Cheap commercial auto insurance

Cheap commercial auto insurance

Save on your commercial auto insurance cost

Finding the cheapest commercial car insurance is significant, but customers shouldn ’ thyroxine compromise good coverage to get it. The right indemnity can protect your humble business from high out-of-pocket costs after an accident without breaking your budget .
progressive Commercial can help you customize your company ’ sulfur policy to increase savings and provide the best coverage for your specific risks .

Commercial auto insurance cost factors

commercial car indemnity price factors determine how much you ’ ll pay. Your insurance company will calculate your agio by taking the keep up features of your business into report.

Industry and Profession

different industries and professions have unlike risks. For exemplar, a construction company with multiple commercial vehicles has greater photograph than a adviser who sometimes uses a car to run errands. The construction firm would have a higher premium than the consulting commercial enterprise as a resultant role .


location besides affects a business ’ second commercial car insurance price. You might pay more to insure a commercial vehicle in a big city than one in a rural area. Places with above average claims could besides cost your business more .


Your vehicle ‘s long time, size and aim influence your premium. For model, an older pitch vanguard that a bakery occasionally uses would cost less to insure than a new cargo van for a messenger service that regularly transports expensive materials .
coverage choice matters, besides. For case, if you choose to carry forcible wrong coverage, your vehicle ‘s value will be factored into your insurance monetary value .

Driving history

Driving history is besides crucial to most policy companies. These carriers will run a motive vehicle report for all drivers with access to your commercial fomite. Drivers with multiple accidents or violations will have a negative shock on your premium. Insurers normally take the past three years of driving history into score .

Coverage needs

Your coverage needs impact what you ’ ll pay. Your commercial car insurance cost will increase with more coverage. For exemplar, a $ 1 million liability policy will have a significantly higher premium than a policy with state minimal indebtedness limits.

How to get the cheapest commercial auto insurance

There are several ways to get the cheapest commercial car insurance for your business .

Maintain a clean driving record

Your driving history has one of the largest impacts on your premium. even a small moving rape can significantly affect your rate. Your rates can remain low if you and your employees have safe drive habits. They could besides improve over time with an accident-free driving read .

Adjust your coverage limits and deductibles

Adjusting your coverage limits and deductibles is another means to save on your commercial car agio. For exercise, you could decrease your combined individual terminus ad quem ( CSL ) from 300 to 100, which lowers your coverage for multi-person accidents from $ 300,000 to $ 100,000. You could besides get cheaper commercial car insurance by increasing your physical damage deductible. A higher deductible requires you to pay more out-of-pocket after a covered accident .
Be sure you ‘re comfortable with the amounts you select prior to buying a policy .


Discounts are the easiest way to get cheap commercial car indemnity. Progressive commercial offers multiple ways to save. Qualified customers can get the take after savings† :

  • Prior Auto Insurance Discount
  • Package Discount with business insurance
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Discount
  • Business Experience Discount
  • Paid In Full Discount*

Learn more about how these discounts, and others, can help you save on your commercial car policy.

Contact Progressive Commercial for an auto insurance quote

Contact Progressive Commercial for an car insurance quote to learn more about what you ’ ll pay up. You can besides protect your company by adding business indemnity to your policy .
Call us or start a quote on-line to learn more .

More Information

†Discounts vary and may not be available in all states and situations.
*Discount is lower in WA and VA and excludes six-month policies in FL. DISCOUNT NOT OFFERED IN CA AND HI .

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