Car Accident Lawyer Assisting Clients with Geico Auto Insurance Claims Motor vehicle crashes happen besides often, and many of them could have been prevented if other drivers had not behaved carelessly or aggressively. When another motorist ’ mho negligence causes a crash, the injure victims of the crash deserve to seek compensation for their losses. The first tone in obtaining compensation is filing a car accident claim. The California Department of Insurance provides information about California laws on car indemnity in accession to explaining that California is a “ fault ” state of matter when it comes to car accident claims. This means that an injured motorist can seek compensation by filing a claim either with his or her own indemnity company or with the negligent motorist ’ s insurance company. When you begin the procedure of filing your claim, you should work with a Geico car accident policy claims lawyer to ensure that you are treated reasonably and are offered the fiscal compensation you deserve .How do I File a Geico Car Insurance Claim? When you begin the serve of filing a Geico car indemnity claim, you will need to decide whether you are filing a first-party claim ( through your own insurance policy ) or a third-party call ( through the negligent driver ’ mho insurance policy ). In most cases, the claim is filed against the third-party insurance, since it is the third-party who was creditworthy for the accident. If it is difficult to identify a third-party ’ s policy aircraft carrier, or the third-party is uninsured, you will probable have to file a first-party insurance claim with your own insurance caller, assuming you have the available coverage.

For the property damage aspect of your claim ( as opposed to personal wound ) a first-party insurance call means that you will probably get the claim handled more cursorily, but you will likely have to pay your deductible up front. alternately, by filing a third-party call for property damage, you will not have to pay your deductible, but it may result in a lengthier indemnity claims work. If multiple parties were injured in the crash, the negligent party ’ south policy limits may mean that you can not obtain full compensation from the indemnity company .What are the Steps for Filing My Geico Auto Insurance Claim? The comply are important steps in any Geico car policy claims process :

  • Obtain as much information about the crash as you can at the scene, including photographs, witness information, and the police report;
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible for your injuries and continue to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions to ensure that you remain eligible for compensation;
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible—typically within 24 hours after the collision—to report the accident, but avoid providing any information the goes beyond the strict, objective facts of what happened;
  • Hire a car accident lawyer with experience with Geico Insurance to work with you on your case and to determine whether you will file a first-party claim or a third-party claim;
  • File your Geico auto insurance claim;
  • Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a reasonable settlement offer for your losses;
  • Geico either will provide you with compensation, or you can speak with your attorney about the next steps for filing a lawsuit in your car accident case.

Contact a Geico Auto Insurance Claims Attorney If you or person you love recently got hurt in a car accident and you need to file a car accident claim with Geico, it is extremely authoritative to work with a cable car accident lawyer on your event. A Geico car insurance claims lawyer at our firm can help to negotiate a reasonable liquidation, and we can help you to file a lawsuit if necessary to obtain the recompense you deserve. Contact the Walton Law firm today for more information.

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