As a stream state nonmigratory of Illinois or as a electric potential new nonmigratory of Illinois, you are required by law to register your vehicle. This web log includes instructions and guidelines to follow on how to register a car in Illinois, including what materials you will need in regulate to successfully register your vehicle. All vehicle registrations go through the Illinois Secretary of State ’ mho agency ( SOS function ) .

Why do I need to register my car in Illinois?

You are required to register your car because it ’ s the law in the submit of Illinois. All cars, whether it be for personal consumption or business use, want to be registered. A car registration is proof that you ’ ve paid the consociate fees and taxes for owning a car. It is required in order to legally drive your cable car. If you do not have an Illinois car registration, you would probably face penalties that could include fines or vehicle impoundment .

What is the cost of registering my car in Illinois?

There are a few fees that go along with registering your Illinois car. The following are the fees that you may be required to pay to get an Illinois car registration :
-It costs between $ 151 and $ 164 for a vehicle registration fee, depending on the character of fomite you own.

  • Passenger vehicle: $151
  • B-Truck: $151
  • Motorcycle: $41
  • Car/truck with vanity or personalized plate: $164 -$50 title fee -Taxes (this varies so make sure to contact the Secretary of State’s office for further detail)

To learn more about specific fees attached to a certain type of vehicle, please visit the Illinois Secretary of State web site .

What is required to register a car in Illinois?

In arrange to register your car, you ’ ll need certain documents. You will need to bring these with you when you go to the Secretary of State ’ sulfur office to register your car .
What you will need to register your car in Illinois:

  • Proof of Illinois car insurance
  • Valid ID (passport, state license, driver’s license)
  • Vehicle title
  • Application for Vehicle Transaction form (VSD 190)
  • Odometer disclosure information
  • Registration Fee

Without these items, you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to register your car. Make sure to double check that you have everything before you begin the process .

How do I register my vehicle if it’s registered in another state?

If you have recently moved to Illinois and have a car that was purchased in a different state, you are required to change your out-of-state license plate to an Illinois one. In order register your car in a different state than it was purchased from, you may be required to have the keep up items :

  • Proof of insurance
  • Valid ID (Passport, state ID, driver’s license)
  • Previous registration
  • Registration Fee

Car insurance requirements to register a car in Illinois

All cars are required to have car indemnity in order to be registered in Illinois. When you register your car, you will need to have proofread of Illinois car insurance .
There are minimum limits required that are set by the submit. You will need to purchase at least the follow forms of coverage and limits for your car indemnity :
Liability Insurance:

  • Bodily injury per person ($25,000)
  • Bodily injury and per accident ($50,000)
  • Property damage ($20,000)

Bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist Insurance:

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident

While these are the minimal car insurance coverages and limits required in Illinois, it ’ sulfur often recommended by insurance agents to purchase extra coverage in order to receive more protection. In addition to liability car policy, consider purchasing early coverage options like collision and comprehensive examination insurance .
In order to find the best price on car indemnity in Illinois, you can shop around and get quotes from multiple different companies. Be indisputable to visit Clearsurance ’ randomness Illinois cable car insurance rankings page to see the top-rated companies in your energy code .

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