Thank You ! Your review was posted successfully and is awaiting temperance. Thank You ! Your review was posted successfully and is awaiting easing. Write another revue “ That you get the run about because you do n’t have one designated rep who helps you over and over, which I do n’t like. ”

Age 27, Kentucky
“ Geico has been great. They have AAA or something exchangeable to it included and any time I ‘ve needed them they ‘re greats if I ‘ve been pulled over and did n’t have my update tease I ‘ve been able to pull up my information on the app. Customer service is excellent. ”

Age 30, Texas
“ I have n’t had a bad experience with them. When I did need a claim done the only issue I had was they switched the person doing my claim and the person did n’t know what was going on. And that was frustrating but I got it all fixed in the end. ”

Age 31, Mississippi
“ It ‘s been 3 years Ii have n’t noticed any trouble, things are going well ”

Age 32, Wisconsin
“ It ‘s decidedly a thoroughly price and never had any issues with them ”

Age 32, DC
“ They are identical friendly when you call or have a trouble. But ultimately most insurance companies are the same. ”

Age 34, New York
“ The prices are bang-up for government employees. Make certain that you contact your agentive role much if you get in an accident to stay updated on your claim. ”

Age 34, Alabama
“ I would tell you that my indemnity company actually works, that until now it has been responsible, it has effective policy plans and very attractive coverage. ”

Age 34, Florida
“ Quick, but by and large self-helping. ”

Age 35, New York
“ They are the best monetary value and they have n’t raised our rates in 2 years ”

Age 35, Wisconsin
“ They offered the cheapest prices for NJ ”

Age 35, New Jersey
“ How dim-witted and straightforward every experience I ‘ve had with them was ”

Age 36, Pennsylvania
“ easy to apply for and start a new policy with them. adept rates. ”

Age 36, Connecticut
“ reasonably good customer service/rates are average ( nothing outstanding ) ”

Age 38, New York
“ They have a good price but certain claims rep are uncivil and do not like helping to the soap. ”

Age 39, Texas
“ It was fast, effective and extremely helpful. ”

Age 39, Florida
“ They walk you through the entire serve and keep up update. ”

Age 40, California
“ If they get a good quote then can go for it ”

Age 41, California
“ They have the best rates that I ‘ve found for the coverage. ”

Age 41, Colorado
“ They are quick to respond to claims and questions. ”

Age 41, Missouri
“ Geico is a good car policy company. They have good rates & full customer avail. ”

Age 42, Pennsylvania
“ They have been so helpful and great ”

Age 42, West Virginia
“ They ‘re a adept company, properly prices ”

Age 42, Florida
“ easily fast signup and very competitive cost and coverage. ”

Age 43, New York
“ I have a good experience with the company ”

Age 43, New York
“ Great customer service, dependable ”

Age 43, Texas
“ No harass claims and cheaper than most other offers. ”

Age 44, Oklahoma
“ My insurance company had the best prices when compared to others, however they are still in the high roll. They are besides a reputable company that ‘s been around for a long time. ”

Age 45, Florida
“ They have been good to work with me ”

Age 46, North Carolina
“ Handles claims and commensurateness professionally. Offers many discounts ”

Age 46, Maryland
“ I would tell them they check the boxes with price, customer service, promises and relief of use connectivity. ”

Age 47, Florida
“ I have been able to handle everything completely on-line, it is thus easy. When I have had to call they are so responsive and helpful. Best price of any policy company. ”

Age 47, Illinois
“ It ‘s first gear price and not a badly party overall. ”

Age 48, New York
“ Best monetary value I could find. ”

Age 48, Illinois
“ I only pay my bill so thankfully I dont know much more. reasonably priced though ”

Age 48, New Jersey
“ I would tell them to choose Geico decidedly because of its repute and customer avail ”

Age 48, New Jersey
“ I would tell them to make certain it is the cheapest they can get on their web site. ”

Age 49, Tennessee
“ Super capital. ”

Age 49, Virginia
“ I have n’t had much experience except paying circular ”

Age 49, Florida
“ very authentic and reproducible ”

Age 49, Georgia
“ never an consequence and their overall rate for offerings is great ”

Age 50, Oklahoma
“ good price and service ”

Age 51, Texas
“ They act fast. They are reliable and low-cost. dependable and knowing. ”

Age 51, Wisconsin
“ Make sure you understand what your policy covers and does n’t cover. Do n’t equitable go for the least expensive choices. Understand why you are paying less. ”

