Despite these regulations, lapsing of car indemnity is an unfortunate reality. About 26 % of cars in major indian cities have lapsed policy policies. In this article, we shall discuss the reclamation of car indemnity after due date, the consequences of such a lapse, how to get a new policy, and how to take advantage of the car indemnity relapse grace menstruation that insurers offer .
You can besides find tips on how to prevent your cable car insurance from lapsing in the first place. prevention is better than cure, so read on .

What happens when your car insurance lapses?

When your car insurance lapses, you might have to get a newly policy policy. You may besides lose the accrue benefits of the lapse policy, like a no-claim bonus. Besides, getting a new plan can attract rigorous vehicle inspection and a higher agio .
There are other repercussions that you should be mindful of :

If the menstruation between the policy lapse and getting renewed is significant, you could end up paying a much higher premium or the renewal may be rejected all in all .
If caught driving an uninsured car, you can face nonindulgent legal carry through and end up paying steep fines .
There could be liabilities and consequences resulting from driving an uninsured vehicle, such as risk to your ( and others ’ ) biography, and injury and damage to your and other vehicles .
You will have to bear all expenses in case of an accident, injury or death, damage, larceny etc.

What should you do if your car insurance has expired?

The first base step is to contact your insurance company. The caller may still consider a standard renewal during the cable car policy backsliding grace period. If not, you will have to apply for a new policy. If you are considering switching indemnity providers, compare insurers and select one that offers the best share at a competitive premium .
While you are at it, sort out the documents and papers of your lapse policy and keep them handy. You should besides include papers, bills, receipts, and other details of any past claims in this documentation. The adopt vehicle details will besides go into this file :

  • Your car’s Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate- Your driver’s license
  • Your identity and address proof

With all your papers in order, you can approach the insurance company and have them inspect your vehicle. After this inspection, the ship’s company will provide you with a policy agio calculation. Make certain you opt for the new overlay promptly as they are frequently valid for a limited time.

An important tiptoe : Remember to check whether your insurance company will carry forward the no-claim bonus from your lapse policy. Insurers frequently grant this request, so it pays to check .
A car insurance policy is no longer an choice. It is a legal necessity if you wish to drive your car on populace roads and ensure your safety and that of others. Renewal of cable car policy after due date can have unplayful consequences, but you can avoid these by ensuring you renew your car indemnity on time !
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