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How much do you get a bill and see that the price has gone up ? fortunately, stable car insurance rates do exist. With the ERIE Rate Lock® feature, your rates will change if you make policy changes such as : add or remove a vehicle or a driver, or change your address or where you normally park your car. This policy endorsement freezes your car premium class after year, even if you file a claim. *Note that ERIE Rate Lock doesn ’ metric ton guarantee continued coverage. It ’ second limited to three years in Virginia and international relations and security network ’ thymine available in all states. besides, the premium may change if the policy and its coverages are changed. here are some car indemnity discounts and customer incentives that might apply to you or others in your family :

Multi-policy Discounts

If you insure multiple cars or have multiple polices with ERIE ( life policy or home policy plus car indemnity ), discounts could apply. ERIE offers multi-policy discounts that vary depending on the state where your car and home are insured.1

First Accident Forgiveness

Everybody deserves a second chance, right ? Well, ERIE offers First Accident Forgiveness, meaning you won ’ t be surcharged the first gear time you ’ re at fault in an accident after you ’ ve been an ERIE customer for three or more years. ( The three-year delay does not apply in all states. beginning Accident Forgiveness does not apply when the Rate Protection Endorsement is on the policy. ) 2

Diminishing Deductible Option

You haven ’ thymine filed any claims and have the commemorate to prove it ? Check into ERIE ’ s Diminishing Deductible option, available in the ERIE Auto Plus Endorsement. For each back-to-back policy year in which you don ’ thymine file a claim, your deductible will be reduced by $ 100 ( improving to a maximal sum of $ 500 ). eligibility varies by state, therefore produce certain you qualify by checking with your agent .

Vehicle Storage

possibly you want to keep your car out of the badly winter weather, or possibly you ’ re flying to a warmer destination for a while. Whatever the rationality, if you plan to store your vehicle for 90 straight days or more, ERIE offers a reduce use rebate in most states. ( not available in Kentucky. )

Safety Savings

“ Safety first ” is a ache mantra. so, it stands to argue that the safety features in your vehicle will pay off in the form of discounts. Factory-installed airbags, anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes are some of the guard features that will pay off for you in more ways than one .

Payment Perks

Paying for your car policy in installments can be commodious and helpful for the budget conscious. But you get a deduction if you pay for your annual bounty in one swelling sum, up front. ( Bonus : you don ’ t have to worry about another bill for a fully year. )

Youthful Driver Discount

It ’ s not unusual to gulp a morsel when that adolescent takes the wheel. And then there ’ s the cost of adding another driver to the policy. But ERIE offers several discounts that could apply to your family if you have new drivers. They include the youthful Driver Discount, for unmarried drivers under 21 who live with their parents ; the Youthful Driver Longevity Discount3, for unmarried young drivers who may get a credit for back-to-back years spent see under another ERIE car policy ( normally a rear ’ mho or defender ’ sulfur policy ) ; and the Driving Training Discount, for young drivers under age 21 who have completed an accredit driver coach course ( not available in KY and NC ).

besides, policy costs will gradually decrease with each consecutive year that a young driver gains experience without any traffic violations or accidents. At historic period 24, with the adjacent policy renewal, their rates will lower from a new driver to an adult. ( In North Carolina, driving experience factors gradually decrease until the driver gains eight years of experience. )

College Student Discount

College is expensive enough, so look into our college scholar discount4. If your son or daughter is living away from home while attending school and doesn ’ thyroxine have access to a car, let us know. You could get a discount for the prison term they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate drive. Auto insurance discounts are great, but you besides get a draw of extras with Erie Insurance. The future clock you check out your car policy, look for all the “ X ’ s ” in the margins. These are all the “ Xtra Protection Features ” that are automatically included with your erie car policy when you purchase comprehensive or collision coverage. here are some of the extras :

  • Time for a road trip? ERIE has you covered if something happens to your car and you find yourself stranded after a covered loss. ERIE offers up to $75 per passenger in the vehicle for travel expenses if you don’t reach your destination and aren’t close to home. That will certainly help with your dinner and hotel room.
  • Your beloved family pet might be traveling with you, and ERIE cares about your dogs and cats. If your pet gets hurt in a covered accident while traveling in your car, we’ll help cover the vet treatment costs up to $500 per pet. (Up to two pets, with a total limit of $1,000).
  • Have you ever locked your car keys in the car? If you find yourself in that unfortunate situation and bought comprehensive or collision coverage, ERIE will reimburse you up to $75 for the cost of locksmith services on the insured car.
  • Say you just bought a nice new TV or finished a round of golf. Your TV or clubs are in the trunk and then — it just figures, right? — someone rear-ends your car. Rest assured. ERIE will give you up to $350 toward your personal belongings not covered by other insurance.
  • You bought a new car and enjoy it so much that you forgot to let your agent know about it. No worries. Just let us know within seven days of the purchase so that you have the proper coverage.

If you have questions about car indemnity discounts or ERIE “ Xtra Protection Features, ” talk to your Agent. After all, we all love a thoroughly deal. And precisely think, you don ’ t even have to clip a coupon to get it. 1Savings percentages are over individually purchased policies when combined with liveliness and/or personal catastrophe indebtedness policies. Discounts topic to eligibility criteria and rates and rules in impression at the time of leverage. See individual policies for specific coverage details. certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disavowal for more data. 2 In New York submit only it does not have to be an at-fault accident for it to apply to First Accident Forgiveness. Towing claims do not apply.

3Applies only to policies in the Erie Insurance Exchange ; in OH and WV available alone for Preferred policies ; in NY merely available in the Erie Insurance Company ; Discount not available in NC 4 not available in KY and NC. Can not be used in conjunction with the Reduced Usage Discount

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