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Geico full coverage car insurance covers liability claims, collision price regardless of fault, and non-accident wrong from things like animals and dangerous upwind. Full coverage constantly includes liability insurance, collision insurance, and comprehensive indemnity .
The definition of full coverage changes depending on the minimal requirements of your submit. In some states, Geico full coverage may besides include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage ( UM/UIM ), personal injury auspices ( PIP ), and/or medical payments coverage ( MedPay ).

On average, Geico full coverage indemnity costs $ 1,675 per year, compared to the home average cost for full coverage of $ 1,992 per year .

Geico Full Coverage vs. Other Types of Insurance

Insurance Type Where It’s Required What It Covers
Full Coverage liability components are required in all states except Virginia and New Hampshire Collision damage regardless of who is at fault for the accident

Non-collision damage from animals, extreme point upwind, vandalism, and larceny

liability for other people ’ s injuries and property damage caused by the policyholder
Uninsured/Underinsured motorist UM is required in 20 states and DC

UIM is required in 14 states
property damage or injuries to the policyholder caused by an at-fault driver without indemnity or with besides little indemnity
personal Injury Protection PIP is required in 12 states Injuries and early expenses like lost wages, careless of fault
MedPay MedPay is required in Maine and New Hampshire Injuries to the policyholder after an accident, regardless of fault

To learn more about Geico ’ south coverage options, check out WalletHub ’ s full review of Geico .




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