A Guide to Car Insurance, According to Reddit

We ‘ve compiled the best car indemnity advice from Reddit, including whether it ‘s necessity and how much you should have .reddit comments on phone Reddit is an on-line source of advice that covers reasonably a lot anything you can imagine ⁠— including car insurance. Although Reddit is n’t a reservoir of control information, many turn to it for opinions on car indemnity. We combed through car policy tips and advice from Reddit, including

1. Do I actually need car insurance?

Reddit exploiter RanchedOut posted about how doubting they are about purchasing car indemnity, particularly because their car is old and not valuable. many car owners feel like to this at some compass point :

however, as exploiter asdfghjkl24- points out, there are batch of reasons why you should purchase car indemnity :
This Redditor is right. In most states, cable car policy is n’t optional, it ‘s actually required. Plus, your car policy covers more than barely damage done to your old vehicle. It besides offers liability indemnity for people you injure and property you damage in a car doss. As this drug user pointed out, if a car accident happens and you do n’t have adequate car insurance, you could find yourself owing thousands of dollars .

2. How much car insurance do I need?

so, now we know that drivers do need indemnity, but how much car indemnity do you need ? Reddit user ryuukhang offers some advice on how to find the right coverage for you :
You ‘ll need at least your state ‘s minimum liability requirements, but outside of that, you need to have adequate coverage in lawsuit of an accident. As this Reddit exploiter explains, you should get as much coverage as you can afford, and make indisputable you understand what ‘s included in your policy and what is n’t .
For example, you ‘ll be out of fortune if you lone carry the minimum indebtedness policy but your car is damaged in a hit-and-run. If that happens and you do n’t have collision coverage, you may end up paying out of scoop for the damages .

3. Should I get gap insurance?

Gap indemnity is for drivers who are leasing or financing a fomite. This type of coverage pays for the cost difference between how much you owe on a car versus how much your policy pays for repairs. Redditors dutchesse and alphamini share why and how to get gap insurance :
As these posters mention, you may already have opening policy through your lienholder or franchise. Make indisputable to check that you do n’t already have this coverage before purchasing a separate policy. It ‘s often required by leasing companies, and even if it ‘s not, it ‘s decidedly recommended .

4. What will first-time car insurance cost me?

If you ‘re a young and new driver, car insurance is bound to be costly. This is what Redditor TCFNationalBank has to say about adolescent car insurance :
They ‘re mighty : Teens are more likely to get into accidents, which is why they ‘re considered bad drivers. That ‘s why teens and new drivers are more expensive to insure. unfortunately for modern drivers, that miss of experience is n’t easily evitable. basically, you just have to wait for your rates to lower over time as you long time and clock in more hours on the road .
There ‘s another good point in this mail, which is that you can opt for pay-per-mile indemnity if you are n’t a regular commuter. Or, if you are off at college but hush use your car and need policy while you ‘re home, you can look for student and low-mileage discounts through your provider.

5. How do I save money on car insurance?

There are several ways to save car indemnity. Reddit users have compiled and posted some tips for saving money, including :

Adjust your deductibles

Redditor u/hakunamatea suggests reducing your deductible sum to save money on your premium :
This is an efficient manner to reduce your monthly bounty. however, it ‘s important to note that you ‘ll have to pay your deductible if you ever need to file a claim. That means your deductible should n’t be so high that you ca n’t afford to pay it to file a claim .
The redditor that posted this advice flush admits that it was n’t the best choice for their situation. Make certain to realistically evaluate what you can afford to pay at once if you ‘re in an accident and whether that ‘s deserving saving monthly .

Switch to pay-per-mile insurance

As mentioned earlier, switching to pay-per-mile car indemnity is a good option for drivers who are n’t regulars on the road. This is what Redditor mesavemegame has to say about pay-per-mile indemnity :
Metromile is a popular pay-per-mile insurance provider, but you can besides find similar coverage through Milewise, SmartMiles and Esurance Pay Per Mile. Most companies entirely offer pay-per-mile insurance in some states, so check that it ‘s available in your area .

Shop around, compare quotes and check for discounts

Reddit drug user luvjnx suggests comparing quotes from respective policy providers and checking for discounts once you choose one :
They besides advise updating your information regularly, specially if you move or go through any early major changes. Updating your information is a straightforward way to immediately lower your rates .

6. The best car insurance companies according to Redditors

many Reddit users recommend aiming for the big name companies like GEICO, Progressive, USAA and State Farm, to name a few. however, you can besides find good cable car indemnity through local agents, so the best option is to shop around and pull quotes from unlike companies. Reddit user DaveInPhilly offers good advice about using a well-known company :
Finding the best car policy company depends on respective personal factors like your historic period, location and credit score. That ‘s why it ‘s unvoiced to find the best car indemnity for your personal situation on a far-reaching platform like Reddit.


This is an overview of car policy advice from Reddit :

  • Car insurance is legally required in most states, which means you can’t avoid purchasing it.
  • Although you need to carry at least your state’s minimum liability insurance requirements, you should consider purchasing additional coverage. Your assets could be at risk if you don’t have enough coverage.
  • For drivers who are leasing or financing their vehicle, it’s smart to purchase gap insurance (and may even be required).
  • Young and new drivers should expect high auto insurance premiums for their first years on the road.
  • Drivers can save money on car insurance by adjusting their deductibles, switching to pay-per-mile insurance and comparing rates from several companies.
  • The best car insurance is specific to your personal factors, so you need to shop around before landing on a company.

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