Gap Insurance Providers – Where To Buy Gap Insurance?

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Guaranteed Auto ( or Asset ) Protection or Gap insurance protects you from becoming top down on your car payments or having damaging equity in your fomite. But it only kicks in if your car is totaled in an accident or stolen and not recovered. not all indemnity companies offer Gap indemnity, but most do. flush then, they will merely reimburse you for the current marketplace prize of your vehicle. Learn what it is, who offers Gap policy auspices and how it works. Key Highlights

  • Gap insurance pays the difference between the balance on your vehicle loan and the fair market value on your vehicle if your car is totaled or stolen and not recovered.
  • You may have “negative equity” in your car, meaning you owe more on your car loan than what the car is worth due to depreciation, a longer loan term, or a small down payment.
  • Many auto insurance companies, banks, credit unions, and dealerships provide gap insurance, but usually only if purchased with comprehensive and collision coverages.

Which companies sell Gap insurance?

Gap indemnity providers include many major car policy companies. In some cases, when you are insuring a new cable car, you can get Gap coverage as an addition second to your standard policy. however, you must besides have collision and comprehensive examination coverage on the policy. Check with your insurance company to find out if it is offered. You can besides much purchase Gap indemnity from the franchise, or your lender and have it included as function of your cable car loanword. Another option is to check with your bank or credit union. How much Gap insurance costs will depend on where you buy it – it is cheaper to buy from a standard policy carrier than from a bank or franchise. Progressive says it costs about $ 5 a calendar month, or $ 60 a year, on average. Esurance and the Insurance Information Institute said it is about $ 20 a year. Buying Gap indemnity from a franchise means you ’ ll pay a brawny mark-up monetary value, according to consumer advocacy groups. Dealerships ’ average mark-up cost on Gap insurance is about 150 %. In some cases, it ’ south much higher. thirty-eight dealers in one analysis were found to hike the price of Gap insurance by an average of 300 %, according to a National Consumer Law Center composition. Another option is to buy a standalone policy, although few insurance companies offer Gap indemnity as separate of a standalone policy. You can sometimes get a standalone policy, however, from your lender or franchise. What is col indemnity, what does it cover and is it worth it ?

Gap insurance providers

You can buy Gap indemnity from most major car insurance companies, although there are some exceptions. Below is a list of Gap indemnity providers and details of their offerings, based on a 2020 research report card by .

  • AIG
  • AAA
  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Chubb
  • CSAA Insurance Group
  • Esurance
  • MetLife
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • Safeco
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • USAA

eminence, however, that while Gap policy is offered by each of these companies, it is sometimes called “ loan/lease coverage. ” Both coverages do the lapp thing – cover the “ gap ” or remainder, if any, between your car ‘s actual cash value ( ACV ) and what you still owe on your vehicle if it ’ second stolen or totaled. But loan/lease coverage frequently has more limitations .Tip iconInformation information In other cases, Gap insurance may be called something more attention-getting, yet it works in the like or alike way. For example: USAA Gap policy is called “ sum Loss Protection ” indemnity whereas State Farm Gap policy is called “ Payoff Protector ”

Standalone Gap insurance providers

You buy standalone Gap indemnity independently from your standard car indemnity policy. Standalone Gap coverage is different than criterion Gap insurance where you must have comprehensive and collision coverage before your existing provider will sell you Gap coverage. not many insurers offer standalone Gap policy. If they do, it likely comes with caveats. GapDirect, a subordinate of western General, once offered standalone Gap indemnity, but no long accepts new customers. Dealerships and lenders often sell standalone Gap policy, but it can be dearly-won .

Can I buy Gap insurance online?

Yes, typically, you can buy Gap insurance on-line anywhere that you buy standard cable car policy. You can besides buy it online from standalone Gap providers. Policies are limited to the terms of your policy and you must purchase a policy with comprehensive examination and collision coverage included. Depending on the insurance company, sometimes Gap coverage will cover your claim deductible. typically, however, Gap policy only pays the difference between what is owed and the car ’ s actual cash prize.

State Farm Gap insurance: how Payoff Protector works

Does State Farm offer Gap insurance? Yes, but with restrictions and by a different name. State Farm Gap indemnity is called “ Payoff Protector ” and technically international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate policy coverage. Payoff Protector is available lone to those who got their car loan from a State Farm bank, and coverage is included mechanically when you close on your car loanword. If your vehicle is determined to be a sum loss before you pay off your loanword, the State Farm bank will cancel the difference between the insurance payout and the unpaid principal balance ascribable on the loan .