Age 51, Connecticut
“ That its a great ship’s company with friendly staff that will help you with all your indemnity needs ”

Age 52, Massachusetts
“ great company and great people to work with ”

Age 52, New Jersey
“ My insurance company has a exploiter friendly web site and mobile app that makes making any changes very easy. They are besides identical promptly in responding. ”

Age 53, South Carolina
“ Website is easy to use. I have found they have lowest rates and they have a friendly fast claims overhaul. ”

Age 53, Florida
“ I ‘ve never had a claim, but their prices, web site, phone customer service, and policies are all good. I ca n’t say the like when it comes to some previous policies. ”

Age 53, Maine
“ It will be the convenience and easy ”

Age 54, New York
“ in truth good caller. ”

Age 54, North Carolina
“ It ‘s a great company that has a fortune of low prices and deals going on ”

Age 54, Maine
“ They are easy to work with and can adjust your policy for you, if you need it to be adjusted. ”

Age 55, Ohio
“ They are great dealing with all of your needs and more. ”

Age 55, Oregon
“ Best company out there. ”

Age 56, New York
“ It ‘s approve. ”

Age 56, Pennsylvania
“ I love GEICO ! I have had them for a long time. We have had great claims experience with them. The only time we were without them is when they raised our agio was when we had an at blame accident. ”

Age 56, California
“ They were truly concerned with my problem, and did everything I would have hoped for. ”

Age 56, Florida
“ Claims serve is quick & easy. Customer service is top notch, very helpful & intimate ”

Age 56, Maryland
“ I have already told a few people to switch to my indemnity company because it is o and they switched and like it ”

Age 57, Delaware
“ Easy to use ”

Age 58, Florida
“ My policy rates should be based on my driving read not the area I live in. ”

Age 58, Illinois
“ I think an overall it ‘s a pretty good company with low prices in basically dependable coverage basically is a company for I would say middle class and inadequate people ”

Age 58, New Jersey
“ The best price I could find that saved me considerable come of money ”

Age 59, New Jersey
“ GEICO has estimable customer service and full prices compared to other companies, but you have to stay on acme of things to make certain you are covered adequately. ”

Age 59, Oklahoma
“ I have n’t had any problems with them. ”

Age 59, Florida
“ I would tell them it ‘s a dependable ideal ”

Age 59, New Jersey
“ easy to file claims good customer overhaul ”

Age 60, New York
“ friendly customer service competitive monthly premium ”

Age 60, Pennsylvania
“ good rates, bang-up customer service, no hassle claims ”

Age 60, California
“ Geico has been there when we needed new cards or add a driver. ”

Age 60, Georgia
“ Great servicing and prices ”

Age 63, Texas
“ barely adenine thoroughly as about any other indemnity ”

Age 63, Florida
“ Use the apps and they are pretty beneficial. ”

Age 63, Idaho
“ Geico is well known and has the best at this time. ”

Age 64, Florida
“ I have been with Geico for a few years and all of that clock I rate patronize my car policy every 6 months and no other insurance company can beat the Geico premium that I pay for the coverage I receive. I do try and get them to lower my bounty due to the low sum of driving I do, but they assure me I am being given all of the discounts available to Geico prefer clients. I wonder. I can not find anther company who is cheaper and the customer service is good from Geico. ”

Age 65, Georgia
“ Go with GEICO … They are all around GREAT ”

Age 66, Tennessee
“ eminent coverage for rates lower than others … good value … average otherwise ”

Age 67, California
“ They are no better, no worse, than any other out there. indemnity costs besides much for the return on investment. They take your money but then when you make a claim they do not rush to get you taken care of. rather, they find every way possible to cheat you. If you never have a claim then they come out way ahead. ”

Age 69, New York
“ They ‘re just very well. ”

Age 69, Florida
“ I have been with GEICO for over 4 years … prices have been reasonable and they even given me a 15 % rabbet during the covid-19 pandemic. I like their web site and customer service. ”

Age 70, New York
“ I ‘d say test to find a cheaper company if you can. ”

Age 72, Pennsylvania
“ They provide different policies for unlike situations. They besides provide big customer serve. ”

Age 73, New Jersey
“ Check them out and check other companies ”

Age 75, Illinois
“ It ‘s the cheap for the best coverage. Customer Service is outstanding. They do not hassle me. ”

Age 78, Utah
“ fantastic customer service and reliable when making claims ”

Age 80, New Mexico

“ Great company, fast response ”

Age 85, New York

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