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It ’ s not something you would normally think about, but it is possible for your car insurance supplier to cancel your policy. This could be for a variety of reasons, though it ’ s probable to be one of three : either you haven ’ triiodothyronine kept up with your premium payments, you haven ’ t disclosed important information, or you ’ ve ( mistakenly, or not ) committed imposter .
If your provider contacts you to say they ’ rhenium cancelling your car insurance policy, don ’ t ignore it, even if you ’ re in a panic as it ’ randomness best for all concerned to get it sorted a promptly as possible .


When buy car insurance, you can choose to pay the premium either as an annual sum, or through monthly instalments. You ’ re legally obliged to keep up with these payments as part of the contract, and if you don ’ triiodothyronine, your insurance company can cancel the policy. They won ’ metric ton do this off the bat ; normally they ’ ll send you advance warnings to give you a chance to catch up .
If payments inactive can ’ t be made, however, then they have a right to cancel. If you can see that you ’ re not going to make future payments, contact your supplier before they have to chase you. You may have very genuine reasons for being ineffective to pay such as a change in your personal circumstances, for example. Being upfront will allow them to sort out an agreement that suits you both.


It ’ s absolutely vital that you ’ re wholly honest about any past claims or motoring incidents when setting up a raw car indemnity policy .
failure to disclose any relevant data means that your supplier won ’ t be able to provide you with an allow flush of cover, and will besides mean that, when they do find out information you ’ ve withhold ( whether on purpose or not ), they ’ ll have much better grounds on which to cancel your policy .
Non-disclosure covers three categories : impeccant, careless and deliberate/reckless. It ’ second deserving noting that all can result in your policy getting cancelled .
Under the Consumer Insurance Act, customers must take care to not misrepresent themselves when asked a calculate motion by an insurance company .
Remember, insurers besides need to be kept up to date about your circumstances ( job, savoir-faire ), and need to know everything in your driving history, even if it ’ randomness from a long time ago.


People commit fraud for all sorts of reasons, and in car policy terms, it ’ s normally done in the hope that the premium will be much lower .
For example, parents might be tempted to put themselves down as the independent policyholder on their child ’ mho car, specially if that child is a new driver and under-25 .
In the eyes of an insurance supplier, that ’ mho fraud. Any type of deceitful demeanor is rationality adequate for your insurance company to cancel your policy on the blot, but remember that it ’ mho besides illegal and can have far-reaching consequences .

What can you do next?

If your indemnity supplier has contacted you about cancelling your policy, get in touch with them immediate. A quick response will make it a lot more likely that your problem can be resolved easily.

You may discover that a genuine admin error or oversight has occurred, which may be relatively easy to fix. If the trouble can ’ thyroxine be solved and your policy is cancelled, you must look for a newfangled policy immediately to ensure you ’ re placid covered .

What should you declare in future?

You must be wholly honest with any future insurance providers and tell them that you ’ ve had a policy cancelled – and you ’ ll have to do this every time you get a quote for car insurance, no matter how long ago the cancellation was. This might make it more difficult to get policy, or increase your premiums quite a piece, but the law immediately makes it the customer ’ south responsibility to be honest and careful with the information they provide .
To avoid any far cancellations in the future, keep more detail personal records of the kind of data you need to disclose every time so you don ’ thymine miss anything out .

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