If you ’ ra patronize for car indemnity, you might be wondering who the largest companies are .

The biggest auto insurance companies in the U.S.:

1. State Farm

2. Berkshire Hathaway
3. Progressive

4. Allstate


6. Liberty Mutual

7. Farmers Insurance

8. Nationwide

9. American Family Insurance

10. Travelers

reservoir : S & P Global Market Intelligence

5 largest car insurance companies

See the largest auto insurance companies in your state:

National rankings: Largest car insurance companies with market share

overall customer satisfaction denounce : 3 stars
3 stars country farm can provide insurance for your fomite, home and small business. other options include liveliness, health and disability indemnity .
state Farm ’ s on-line “ Neighborhood of Good ” can connect you to volunteer opportunities near you for causes you care about .
State Farm may have particular appeal to parents who are dealing with the costs of a adolescent driver. Its Steer Clear app helps teens improve their tug. And State Farm ’ s teen-related discounts include a full scholar deduction, scholar away at school dismiss, and price break for completing the Steer Clear platform .
overall customer atonement military rank : 3.5 stars
3.5 stars
progressive and its insurance means can provide insurance for a wide diverseness of things, includings cars, commercial vehicles, segways, golf carts, motorcycles, homes, pets and businesses .
Progressive was the first car policy company to offer policies online, and today you can get a dismiss for starting your quotation mark on-line.

It was besides the first to offer usage-based policy, which uses actual driving behavior to help set rates. Its snapshot program gives a discount to adept drivers .
overall customer satisfaction rate : 4 stars
4 stars
Allstate agents can help you find car, motorcycle, base, renters, condominium and life sentence policy, and more .
Allstate is making use of aerial images and data to help speed up homeowners policy purchases. The aeriform data will replace traditional in-person property inspections. It can besides provide images of homes to customers who had to evacuate for disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes .
Allstate ’ s mobile app includes the good Hands Rescue, which lets customers initiate a wayside aid request and track the placement of the savior .

overall customer gratification evaluation : 4.5 stars
4.5 stars
USAA was the highest rat insurance company in EverQuote ’ mho 2019 best car policy companies review .
It specializes in indemnity for military members and does not sell to the cosmopolitan populace. To qualify, you must be on active duty or a early member of the military, an eligible class member ( such as a son, daughter or spouse ), or a cadet or midshipman.

USAA ’ s wide assortment of indemnity options include car, home, renters, belittled business, life sentence and health insurance .
USAA ’ sulfur web site has limited data for military members, such as a Deployment Pay Calculator and a deployment guide with detail tips on getting finances quick for a deployment .

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