How to Find Car Insurance Discounts Available to You and When Discounts Are Important

car policy discounts can lower the price of car indemnity and make it more low-cost for many drivers. While the discounts offered by each insurance company can vary, most have bundling, condom tug and full student discounts. Be certain to take advantage of all available discounts a provider has and then compare quotes with early insurance companies to find the best pace. Farmers Insurance offers 21 discounts, the most of any car insurance ship’s company. GEICO, Liberty Mutual and Amica all tied for the second-highest number, with each providing 16 opportunities for savings. MoneyGeek found that USAA and GEICO offer the cheap car indemnity premiums before discounts .

key Takeaways

coins Discount deals can provide substantial savings, but your final quote is what matters most .car2 The five most common discount types are driver profile, fomite equipment, payment, policy and driver history .female The best direction to know if you ’ re getting all available discounts is to speak with an insurance representative. Loading …

What to Know About Car Insurance Discounts

cable car indemnity discounts normally fall into five categories : driver visibility, vehicle equipment, payment, policy and driver history discounts. The numeral of discounts you receive international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine a significant as the final rate you pay for cable car indemnity. Some of the most common discounts available are bundling, good student, safe drive and multiple cars discounts.

Types of Discounts

For case, your drive record and claim history decide if you qualify for driver history discounts. In addition, you could be eligible for vehicle equipment discounts if your cable car has certain condom features, such as airbags, anti-lock brakes and day running lights.

Categories of Car Insurance Discounts
  • Discount Type description
  • Driver Profile This class considers personal factors, like your age, level of department of education, driving habits and years insured with one company to determine discount rate eligibility .
  • Vehicle Equipment Having a new fomite or installing certain features in your car — such as anti-theft systems or stability controls — can lower the monetary value of your car policy .
  • payment The way you pay for your policy and receive documents can reduce your cable car policy premium. Going paperless, paying in full, scheduling automatic pistol payments and signing up on-line can help you save .
  • policy Bundling different policy types — like home, car and renters — and insuring more than one car with the lapp company can earn you a rebate deal on your cable car indemnity .
  • Driver History family driving history, including claims and ticket history, is used to determine cable car insurance discount eligibility for this category .

Your Final Discounted Rate Is the Most Important Number

Though it ’ s advantageous to get as many discounts as possible, the number you receive matters less than the final cost of car indemnity. For case, MoneyGeek found that Farmers Insurance offers the most deals of all car indemnity companies, with 21 available. however, before discounts, Farmers costs $ 1,578 annually for full coverage car insurance while GEICO costs equitable $ 1,047 for the same coverage. That ’ s a $ 500 difference in rates, with GEICO being importantly cheaper than Farmers, even though Farmers has more discount rate deals available .tip icon KEY TAKEAWAY For Farmers rates to equal GEICO ’ s pre-discount rate, you ’ d have to receive 34 % off in discounts.

The Most Common Car Insurance Discounts

The five most common discounts available are bundling, safe drive, good scholar, multiple cars and anti-theft system discounts. MoneyGeek researched these discounts to see which insurers offer them and how much each can save you, if available.

Bundling Insurance Policy Discounts

Providers often give a bundling discount to customers who purchase family, car, motorcycle or gravy boat insurance from the like carrier. Bundling home plate and car is typically the most considerable discount rate available, potentially saving you up to $ 833 per year.

Safe Driving Discounts

The safe drive discount rate rewards you for maintaining a clean drive record. By avoiding tickets and accidents for at least three continuous years, you can significantly lower your car policy agio. MoneyGeek found that most drivers pay on average $ 1,047 for GEICO car insurance per year. With a ticket, the pace increases to $ 1,407. After an accident, you ’ ll pay $ 1,660 for the same coverage.

Good Student Discounts

full-time high school and college students under the age of 25 may qualify for good student discounts. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and presently be in high school or college to be eligible for this discount. While the total drivers can save can vary, State Farm offers up to 25 % in savings and Progressive ’ s effective student discount averages 10 %, making these companies some of the best, most low-cost insurance options for high school and college students.

