is like cosigning a lend with your break cousin Joey for his latest business venture—it ’ s a actually bad idea .
That ’ s why Brandon suggests buying a use car with cash. Bonus points if you choose a use car that ’ south besides known for safety. In fact, you can save 18 % on car insurance by purchasing a five-year-old vehicle rather of the new model. 3 “ The older the vehicle the adolescent is driving, the lower the rates, ” he says.

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4. Track Your Driving Habits

“ A distribute of companies are coming out with features for extra discounts where they pace drivers based on their driving tendencies quite than a matrix that says you ’ re 18 driving this vehicle, ” Brandon says .
hera ’ s how it works : You plug a device into your vehicle and drive around with it on your car for 30–90 days. Insurers look at things like daily mileage, hard brakes, rapid acceleration and the time of day ( or night ) you drive—all of which can affect your gamble. For teens, that can be an bonus to pump the brakes and drive more safely .
so, is it worth it ? Some insurers take $ 25 off your premium precisely for trying it, while others might offer 50 % off at the end of the trial period for super safe drivers. 4

5. Don’t Base Your Decision on Price Alone

We love saving money deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as the future guy, but you can ’ triiodothyronine put a price chase on your child ’ south safety—or, for that matter, your sanity .
here ’ s the thing : half of all teens will be involved in a car crash before graduating from high school, according to the National Safety Council. 5 therefore, at some item, your adolescent may be in a buffer bender. If that happens, you ’ re going to want to have the correct insurance in locate. That means having the right amount of liability indemnity and other coverages to protect your adolescent. Plus, you ’ ll want an preach active for your best interest throughout the claims march .
That ’ randomness where an independent insurance agent comes in handy. An independent agent will see your claim all the means through to the end. There ’ s no sink you off to a call center where you ’ ll never speak to the same person doubly. There ’ second no pitting you against the adjuster. barely good, honest customer military service through and through.

“ We ’ ra here in your residential district. Our kids go to school with your kids, ” Brandon says. “ I see a set of people who get frustrated at a claim being denied because the captive or on-line agentive role international relations and security network ’ metric ton there for them. They never fully understand or explain the march or why it is or international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine covered. ”

6. Work With an Independent Insurance Agent

Of course, working with an independent agent can be a money-saver excessively. That ’ second because they ’ re not limited to a single supplier ’ sulfur options. With access to a wholly network of insurers, an independent agent can help you find the best coverage for your family for a price that fits your budget .
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