car insurance for a 21-year-old driver international relations and security network ’ metric ton bum. While their rates are typically lower than rates for adolescent drivers, they placid pay a premium for having a limit driving history, adenine well as youthful recklessness. While a 21-year-old will have higher rates than older drivers, there are many strategies new adults can use to reduce their indemnity costs.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for a 21-Year-Old?

While person in their early twenties has probably been driving for at least a few years, cable car indemnity companies still charge them higher rates because they have less experience than older drivers and are more likely to make foolhardy decisions behind the bicycle. While rates vary from submit to state of matter, the national average annual cost of car indemnity for a 21-year-old is around $ 1,957.

tip icon average ANNUAL CAR INSURANCE PREMIUM FOR A 21-YEAR-OLD The average annual premium cost for a 21-year-old is $1,957

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for 21-Year-Old Drivers

Some states don ’ thyroxine allow indemnity companies to determine premiums based on sex, but most states do take sex into account when deciding your pace. The rate remainder is highest among 16-year-old drivers, getting more equitable with each extra class. At a national level, the company with the lowest average rates for 21-year-old drivers is GEICO at $ 1,695 per year, while progressive comes in at $ 2,331 on average. These rates are generalized averages, however, so you will need a personalized quote to get an accurate rate and find thoroughly car indemnity for your needs.

Cheapest Companies for a 21-Year-Old’s Individual Policy

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  • 1. GEICO $ 1,695
  • 2. Allstate $ 1,793
  • 3. state of matter farm $ 1,936
  • 4. nationally $ 2,166
  • 5. progressive $ 2,331

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Car Choice Matters When Insuring a Young Driver

One of the most effective ways for young drivers to keep their policy costs gloomy is to choose their vehicle cautiously. Sports cars and lavishness vehicles will drive up rates and, if you take out a lend for that cable car, you will likely be required to carry comprehensive examination and collision coverage. Choosing a use sedan or a like fomite can save you money on policy.

Strategies to Save Money on Car Insurance for a 21-Year-Old

There are lots of ways to save money on car indemnity for a 21-year-old driver. For exercise, if you are hush living at home and your parents own your vehicle, you may find that staying on your parents ’ insurance policy will save you a significant measure. Consider some of the options below to find brassy cable car indemnity for a 21-year-old.

Compare Quotes for the Best Policy

Comparing car quotes from multiple companies is the most effective way to save money on cable car insurance. Getting multiple quotes can help you find the lowest rates available for young adults, with our studies showing price differences of roughly $ 636 on average between the cheapest and most expensive policies for 21-year-old drivers.

Ensure a Clean Driving Record

A clean drive record is an absolute necessity to make indisputable your insurance rates stay vitamin a depleted as possible. A individual ticket or accident is all it takes to see a dramatic increase in your rates. With young drivers, this is specially dependable, with at-fault accidents sometimes driving up the price of your indemnity by hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Find Companies That Offer Teen Discounts

There are some policy discounts that entirely apply to teen drivers and young adults in college. For example, good scholar discounts are available with most policy companies. GEICO offers a discount rate for students with a B average or higher, but each party has its own standards, so it is significant to check with your insurance company to find out precisely what the requirements are for this rebate.

many indemnity companies besides offer an “ away at school ” deduction. This discount could apply if you are going to college at least 100 miles away from dwelling and leaving your car behind. If you take your car with you to school, the dismiss does not apply. safe repel courses can besides earn a unseasoned adult or adolescent driver a discount rate on their insurance. It international relations and security network ’ t fair good for a discount, though — taking a safe drive course can help reduce your chances of being in an accident, which saves you money over time. Check with your indemnity party to make sure they offer this discount rate before you sign up for the class.

Lower the Coverage Amount

Choosing an older, cheap vehicle is an excellent means to save money on car indemnity. If you can afford to replace your car without filing a claim, a liability-only policy can save you hundreds of dollars each year. If you finance a vehicle, the lender may require that you carry comprehensive and collision coverage, while a fomite with high refilling costs may need to carry full coverage even if you don ’ t have a lender. Choosing a cheap, older mannequin can let you carry liability-only car insurance coverage as a way to help keep your indemnity costs low.

Choose a Sedan Over a Sports Car

You can save hundreds of dollars on insurance each year by choosing a sedan over a sports car. It might be fun to drive a sports car or a modern luxury vehicle, but these cars are going to significantly raise your rates, particularly for younger drivers. A basic sedan is frequently the cheapest vehicle to insure for a adolescent or young adult.

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive for a 21-Year-Old?

car insurance for 21-year-old drivers is expensive because insurance companies use your driving history to help determine your insurance rates. With only a few years of driving experience, they mechanically default to a presumption that you will file a claim. Insurers besides research statistical groups, with years of records indicating that adolescent and young pornographic drivers are the most likely to be heedless behind the bicycle.

Traffic Statistics for 21-Year-Old Drivers

It may seem like military rank people based on these statistics is unfair, but the numbers of fateful crashes, injuries and early accidents don ’ thyroxine lie. According to the graph below, drivers aged 16–17 were involved in 3.75 fatal crashes for every 100 million miles drive. Drivers between the ages of 18 and 19 were entirely involved in 2.47 fatal crashes and drivers aged 20–24 were involved in 2.15 black crashes, showing that driving does get safer as you get older and gain more drive have.

Driver Age fatal Crashes wound Crashes All Crashes
16–17 3.75 361 1,432
18–19 2.47 197 730
20–24 2.15 157 572

Both adolescent and youthful adult drivers may be involved in about eight fatal accidents for every million miles drive, but they are not the only drivers on the road. These lapp historic period groups show a fortune of fatal accidents among all drivers. The number of fatal accidents among drivers in their teens and early twenties is higher than the number of black accidents among older adults, as reflected in the chart below. In some cases, it is even double or triple the count of fatalities for every 100,000 drivers at 10,000 miles per year. For 21-year-olds within the 20-24 age group, the deaths per head per annual miles drive decreased by about one-half compared to 19-year-olds .Driver Deaths per Capita per Annual Miles Driven Loading …


MoneyGeek collected data for 21-year-old drivers to determine average rates for car insurance. Because policy rates are based on a issue of personal factors, your rates may be higher or lower than the ones listed in this article. You can see the information used to determine these averages on our methodology and disclaimer page.

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