Agreed Value coverage Gap insurance companies

“ Agreed Value ” insurance is a type of coverage offered by some carriers that is like to Gap policy – again, it accomplishes the same finish but arrives a different way. Chubb and AIG offer Agreed Value plans. Under these plans, you and the policy company determine the value of your fomite when you buy your policy. If your car is totaled or stolen before it ‘s paid off, you ‘ll receive that agreed-upon total, careless of market depreciation. In general, Agreed Value policies are for classical, antique or special vehicles, so it may not be available for your vehicle. Check with the insurance company to make certain your cable car is eligible .

Is there Geico Gap insurance?

No, Geico does not offer Gap policy. If you have a Geico car insurance policy and want Gap insurance, you can purchase standalone Gap insurance from another insurance company that sells it. If your existing insurance company besides doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer Gap policy, you can look for standalone Gap insurance providers. Or, another option is to buy Gap indemnity from the franchise where you purchased your car, but it will probably cost much more than coverage purchased by an policy carrier .

Can you buy Gap insurance at any time?

David Adler of Adler Insurance Group, a Denver-based insurance means advises, “ Gap policy can be a life-saver for many drivers who have not yet paid off their car or are presently leasing one. This policy accessory helps reimburse a car owner when the payment for their entire loss is less than the great loan/lease balance. Gap insurance will cover the remainder between your insurance payout and the remaining libra on your fomite. ” Some insurance carriers let you buy stand-alone Gap coverage at any time before a loss occurs. GapDirect does. But for others, there is normally alone a short-time period to buy Gap insurance. Some car insurance companies require the vehicle to be brand new for you to be eligible for Gap lease/loan coverage. The definition of stigmatize new varies, but typically means you are the car ’ s original owner, and the vehicle is not older than two or three model years. Some insurers require you purchase a gap policy within 12 months of the buy of the fomite. If you believe you ’ ll be subaqueous and owe more on your car loan than the cable car is worth at the time you purchase your fomite, check for Gap policy in the early months so you don ’ metric ton miss out. Expert AdviceAgency President at Adler Insurance Group David Adler Agency President at Adler Insurance Group Adler advises, “ At a certain point, the difference between what you owe and your car ‘s value will drop to a point where it nobelium longer makes fiscal common sense to have a gap policy. then if you forget to cancel that accessory at that detail, you ‘ll basically pay for policy that you no longer indigence. ”

What are the best Gap insurance companies?

Most large indemnity companies sell Gap policy as an endorsement or addition coverage to your vehicle ’ s insurance policy. Some offer it as a stand-alone, but not many. Based on price, comfort of application, fees and other criteria, we picked the very best Gap indemnity companies to help you find one that works for you .


Travelers premiums are low-cost when compared to early indemnity carriers. You can add loan/lease Gap insurance coverage to your policy for about 5 % of your vehicle ’ south comprehensive and collision premium. Travelers besides has few customer complaints and ranks high for overall value .


progressive beats out the other major indemnity providers with the cheapest average rate for drivers ( $ 1,031 ) with an accident claim on their phonograph record. It besides pays up to 25 % above your car ’ sulfur value if it ’ sulfur stolen or a complete loss ascribable to an accident. Like most other carriers, you must purchase both collision comprehensive examination and collision coverage to buy Gap policy from Progressive. it besides gets high marks for customer service and web site or app “ ease of function. ”


With a Gap insurance policy, Esurance will pay up to 25 % of your cable car ’ randomness value if it ’ randomness stolen or totaled in an accident. That ’ sulfur at the high end for many insurers offering Gap indemnity. Esurance besides offers discounts, depending on where you live, and as a company, has better than average customer military service .


Nationwide Gap insurance costs depend on your car ’ second value. It does not actually disclose average prices, however, for this coverage. Nationwide besides offers discounts and a assortment of other policies for drivers, including pay-per-mile and usage-based options. You must purchase comprehensive examination and collision coverage to get it. The caller gets adept customer satisfaction reviews, but insurance costs do tend to run a moment more than some other companies.

Is Gap insurance regulated by the state?

No. Gap indemnity is not regulated by the express. however, some states do regulate Gap waivers, which are between the lienholder or lender and the consumer. Gap waivers have nothing to do with policy and can not be purchased as an addition or sanction to a criterion car policy policy .

Overview of how Gap insurance works

Below are standard terms for a Gap policy, but remember, the terms of loan/lease Gap coverage will vary depending on the guidelines set up by the issuing party :

  • Gap insurance is available through most insurance companies as an endorsement or add-on to your standard auto insurance.
  • Provides coverage when a vehicle sustains a total loss.
  • Covers the difference between the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle at the time of loss (less deductible) and the amount owed on the loan or lease.
  • Collision and comprehensive coverages are usually required.
  • Payment will not include unpaid finance fees, excess mileage, or other charges or expenses associated with the loan or lease.
  • Typically, Gap will pay out anywhere from five to 45 days after the claim.

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