Allstate vs. Geico: Compare the top car insurance companies

Allstate vs. Geico

Which car insurance do consumers say is best?

Allstate and Geico are two names that have become synonymous with cable car insurance. From the talking Gecko to the Allstate Mayhem commercials, these companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to advertise for your clientele. And it ’ s sturdy to say the selling campaigns aren ’ metric ton producing results .
In 2017, Geico accounted for 12.8 percentage of the cable car indemnity market while Allstate owned 8.2 percentage of the commercialize — the second and fourth largest, respectively. There ’ mho no doubt many consumers entrust Allstate and Geico to protect their vehicles. But which are rated better by consumers ? Continue reading to see consumer ratings for price, customer service, claims service and more .
Before we dive into the metrics generated by the thousands of customer reviews, you can find more information below about Allstate and Geico .
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Allstate vs. Geico car insurance rates

Which cable car insurance company offers cheaper car policy rates, Allstate or Geico ? While the rates the companies offer will vary by person and location, we ‘ve gathered average national rates to provide a comparison of Allstate and Geico .
In the table below, compare the modal national car insurance rates for Allstate and Geico for three unlike driver profiles for male and female. Keep in take care these are only home averages for a certain profile. Your car policy rates will differ from these depending on where you live, your singular driver profile and your coverages, among other things .

Driver profile Allstate average rates Geico average rates
Male teen $2,137 $1,492
Male adult $1,819 $1,204
Male senior $1,468 $1,088
Driver profile Allstate average rates Geico average rates
Female teen $1,889 $1,460
Female adult $1,759 $1,200
Female senior $1,447 $1,079

To determine the average national rates for male and female drivers for Allstate and Geico, we created three driver profiles for both males and females and got rates for drivers for each profile. The profiles for male and female drivers were an 18-year-old adolescent with submit minimal coverages and fairly citation ; a 35-year-old individual pornographic with 100/300/50 liability limits in summation to full coverage with $ 500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive, a good credit score and one driving misdemeanor in the last three years ; and a 65-year-old driver with 100/300/50 indebtedness limits in addition to entire coverage with $ 500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive, a good credit score and no drive violations in the last three years. additionally, we averaged the rates in each state we had data for that party. Rate data is provided by Quadrant Information Services .

Allstate overview

Allstate serves more than 16 million households in the United States and does sol through its network of prisoner agents. thus despite the company ’ randomness size, Allstate is still able to have a smaller-company feel with its huge group of local agents .
additionally, Allstate offers a few unique offerings, such as a Drivewise. Drivewise is Allstate ’ s car tracking platform that qualifies its policyholders for a dismiss car indemnity rate depending on how they drive. Allstate consumers earn a 5 percentage cash back for starting the Drivewise broadcast and can save up to 13 percentage every six months depending on how they drive. You can learn more about Drivewise here .
Another unique Allstate coverage is Allstate ’ s Ride for Hire broadcast. For those drivers who drive for a fare net caller ( TNC ), such as Uber or Lyft, Allstate offers a platform that fills in the gaps between your personal policy and an indemnity policy offered by the TNC. While you ’ ll see an increase in the monetary value of your policy, Allstate advertises on its web site that you can get protection for deoxyadenosine monophosphate fiddling as $ 15-20 a year.

Allstate ’ s safe driving bonus is a program designed to reward drivers with versatile ways to save. You can get a bonus check in the mail for every six months you go without an accident. It can besides help lower your deductible — your collision deductible is lowered $ 100 the day you sign up and drops $ 100 each subsequent year you remain accident detached ( up to $ 500 ) .
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Geico overview

Geico, founded in 1936 and based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, was n’t among the top 10 car policy companies for 2019. While Geico ’ s primary merchandise is car policy, it does sell homeowners insurance, renters policy and other lines of policy through non-affiliated policy companies. In fact, Geico was ranked 8th for homeowners insurance and 3rd for renters policy by Clearsurance consumers for 2019. even though Geico doesn ’ t write policies for some of the early lines of insurance, it does still offer discounts for bundling policies, such as having your car and homeowners policy through Geico .
Among the unique offerings that Geico has is its free accident forgiveness broadcast ( note : the broadcast international relations and security network ’ thyroxine available in California, Connecticut or Massachusetts ). This program applies to drivers who have gone at least five years without an accident. For these drivers, their policy rate won ’ triiodothyronine addition as a result of their first at-fault accident. Keep in take care though, this only applies to your first accident .
Geico rewards active duty and retired members of the military by offering a dismiss of up to 15 percentage for those eligible .
While Geico does offer a wide-eyed diverseness of discounts and coverage options, one that Geico doesn ’ thyroxine offer that Allstate does is usage-based policy. If you ’ rhenium looking for an indemnity company with a program that monitors your drive and rewards you with a discount for exhibiting safe driving habits, Geico may not be the right car insurance company for you.

Check out the consumer ratings in the table below to see how consumers rate different aspects of Geico, such as customer service, claims service and price .
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How do consumers rate Allstate and Geico?

What discounts do Allstate and Geico offer?

talk with an agentive role or visit the company ’ s web site for a comprehensive list of all discounts you may qualify for .

What additional features do Allstate and Geico offer?

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