Multiple Vehicle Discounts

If you own more than one car or live with a family extremity who besides owns a car, you may be eligible for a multiple vehicle rebate — a long as you ’ re insured with the lapp carrier. Discount savings vary by company, but drivers can save up to 25 % with GEICO, 25 % with Amica and 20 % with State Farm by insuring more than one car.

Anti-Theft Discounts

Anti-theft devices lower the luck of fomite larceny, making you less bad to insure. As such, carriers reward customers for installing security devices like steering wheels or tire locks, electronic immobilizers, kill switches, VIN etching and vehicle tracking systems. How much you can save varies based on your install devices and location. With GEICO — the provider that offers the highest anti-theft discounts among major car insurers — savings can range from 3–23 %.

Car Insurance Discounts Offered by Major Insurers

Most major car insurance companies offer five categories of car policy discounts : driver visibility, vehicle equipment, payment, policy and driver history. Across all surveyed providers, MoneyGeek found 37 available discounts. however, keep in mind that not all are offered in every state or car indemnity ship’s company.

Driver Profile Discounts

Driver profile discounts reward drivers for certain personal traits. For case, being a senior driver, a homeowner or a student earns you a discount with many providers. Depending on your driving profile, you may be eligible for more than one discount in the list below.

List of Driver Profile Discounts
  • deduction description
  • good student Maintain a B or higher GPA as a full-time, unmarried scholar under the age of 25 .
  • distant scholar Go to college over 100 miles from your kin home without taking your car .
  • Homeowners Own a home, even if it isn ’ t insured with the lapp carrier .
  • defensive drive Complete a state-approved defensive drive course .
  • Driver ’ s education Complete a state-approved driver ’ s department of education run .
  • military deduction Be an active or past penis of the military .
  • Affinity Discount Belong to certain personal, professional or school organizations .
  • endlessly Insured Be insured endlessly, without a oversight in coverage .
  • bequest If an adult child under a certain old age was previously insured on a parent ’ south policy and they purchase their own policy with the same mailman, they may be eligible for a discount .
  • emergency deployment Be an active military member given emergency orders to deploy .
  • Federal Employee Be an active or retire federal employee .
  • Shared syndicate Car Have a driver 20 years or younger and more drivers than cars in your family .
  • aged Driver Be a driver aged 55 or older and complete a state-approved driver train course in the last three years .

Vehicle Equipment Discounts

Drivers who purchase modern cars or install certain safety features are eligible for vehicle equipment discounts. Some common savings available in this category are new fomite, advanced base hit sport and airbag discounts. insurance providers often allow customers to stack these discounts for more savings. however, not all discounts are offered in all states and by all carriers.

List of Vehicle Equipment Discounts
  • discount rate description
  • Anti-Theft system Systems used to deter larceny, such as a factory-installed car alarm clock activated by a distant .
  • Air Bag Having one or more airbags installed in the car .
  • Anti-Lock Brakes An automatic brake system that improves traction manipulate and reduces the hazard of accidents .
  • New Vehicle Owning a car within the last two to three model years .
  • Daytime Running Lights Automatic headlights that activate when the car is turned on .
  • Advanced Safety Features Features used to reduce accidents, like adaptive headlights or electronic stability manipulate .
  • Alternative Energy Vehicles powered by any fuel other than gas — available in blue-ribbon states .
  • Honing Device A location tracking feature that can be used to find a cable car that ’ s lost or stolen .
  • VIN Etching unique to your vehicle and etched into each window to make your car easier to identify if it ’ second lost or stolen .

Payment Discounts

Drivers can take advantage of payment discounts by paying their bills in entire, setting up automatic payment and going paperless. The more you pay your bill on time and use engineering to manage your car policy, the more discounts available to you in this category.

