The myth is precisely that : a myth. red cars cost no more to insure than cars with other colors. Insurers have no infrastructure to rate cars based on their color, but they do for many other factors .

Do red cars have higher auto insurance?

In curtly, no. Auto policy companies have many factors they use to rate drivers based on the amount of gamble they pose, and cable car tinge is not one of them. When you go for a quotation, whether it ‘s through Geico, Allstate or another large insurance company, they will never ask you for your car ‘s color. We ‘ve reviewed rat manuals that car insurance companies use to calculate how much premiums they charge, and there are no rules for the color of a car in the quote process. There is no direction for your party to know the color of your vehicle .

What factors affect auto insurance rates?

Feel free to buy, rent or finance a red car, or give your current car a new coat of red paint. There are other factors you can worry about — some that you ca n’t control — that determine your car indemnity quotes. Below we go over a few of these factors in contingent .

Driving record

There ‘s another myth in the car indemnity industry : loss cars get ticketed more frequently than other cars. But zero studies have conclusively shown that show loss cars are pulled over more — so it, excessively, is likely a myth. If it were true though, drivers who have more accelerate tickets and early violations end up paying more for insurance, therefore their red car would be more expensive to insure.

violations can increase auto insurance rates overall, we foundby up of 33 % .

Car type

Your car model will have more of an impact on your indemnity than its color. As we found in this report of the cheapest cars to insure, your vehicle can affect rates by respective hundred dollars. SUVs and luxury cars tend to cost more to insure, but it ‘s not a firm rule. More common cars, such as the Honda Accord, tend to cost more to insure — and it may have something to do with its high larceny rate .

Age and gender

Your age affects your car insurance rates as well. Drivers under 25 can pay thousands more for the same coverage as a driver over the old age of 30. That ‘s because research has shown new drivers are at a higher hazard of getting into an accident. Gender besides has an impact on your rates.

We found men generally pay about 30 % more than women in some states and in some cases .

Marital status

Tying the knot besides influences your cable car insurance premiums. married drivers are considered more creditworthy by insurance companies and less likely to file claims, but both spouses must have dependable drive records to see premium devolve. If one spouse has many accidents on their read, for exemplar, the combined policy will end up being a lot more expensive.


A controversial but genuine rate factor is occupation. Auto insurance companies tend to view drivers in professional occupations as less bad, compared to drivers with less-skilled jobs .
California Neighborhoods with a higher share of less-skilled workers tended to pay around 11 % more than neighborhoods with more skilled professionals. Some states, such as, do not allow the rehearse of asking for occupation .

Where you live

Your rates can fluctuate by respective hundred dollars based on your ZIP code and where you live in a city or state. In Florida, for example, rates can differ by more than $ 2,000 per class in certain areas. You are n’t probably to move precisely to lower your car policy rates, but be leery that certain areas can end up costing you a lot more to insure your car. Cities prone to car larceny, floods and other disasters will be more expensive for car indemnity .

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