MoneyGeek used the profile of a 40-year-old driver with a clean record for a wide coverage policy to determine the average cost of car insurance in California, which is $ 1,429 per year or $ 119 per month. Depending on particular attributes, however, your actual agio may vary. For exercise, a policy entirely meeting California ’ s minimal insurance requirements costs an average of $ 665 for a exchangeable driver profile. In contrast, a 16-year-old buy full coverage car indemnity pays $ 4,187 per annum on modal. To help you understand how rates vary, MoneyGeek broke down California ’ randomness average rate according to the factors most affecting it.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in California : Summary

There are many factors affecting car policy rates in California. Age is the divisor that impacts premium prices the most, followed by how much coverage you purchase. You can click on the driver profiles to get more details about the average cost of car insurance for each .

Average Costs of Car Insurance in California

Why Are Car Insurance Rates Average in California?

car indemnity premiums vary by express, and California ’ south car insurance rates are considered reasonably priced. California ’ randomness average puts it at 38th. For reference point, Maine is the cheapest state of matter for cable car insurance. Most Californians live in urban areas, making it the country with the second-highest ratio of the urban population, tied with New Jersey. Its roads are besides some of the busiest — California has the third-highest traffic concentration in the nation — making collisions more likely to happen. 17 % of California drivers are uninsured, putting the state in 10th home. Motor larceny is besides common. Both contribute to the high likelihood of drivers filing claims.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in California : Full Coverage vs. Minimum Coverage

The amount of coverage you purchase significantly affects car policy rates in California. Liability-only coverage may lower rates while entire coverage may raise them. For model, if you buy a policy suffer California ’ s minimum indemnity necessity, your premium only costs $ 665 per year on average. A entire coverage car insurance policy, including collision and comprehensive coverage, increases the bounty by approximately $ 764. You ’ ll pay an average of $ 1,429 each class for entire coverage .

Average Cost of Car Insurance in California by Coverage Level

Minimum vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance Costs in California – By Company

Rates don ’ thymine precisely deviate between states — they ’ re besides different from one provider to the adjacent. You can purchase cheap liability-only coverage from Progressive, which costs an average of $ 481 per class. For low-cost full coverage car indemnity, you can buy a policy from Esurance for an average annual premium of $ 1,055. If you don ’ t compare rates, you may end up buying indemnity from a ship’s company with higher rates. For case, Farmers ’ liability-only policy costs $ 850 a class on average, the highest average rate we ’ ve seen for California. interim, Allied has the submit ’ mho worst rates for full coverage, at an average of $ 1,762 per year .

Average Annual Costs of Car Insurance in California – By Company

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  • company minimum coverage Full coverage
  • Esurance



  • Progressive



  • USAA






  • MetLife



  • AAA



  • Allstate



  • CSAA



  • Mercury



  • State Farm



  • Hartford



  • Farmers



  • Travelers



  • Allied



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How Much Is Car Insurance in California by Age

cable car policy rates in California for young drivers are typically identical high because carriers consider them riskier to insure. It ’ s the like situation for first-time drivers. A 16-year-old would be better off being added to their parents ’ car indemnity policy than purchasing one on their own. The average cost of car policy in California for a 16-year-old driver is $ 4,187 per class. In comparison, a 40-year-old driver pays about $ 2,758 less for a similar policy. Their agio only amounts to $ 1,429 per year on median .

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in California – By Age

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  • age annual premium
  • 16


  • 17


  • 18


  • 19


  • 20


  • 21


  • 22


  • 23


  • 24


  • 25


  • 30


  • 40


  • 50


How Does Driving History Affect Car Insurance Costs in California ?

Having a clean drive record is one way to keep cable car insurance rates in California down. bad drivers typically pay more each class for coverage. Your premium besides increases depending on the badness of your rape. The average price of car policy in California for a safe driver is $ 1,429 per year. If you have a travel rapidly ticket on your record, your premium increases to $ 2,057 each year on average. That ’ s a dispute of $ 628. If you have a bad repel record, comparing quotes from several carriers will help you find more low-cost rates .

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in California – By Driving History

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  • Driving trespass annual premium
  • Safe Driver


  • Speeding Ticket


  • At-Fault Accident


  • DUI


Credit Scores and the Cost of Car Insurance in California

The average price of car indemnity in most states changes depending on the driver ’ s credit score. In some states, using citation stand as a basis to set car indemnity premiums is prohibited. California is one of those states, along with Hawaii and Massachusetts. Therefore, your credit score has no shock on your policy rates in this country.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Your City?

The cost of cable car indemnity differs from state to submit. It besides varies between cities within the same state. Factors singular to each area, such as its population and the likelihood of collisions or natural disasters, contribute to how carriers set premiums. In Santa Maria, premiums cost an average of $ 1,109 per year, 22.4 % lower than the average cost of car policy in California. If you live in Glendale, you ’ ll have to pay an annual average of $ 2,283 for a alike policy. That ’ sulfur 59.8 % higher than the submit average and more than double Santa Maria ’ south pace .

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in California – By City

Frequently Asked Questions About California Car Insurance Rates

Drivers who need to purchase car policy in California have questions. here are the ones frequently asked — the answers may help you understand how much car indemnity costs in California .

The average cost of cable car indemnity in California is $ 1,429 per year or $ 119 per calendar month. It ranks 38th among states, with # 1 being the cheapest. The factors affecting it the most are the driver ’ south historic period and how much coverage they purchase. Car insurance rates in California may besides vary depending on where you live .

car insurance rates in California are considered reasonably priced. several factors contribute to this, such as :

  • The second-highest urban population ratio in the nation
  • The third-highest state in highway traffic density
  • High motor vehicle theft rate
  • 10th for uninsured motorists rate


MoneyGeek ’ sulfur study used car indemnity quotes gathered across California in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. Unless altered by factors such as age, coverage levels and driving history, all policies have fully coverage, as defined on our methodology page. It is for a 40-year-old driver with a clean drive phonograph record. We besides utilized data from the follow sources to complete the analysis :

  • 2019 data from the Federal Highway Administration to calculate highway traffic density
  • 2019 data from the Insurance Research Council to determine data on uninsured motorists
  • The latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau to compute the urban share of the population
  • The FBI Crime in the United States Report for 2019 to get information on motor vehicle theft rates

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  • Insurance Information Institute. “Facts + Statistics: Uninsured Motorists.” Accessed September 11, 2021 .
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