If you ’ re moving to Pennsylvania or buying a new car, you ’ ll want to register your cable car with the submit .
With barely a little cooking on your separate, registering your car in Pennsylvania can be a quick work. Read on to find out how to register a car in Pennsylvania, including why you are required to register your car and what you need in order to register it .

Why do you need to register your car in Pennsylvania?

In short, you are required to register your car in Pennsylvania. When you move to a fresh state with the intention to establish residency there, your legal documents, including your driver ’ south license and vehicle registration, must reflect your fresh address .
Pennsylvania state law requires that anyone who has moved to the express apply for a Pennsylvania title to register their cable car within 20 days of establishing residency in Pennsylvania. New residents have astir to 60 days to get a new state of matter driver ’ mho license.

Registering your vehicle in Pennsylvania establishes a commemorate of your permanent residence linked to your vehicle .
Having this information recorded is significant to Pennsylvania for a few reasons :

  • Taxes – Having a state record of who the legal owner of the car is allows Pennsylvania to assess any vehicle taxes to the correct person.
  • Safety – Registering your vehicle and annual renewals create a Pennsylvania state record of the condition of your vehicle, ensuring that it is safe to operate on Pennsylvania’s roads.
  • Law enforcement – During the registration process, you will provide Pennsylvania with the vehicle identification number (VIN) associated with your car (or truck, etc.). Recording the VIN is an important part of combating criminal activity such as vehicle theft.

Who needs to register a car in Pennsylvania?

Any fomite that will be driven on Pennsylvania ’ s roads by a resident must be registered with the department of state, so gather up your documents and head to a Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles position !

What documentation do you need to register your car in Pennsylvania?

You ’ ll need to bring respective documents with you when you go to register your vehicle in Pennsylvania. If you are moving to Pennsylvania, you should make note of the documents that you will need, and set those aside in a condom plaza before you pack .
A set can happen during a go and it ’ s a good practice to carry any crucial documents with you quite than packing them with your family items. Moving can be nerve-racking enough without the add worry of having a clock clock ticking on your unpack in order to meet Pennsylvania ’ randomness required deadline to register your vehicle .
here is what you will need to have with you when you go to register your vehicle in Pennsylvania :

  • Valid Title: The valid title in your name from your previous state for each vehicle you will be registering
  • VIN Number or Tracing of the VIN Number: Either a VIN verification completed by an inspection mechanic, the notary at a dealership, or an issuing agent; or, a tracing of the vehicle identification number
  • Payment for Fees: Any appropriate fees and sales taxes
  • Form MV-IL (leased vehicle): If the vehicle you are registering is a leased vehicle, the leasing company will need to complete and provide you with a Form MV-1L.
  • Proof of Insurance: Bring proof of valid Pennsylvania car insurance for each vehicle you will be registering.

After you register your vehicle in Pennsylvania, you will be required to have a condom inspection performed on your car within 10 days. base hit inspections are performed at official inspection stations in Pennsylvania, where they will check to verify that your vehicle ’ randomness safety systems ( such as your fomite ’ second brakes, lights, horn, tires, etc. ) are working correctly. There is a fee assessed to complete a vehicle inspection. The fee is only for the inspection ; the cost of any repairs required that were discovered during the inspection would be offprint .

Do you need car insurance to register a car in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you will need proof that your fomite is insured in order to register your cable car in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania law requires all fomite owners to carry liability policy coverage on any presently registered car .
The minimum car insurance requirements in Pennsylvania are :

  • Bodily injury — $15,000 per person
  • Bodily injury — $30,000 per accident
  • Property damage — $5,000 per accident

Medical benefits:

  • $5,000 per accident

While that is the minimum required by Pennsylvania, you may need more coverage if you are financing or leasing your cable car. even if you aren ’ triiodothyronine, it ’ mho much recommended that you purchase more than the minimum requirements in order to have more protection .
There are several forms of acceptable proofread of valid policy, including :

  • A valid insurance identification card;
  • The declaration page of an insurance policy;
  • A copy of a valid insurance binder; or,
  • A copy of an application for insurance through the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan.

You must have proof of insurance for each vehicle registered with Pennsylvania .
In Pennsylvania, indemnity companies are required to notify the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation when a policy is canceled by the see party, but they are not required to notify the department of state if you ’ ve changed indemnity companies. You are creditworthy for that presentment .
For more information on Pennsylvania car indemnity requirements and cost, you can visit Clearsurance ’ s Pennsylvania car insurance page. On that page, you can besides see a rank of the companies that consumers say are the best in Pennsylvania .

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