If an accident or incident damages your vehicle adequate, your indemnity supplier may declare it a sum loss .
As you might expect, there are some insurance implications to totaling a vehicle. There are other impacts to consider, excessively .
Keep reading to learn about what happens when an insurance company totals your car. In particular, you will find answers to these and other questions related to totaled cars :

What does it mean when a car is totaled?

A car is totaled when the monetary value to repair wrong is higher than the car ’ randomness value, by and large speaking. A car besides might be totaled if it ’ south damaged and can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be repaired, or if damage makes it unable to be driven or dangerous to drive.

Some express laws define when a fomite is totaled. For example, New York state law says that a car is totaled when an estimate to repair wrong exceeds 75 % of a car ’ south respect. In Texas, that “ total-loss threshold ” is 100 % of a cable car ’ mho prize, while in Iowa, it ’ s 50 % .
In states without this type of brink, indemnity companies use other formulas to determine if a car is a sum loss or not .

Is my car totaled?

Your policy supplier will tell you if your car is totaled or not. If you ’ d like to get a feel for what your insurance company might say in this situation, answer these questions :

  • Can you drive the vehicle?
  • How much will it cost you to repair the vehicle?

If your cable car won ’ triiodothyronine get down, and particularly if it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate drive, it ’ s more likely that your insurance company may declare it totaled .
And if a automobile mechanic or like specialist estimates repair costs to be higher than the Kelley Blue Book respect of your car, it ’ second besides more likely to be a total personnel casualty .

Is my car totaled if the airbags go off?

It ‘s a popular misconception that a car is automatically totaled if its airbags deploy. This is because it is expensive to replace airbags. The process involves replacing the airbags themselves, and besides the sensors and arrangement that operate them .
It costs between $ 1,000 and $ 6,000 to replace car airbags, according to assorted sources. If you have an older car and its airbags deploy, your insurance company will credibly decide it ’ south totaled .
But if you have a newer cable car, or if your cable car is worth a draw of money ( such as if it ’ s a classic or collector cable car ), your insurance company may decide it ’ s cheaper to replace its airbags than it is to treat it like a total passing. This is particularly the shell if the accident or incident that caused the airbags to go off was minor and didn ’ thymine cause much damage otherwise .

How does an insurance company decide that a car is totaled?

indemnity companies normally decide a car is totaled after comparing the car ’ s value to its estimated rectify costs. If the cost to repair a damaged car approaches or exceeds its value, an insurance company is likely to declare it a total loss .
That ’ second just the kernel of what goes into an indemnity company deciding to total a car, though. here ’ s a deeper look at the steps insurers typically take when totaling cars .

Calculate your vehicle’s value 

Insurers use actual cash value ( ACV ), besides known as bonny market value, during this step of the process. This number is basically the measure your car was worth before the accident or incident occurred. To put it another direction, it ‘s your car ’ s substitution cost, minus disparagement. As an example, here ‘s how GEICO determines a car ‘s ACV :

  • Assess recent sale prices of similar vehicles in your area.
  • Account for mileage and existing damage.
  • Consider vehicle options and add-ons.

GEICO and early insurers besides use their own evaluation software during this tone of the process .

Calculate the cost to repair your damaged vehicle

beginning, your insurance company will connect you with a claims adjuster. They will then assess the damage to your vehicle and estimate the repair costs .
much like how insurers use software to determine a fomite ’ second measure, they use software to determine rectify costs, excessively. One park example, Mitchell, provides them with extensive information on parts and parturiency costs for thousands of cars .
After the insurance company establishes the respect of your cable car and the cost of needed repairs, it ‘s time to decide if the car is totaled. These are the two most park methods used to determine if a car is totaled :

Total-loss threshold

Insurers automatically declare a car totaled if the wrong or haunt costs exceed a set share of the car ’ s ACV. That percentage, known as the total-loss doorway, is normally dictated by state law.

In many states, the total-loss threshold is 75 %, which is sometimes referred to as the ¾ proportion. For exercise, let ‘s say your car is deserving $ 20,000. If the cost to repair the damages is $ 15,000 or higher, your car is totaled. If the damages are less than 75 % of the car ‘s market value, it ‘s reparable .
The 75 % rule is n’t a guarantee. Each state of matter has different laws and requirements. In Texas, the total-loss threshold is 100 %. That means the rectify price must meet or exceed the car ‘s ACV to be totaled .