List of Payment Discounts
  • discount description
  • Paperless receive policy documents electronically .
  • automatic pistol payment Set up automatic pistol payments directly from a check or savings account .
  • pay up in Full Pay your premium in fully rather than monthly installments.
  • Sign Up Online Sign up for indemnity coverage on-line .
  • early Signing Sign up for indemnity before the renewal date of your former policy .
  • responsible payment Pay bills early or on time over 12 months .
  • internet Receive a quote on-line .

Policy Discounts

policy discounts are offered to drivers who bundle their indemnity policies or insure multiple cars under the lapp policy. In accession, drivers who pay for indemnity while their vehicles are in storage may besides be eligible for a policy discount. not all states and insurance companies offer policy discounts, so be certain to check with your supplier to see if you qualify.

List of Policy Discounts
  • discount rate description
  • Bundling see more than one policy type with the same carrier, such as home and car insurance .
  • multiple Cars insure more than one cable car with the like carrier .
  • Vehicle storage Store a car while maintaining insurance and potentially save up to 60 % on premiums .

Driver History Discounts

Driver history discounts benefit people with good driving habits. Save money on your premiums and get deals in this category by driving safely, using a seat belt, driving less and staying with the same aircraft carrier. Availability and total of savings for these discounts vary by state of matter and mailman.

List of Driver History Discounts
  • discount rate description
  • safe Driving Remain claim-free for several back-to-back years, to be determined by each caller .
  • Accident Forgiveness This benefit prevents your rates from going up after your first gear at-fault accident .
  • Seat Belt Use available for anyone who constantly wears their seat belt out .
  • mileage Drive fewer miles every year to save on your premiums .
  • commitment stay with the same carrier for a certain duration of time to receive this deduction .

Companies That Offer the Most Car Insurance Discounts

While most policy companies have the same effect discounts available, some offer many more to attract customers. Farmers, GEICO, Liberty Mutual and Amica offer the most discounts while Esurance, AAA and Nationwide offer the fewest available discounts. scroll for moreswipe icon

  • company Number of Discounts
  • 1 .Farmers 21
  • 2 .GEICO 16
  • 3 .Liberty Mutual 16
  • 4 .Amica 16
  • 5 .Allstate 14
  • 6 .Progressive 13
  • 7 .USAA 12
  • 8 .State Farm 10
  • 9 .Nationwide 7
  • 10 .AAA 5
  • 11 .Esurance 3

Farmers Discounts

Farmers boasts the most car insurance discounts of any carrier. The company besides provides more fomite equipment discounts than its competitors, including discounts for VIN engraving, anti-theft systems, alternate energy, anti-lock brakes and more .

  • Standout discount: Farmers Insurance offers a honing device discount, which allows drivers to save if they install a device in their vehicle that tracks their location. This device can help drivers relocate their car if it’s stolen.
  • Standout discount: Farmers is the only company on our list to have a senior discount, which gives reduced premium rates to people over 55 who have completed state-approved safe driver training in the last three years.

GEICO Discounts

GEICO offers 16 available discounts, with most discounts under the driver profile discount class .

  • Standout discount: GEICO offers a federal employee discount to active and retired federal employees.
  • Standout discount: GEICO offers an emergency deployment discount, allowing military drivers to save on their premiums if deployed for an emergency.

Liberty Mutual Discounts

Liberty Mutual has 16 discounts across a broad scope of deduction categories .

  • Standout discount: Liberty Mutual helps drivers of hybrid or electric cars save on their car insurance with alternative energy discounts.
  • Standout discount: Liberty Mutual offers a military discount for active, retired and reserved military insureds.

Amica Discounts

Amica has 16 discounts, with the most discounts available in the driver profile class .

  • Standout discount: Amica offers a legacy discount, which allows drivers under 30 who were insured on their parents’ Amica policy for at least five years to receive a discount on their own policy.

Allstate Discounts

Allstate offers 14 discounts, with most discounts available in the payment history class .

