We spoke with Dave Freeman, vice president of the united states and regional underwrite officer at Erie Insurance, to find out how cover old cars and new cars works .

Q: Does Insuring A Newer, Safer Vehicle Cost Less Than Insuring Old Cars That Lack Extensive Safety Features?

A : There are a batch of variables that determine a driver ’ second policy rates, and it ’ s impossible to pinpoint one specific agent. basically, a person ’ sulfur driving history has a major impingement on their policy rates. The vehicle they drive may not impact their rate equally much as you might think .

Q: So, What Other Factors Really Impact A Driver’s Car Insurance Rates?

A : car insurance underwriters factor in vehicle custom, driving history and claim history. They may besides consider an person ’ south senesce, marital status and gender ( although some states don ’ triiodothyronine admit insurance companies to use these factors. ) Younger drivers typically have more expensive insurance rates because statistically they ’ re more likely to file a claim. ( See besides : What Determines the Price of My Auto Insurance ? )

Q: Just Out Of Curiosity, Who Typically Has The Lowest Rates?

A : It ’ south typically middle-aged marital people without children of driving long time who have the lowest car policy rates.

Q: What Are Some Things Drivers Can Do To Keep Their Rates Lower?

A : The most authoritative ones include driving safely ( that includes no perturb drive ), obeying posted speed limits and traffic laws, and selecting higher deductibles. ( See our guide on how to choose the right car policy deductible for you. ) When shopping for new cable car indemnity, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate settle for the cheapest coverage. It probably excludes key coverages you might need down the line. Talking to an indemnity professional like your local ERIE agent can help you get the right coverage.

Bundling your car coverage with your homeowners or renters indemnity can help you get discounts and lower your insurance premiums. Learn more about car policy discounts available with ERIE .

The Verdict: Safe Driving Matters More Than The Car You Drive.

While the car you drive can influence your policy rates, your driving habits affect it even more. By practicing safe driving habits, you will keep yourself and other drivers safe while besides saving money.

To help avoid rate increases, consider ERIE Rate Lock® *. This policy endorsement freezes your car agio class after class, until you add or remove a vehicle or a driver from your policy or change the location where your car is garaged. talk to a local ERIE agent to learn more and get a free quote. *Not available in all states. Limited to three years in Virginia. ERIE Rate Lock® does not guarantee proceed indemnity coverage. Insured must meet applicable underwriting guidelines. agio may change if you make a policy exchange. This report was primitively published in 2014. It was updated with new information in 2019 .

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