Total-loss formula

In states with no total-loss doorsill, like Arizona, insurance companies use their own equations or formulas to determine if a car is totaled. This is the basic total-loss formula ( TLF in the table below ) : price of repair + salvage value > actual cash prize .
thus, if the cost to repair the car plus its salvage measure is greater than the car ‘s initial market value, it ‘s normally a total loss .

Your insurance company totaled your car. Now what?

There ’ second more to an policy company totaling a cable car than the insurance company calculating repair costs and actual cash values. here are some early things to consider while you wait to find out if your cable car is a sum passing or not .

Who is at fault? 

If an accident damaged your car, did you cause the crash or is another driver at mistake ? The answer to this question determines if your insurance company or person else ‘s insurance company handles the payout. Negotiating with another person ‘s indemnity provider can be unmanageable. Regardless, the insurance company will assess the damage and make a liquidation or payout offer. You will need to do your due diligence. Do n’t accept any payout without first checking the insurance company ‘s mathematics to make certain you ‘re getting a fairly offer .

Are you covered? 

If you ‘re at blame for the accident, hopefully you have more than state-minimum insurance coverage. State-minimum cable car insurance doesn ’ triiodothyronine include collision coverage. Collision coverage pays for damage to your cable car. If you cause an accident and you do n’t have collision coverage, you ‘re responsible for the cost of repairing your car .

Is your car paid off? 

hopefully you have broad possession of the damaged car, besides. If you still owe money on it, you might find yourself in a sturdy position. policy companies pay the market value of a car in this position. Let ‘s say you bought a $ 20,000 cable car on a loan. A class late, its resale value is $ 15,000 — but you placid owe $ 17,500 on the loan. If your car is totaled, your insurance company will cut you a check for $ 15,000. You owe the lender $ 2,500, and you nobelium long have a car. This is why col indemnity exists and can be a estimable buy for people with new or expensive vehicles. Gap policy covers the difference between what you owe on a vehicle and what it ‘s worth .

What happens to the totaled car?

If you accept the call settlement extend, the policy company takes ownership of your car. This is because they ’ ve basically purchased the car from you with their village. The car is normally sold to a salvage yard, where it is then auctioned, scrapped or repaired .

Can you keep your car if it’s totaled?

You can buy back your totaled cable car from the policy company. If you decide to keep your totaled car, the indemnity company will deduct the salvage value from the payout. The salvage respect is the amount that a scrap yard will pay for the vehicle .

What does insurance pay when a car is totaled?

How and how much your insurance pays for a totaled cable car depends on a few factors, including the ship’s company and the submit you call home .
For example, these are the reimbursement options for a totaled car in Washington State :

  • Replace your car with an available and comparable vehicle.
  • Offer you a cash settlement based on the actual cash value of comparable cars in your area.
  • Offer you a cash settlement based on alternate appraisal methods, like Kelley Blue Book.

How to fight an insurance company on a totaled car

here ‘s how you can fight your car indemnity ship’s company on a totaled cable car if you disagree with their findings or payout .

Don’t settle

You don ’ t have to accept your indemnity company ’ s first liquidation offer. If you think it ’ second excessively low or otherwise disagree with it, negotiate the prize of your cable car with your insurance company .

Ask for more information

Consider asking your policy caller for a total-loss composition. This text file outlines the estimate damages, your car ‘s market value and comparable car data .

Do the math

once you have the total-loss report from your insurance company, double check their mathematics. Did they give your car a fair marketplace value ? Is the wrong estimate accurate ? You can use a evaluation tool like Kelley Blue Book to gauge their findings.

Get estimates

It ‘s important to find out just how much the car repairs will cost. If you can, get at least one appraisal from a reputable soundbox shop in your sphere. Compare it to the indemnity company ‘s report .

Hire an appraiser 

If you think your policy ship’s company is way off the notice with their payout, think about hiring an appraiser. This should be a last-ditch effort, though, as appraisers are n’t exempt .
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