  • Standout discount: Allstate offers a responsible payment discount, allowing drivers who don’t receive a cancellation notice for non-payment within a 12-month period to score savings on their car insurance.

Progressive Discounts

liberal Insurance provides 13 discounts, with most discounts offered in the payment class .

  • Standout discount: Progressive is the only company MoneyGeek surveyed that has accident forgiveness, which prevents your insurance rates from increasing after your first at-fault accident.
  • Standout discount: Progressive makes signing up for car insurance easy and affordable by offering their customers an internet discount for enrolling in their policy online.

USAA Discounts

USAA has 12 discounts, primarily in the driver profile class .

  • Standout discount: USAA offers a vehicle storage discount, which allows drivers who insure store their car while it’s in storage to save up to 60% on car insurance.
  • Standout discount: USAA offers a driver’s education discount, which gives drivers a discount for completing an approved driver safety course.

State Farm Discounts

State Farm gives customers ten opportunities for discounts, largely in the driver profile and vehicle equipment categories .

  • Standout discount: State Farm offers a defensive driving discount, which allows drivers who complete a defensive driving course additional savings.
  • Standout discount: Drivers under 21 who complete an approved driver education course are eligible for State Farm’s driver’s education discount.

Nationwide Discounts

Nationwide Insurance offers seven discounts on car indemnity, with most in the driver visibility and payment categories. however, most of these discounts are fairly standard and provided by most early companies. Drivers can take advantage of discounts for pack, making automatic payments and going paperless. Nationwide besides award good student, safe driving, defensive drive and anti-theft system discounts to its customers.

AAA Discounts

AAA offers just five discounts. These include pack, multiple cars, early on sign language and anti-theft arrangement discounts .

  • Standout discount: AAA offers an affinity organization discount, which allows drivers in a qualifying partner organization or professional group additional savings on their car insurance.

Esurance Discounts

Esurance has the fewest available discounts of the companies we surveyed, with a total of three discounts. These discounts fall into the policy and payment categories and include bundling, homeowners and on-line sign-up. Since Esurance does not offer home insurance, drivers can save if they bundle renters and car indemnity policies.

How to Get Car Insurance Discounts

even though most policy companies offer discounts, they ’ ra not always applied mechanically. To ensure you receive all the discounts you ’ re eligible for, you may have to take a few extra steps. 1

Get a Quote

Whether you shop online for car indemnity or through an agent, start the work by getting an estimate of your premium costs. 2

Review Available Discounts

once you receive your quotation mark, compare the apply discounts to the savings available through the company. 3

Ask About Unapplied Discounts

If you feel you deserve a cope that wasn ’ thyroxine applied and is available through the carrier, ask why it wasn ’ metric ton used and see if you can include it in your quote. 4

Shop Around

Shop around with other indemnity carriers to find the best batch on car insurance. Keep in mind that some companies that don ’ thymine offer a full-bodied selection of coupons still have low-cost rates, like USAA.


MoneyGeek uses data and information collected and analyzed from state departments of indemnity and Quadrant Information Services to determine discounts and class types for each carrier. sample distribution rates are for a sample driver profile of a 40-year-old male with a clean tug record who drives 12,000 per year in a 2010 Toyota Camry LE. These premiums are for a policy with 100/300/100 indebtedness limits and comprehensive examination and collision coverage with a $ 1,000 deductible. About the authorexpert-profileexpert-profile Mandy Sleight is a professional freelance writer and licensed insurance agent. She has her property, fatal accident, biography, and health licenses and has been working in the industry since 2005. Mandy has worked for long-familiar insurance companies like State Farm and Nationwide Insurance, and most recently as the Operations Coordinator for a start-up employee benefits company. Mandy earned her bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Baltimore and her Master in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. She uses her huge cognition of the indemnity industry and personal finance combined with her writing background to create easy-to-understand and engaging content to help readers make smart choices with their budget and finances.

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